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If you are a very creative person, and you want to design your living room in a new apartment in an original and unusual way, then you should be defined between such styles as loft, provence, because only in this way you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the mood game and also the contrast and show yourself to the fullest.


The loft-style living room in the apartment is filled with joy and with life energy. Unique and unconventional design of your home will be enjoyed by your family and friends.

Loft - decoration, which does not strike with chic, a special status, as many are accustomed to, but at the same time as ever warmed by warmth and comfort.

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This solution is different from other solutions by its layout, because there is no room for the doors, but only partitions are used. The room is zoned with furniture and light, interior details.

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

Living room in the loft style is not just beauty, which is done classically, but also cosiness, as at home.

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

Table of contents of the article:

  • Loft originality
  • A unique solution
  • Photo of living rooms in loft style

Loft originality

People have always striven for uniqueness. The design of the living room in the loft style is something new. In this style, you can fantasize and put into reality any of your ideas. Decorating living rooms in the loft style, most designers combine high-tech and minimalism.

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If you consider this design in detail, you can note the perfect combination of it with minimalism, hi-tech, provance, vintage.


Today you can get an original and non-standard interior, executed simultaneously from several directions, thus revealing to the maximum all the creative undercurrent of your nature.

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Relatively recently, this solution was used only in the design of offices and studios, but today the style is more often seen in ordinary apartments or in separate rooms.

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The interior of the living room in the loft style is easy to create, the main thing is to include your imagination in the work.

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

A photo of the living room in loft style is presented below. In the classical project, it looks most beautiful. The use of light colors, contrast frames on windows, ceilings made of wood - a very, very unusual decision. Perhaps a combination of furniture and other projects in the interior of various materials.

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

The living room created by designers is a room in which there is no place for uniformity. The living room in the loft style is completely different. The photo in the interior is a direct proof. It is important to equip a special place for the fireplace, and near them put an old rocking chair. In the center of the room you can place a table, around it chairs on high legs.

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

A unique solution

Loft is the originality and non-standard you need. In addition, that the design is clearly unusual, it is also practical, because it is easily changed by means of details and colors.

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Loft - a design that aims to connect all the rooms into a single whole. The main feature of the loft is the maximum naturalness, naturalness. In a room there should not be piles, modern and fashionable furnish of ceilings and surfaces of walls, expensive furniture.

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

Important aspects when creating a guest:

Use of textured materials - when decorating a room in a combination of classic and provence, it is important to remember that some small area should be laid out with a brick.

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In the room in sight there must be communication, maybe even imitation of them.

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The highlight of the details will be made of natural wood. You can make the floors of natural wood, the ceiling with beams. Will look great and benches from the tree at the table, a fireplace that burns close.


Considerable attention should be given to furniture - it is better to choose modular objects.

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Windows and ceiling design should meet the project as much as possible.

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The windows should be small, slightly elevated to the roof, as in the old days.

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The windows are highlighted in color, and most often they are without "clothes". Curtains are not used, maximum - blinds.

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The range of colors is very diverse. Using rich colors, you can create extraordinary solutions. Making out the room, remember details, about old accessories, about exclusivity. Using the details, the will to give your imagination, in the house you can create a very modern interior, with its original and comfortable atmosphere.

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

Photo of living rooms in loft style

Living room_in_the_lift_2017








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Living room_in_the_lift_2017

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

Living room_in_the_lift_2017

Living room_in_the_lift_2017