How to find a comfortable place for a home office in a small

Home office in a niche

Use the advantages of small and unclaimed places

Living in a small apartment is not easy. Immediately on the foreground comes the problem of lack of space, especially if you decide to work at home. Usually it is solved by shifting the furniture and further blocking the room. However, the advice from the article will help everyone to understand that even in the tiniest housing there are places that can be effectively used to house a home office.

Under the stairs

In most cases, this space is large enough. There you can put a desktop with a computer, a compact armchair and hang out shelves for books and office. The location of the office depends on the configuration of the staircase. A sliding glass door will add privacy and minimize distractions from work.

Workplace under the stairs

Working area under the stairs

Conversion of the attic

If you plan to expand your house specifically to accommodate the office, it is better to save money and instead to repair the attic. So you can not only organize a workplace, but also increase the market value of your property.

Cabinet in the attic

For the cabinet is best suited minimal decor

On the upper landing of the staircase

Another ideal place in a house where space is a great luxury. Shelves and racks will make space ergonomic. It is better to do without heavy cumbersome furniture.

Cabinet in the staircase

Use the ladder platform

The hidden corners

It is not necessary to have a separate room under the cabinet. If there is an empty corner in the living room, it can be equipped for work. You will need only a chair, a table and shelves. Screens or sliding glass doors will help fence off the household and secure your office when not in use.

Luxurious home cabinet

Create a work area in any room

In each house there are hidden gaps that you may not have noticed. Built-in shelves and shelving, a portable table and a chair are all that you need to organize your own workplace, even in confined spaces.