5 ways to visually expand the room

By equipping new housing, a person tries to make all necessary changes in order to bring the existing premises to the ideal. Most owners of living space would like to live in more spacious apartments. But if there are only very modest dimensions available, then it is worthwhile to apply small tricks that visually expand the space.

Professional designers own the art of resizing rooms, without resorting to a major redevelopment. The main enemies of the feeling of space are low ceilings, lack of light and limited space. Manipulating these factors can create the necessary conditions.

  • A game of the world
  • We place the accents
  • Furniture and decor elements
  • Lines that change the space
  • Colors in the service of a designer

A game of the world

For visual expansion of the room, light is the perfect tool. Modern production of lighting devices will allow you to choose and install any luminaire exactly where it is especially needed. In a long narrow corridor, you can place spotlights, which from the center of the ceiling will be directed to the walls. A stream of light streaming through the wall will provide the desired effect. In this case, the lamps themselves should be invisible. It is desirable that they are hidden in a plasterboard structure or in a special niche.

In addition to the main light source, you can use several additional ones. This will make the space bulky. In addition, the light reflected from the shiny surfaces creates the illusion of continuing the room in the places where the rays come from.

5 ways to visually expand the room

We place the accents

To divert attention from the crowded room in the far corner, you can place an object that attracts attention. It can be picture, small sculpture or other design element. For greater effect, it can be illuminated with an additional lamp. The part of the wall decorated with a large print or active wall decor can play the role of a distraction. It is important that this element is not too large, and the rest of the walls have a bright, monophonic surface.

picture, small sculpture or other element

Furniture and decor elements

It is very important to properly place the furniture in the room and use the decor items. If the shape of the room allows, the furniture can be installed in the center. This will ensure the creation of a visual functional barrier. Such a barrier will divide space into zones. Along the long walls do not put large items of interior. They should be placed across the room. At the window, the desk is best to stand, and the closet or bed will fit in the back of the room at the far wall.

furniture can be installed in the center

In addition to placing, you should pay attention to the color of furniture. For a small apartment it is necessary to select light shades. In this case, you can play texture, materials and patterns on selected models and achieve a better combination with walls and flooring.

For a small apartment it is necessary to select light shades

Transforming furniture will not only really save space, but also create the necessary sense of room in the room. In the folded form, such interior items do not take up much space, but perfectly fulfill their basic purpose. Glass table, open shelves and shelves give a sense of transparency and spaciousness.

Mirrors - this is another secret of designers. A large mirror from floor to ceiling duplicates space. The room will be twice as large and the amount of light in it will also increase. The wardrobe with mirror doors will perfectly cope with this task. The vertical mirror will stretch the room and "lift" the ceilings. In order to style the dwelling space still was sustained, you need to install just one large mirror. Excessive number of reflective surfaces will not allow the room to become cozy enough.

Mirrors - this is another secret of designers

Windows and window openings play an important role in the general view of the room. Cumbersome and heavy curtains will close the windows and create a closed dull space. Open openings will make the space more airy. To do this, you can use a light transparent cloth as curtains. The size of the window decorative elements also matters. Closing the whole wall is not worth it. Let the curtains are placed only on the window aperture, leaving most of the wall free.

An excellent alternative to multi-layered curtains are roller shutters or Roman blinds. These new ways to decorate the room and hide it from other people's eyes will occupy a minimum of space on the wall, while retaining all the functionality of a simple curtain.

roller shutters or Roman blinds

When using objects of design and furniture in a small room, a minimalist style should be followed. Nothing restricts space as much as the abundance of elements and the busyness of the room with details.

Lines that change the space

Another effective method of changing the shape and size of the room is the strip. Their placement and direction can play a decisive role in the overall impression of the room.

Strips in the interior are in every element. For example, a floor covering can be placed along short walls. If you use the wallpaper on the same walls, the effect of the expansion will be more clearly visible. A wide strip across the wall widens it, and along - "lifts" the ceiling. Such a strip can be a bright color to enhance the illusion.

Strips in the interior are in every element

There are entire collections of wallpapers, drawings on which consist of lines that are folded into patterns that distort space. This style is called "op-art." The shape of space can also be changed by creating asymmetrical plasterboard constructions on the ceiling.

In addition to drawings on wallpaper and floor coverings, there are lines in the ceiling beams, in lamps, furniture and other elements. It is necessary to use them correctly.

Colors in the service of a designer

A competent combination of colors will create the necessary sensations in the room. The main thing is that each color is used in moderation. Even white, which visually expands any room, sometimes gives the impression of a state room. It should be diluted with light shades of blue, pink, cream and other colors. Dark color scale, sharp contrasts, large drawings on the walls will reduce the room.

The contrast can be used in the case of a combination of one bright shade with the colors of a calm scale. Dark can paint a small section of the wall, and this site should be located vertically. Then a feeling of high ceiling will be created. For the expansion of space, some designers recommend making the ceiling darker than the walls. But it should be remembered that such a staining method will lower the ceiling. Use it is possible only in a room where the ceilings are located higher than in conventional standard apartments.

designers recommend making the ceiling darker than the walls

Another method of visually increasing the size of the room is the use of photobooths on one wall with a perspective. It may be a park alley or a winter forest road that runs away into the distance. The choice of the main topic depends on the taste of those who will use this room.

use on one wall of wallpaper with a perspective

All methods have positive and negative sides. The result of their application depends on the goal and the features of the premises being repaired. In order to achieve the best effect, you need to consult with specialists who will evaluate the situation and offer the most appropriate option.

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