Functional and beautiful bed in a small bedroom: a selection

Folding bed in a small bedroom

A bed in a small bedroom must be functional

A bed in a small bedroom should be something more than just a place to sleep. After all, in many cases we are talking about a room in which it is impossible to put a full cabinet, chest or desk. But, as a rule, tenants of small apartments are forced to use the available space at their disposal for recreation, and for work, and for the reception of guests, however compact.

And then the only way to make such a comfortable living environment is to purchase furniture of a special design, but there is plenty to choose from. Folding, retractable, lifting or simply located at the mezzanine level - all these beds serve one purpose: saving square meters.

Whichever model or configuration you choose, remember: investments in such things are usually significant, but they will necessarily justify themselves in the shortest possible time. So, you are waiting for our selection, in which there is much that is amazing.

1 This bed turns into a desk, if it is raised. Transformable bed in a small bedroom

Design: Clei

2 The next photo is a custom built-in bed that promotes the rational use of space, providing plenty of space for storing different things. Sleeper at the window

Design: INT2

Storage in the bedroom

Design: INT2 - фото 2

3 Quite unusual lifting bed with a low built-in wardrobe. Cloakroom under the bed

Дизайн: Dielle

4 This bed is designed specifically for the student hostel of one of the universities. During the day it is used as a desk. Rollaway bed in a small bedroom

Design: Nano Suites

5 The sofa, whose seat is simultaneously a sleeping bag, is ideal for occupants of studio apartments. Sofa bed in a small bedroom

Design by Stephanie Hörnig

6 The bed on the mezzanine provides the widest opportunities for efficient use of space. The incredibly stylish design presented in the photo was designed specifically for young parents who needed to find a place for the crib of their newborn baby. Bed on the mezzanine to the small bedroom

Design: L. McComber

7 This is another bed that rises and pushes inside the compartment. But it has an important advantage over many such: the presence of a folding table attached to the bottom surface of the frame. Folding bed in a small bedroom

Design: Clei

8 By the way, you yourself can make a bed on a platform with storage compartments. To do this you will need boards and several cabinets from IKEA. Bed in a small bedroom from IKEA

Design: Chris Haider

9 The sofa that turns into a bed, few will surprise. What can not be said about the sofa, which turns into a bunk bed. Folding sofa in the small bedroom

Design: Clei

10 If you have the opportunity to build a full-fledged platform in the apartment, it must be used. Then you can easily install a pull-out double bed. A pull-out bed in a small bedroom

Design: Mark Byyarjon and Julie Nabusse

11 The table, which can be both written and dining, is turned over, turning into a completely comfortable bed. Bed under the table in a small bedroom

Design: Bless

12 Such an elevating bed requires the installation of a rather complex and very expensive mechanism, but it's worth it. Bed on a platform in a small bedroom

Design: YO!

13 The built-in bunk bed, which occupies the entire wall, from floor to ceiling and from corner to corner, does not look cumbersome at all, despite its comfort and functionality. Built-in bunk bed in a small bedroom

Design: INT2

And you have already chosen a suitable option for yourself?