51 idea for those who are planning to sew lambrequins with

The first thing that looks in the room is the window. To make it pleasing to the eye, the curtain must be beautiful. Lambruckles give curtains and curtains a special appeal and completeness.

Chic curtains

The luxurious canopy of dense gold fabric became an effective decoration of the baroque style living room.

Lambrequins of heavy fabric

The contrasting combination looks good in the design of the guest room.

Romantic Room

Elegant, multi-tiered lambrequins make the atmosphere in the dining room romantic and solemn.

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    • 2.4 Step Four. Shaping
  • 3 Canopy for kitchen window
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Types of Lambrequins

Lambrequins (from the Italian "canopy, baldachin") form the upper part of the cornice, closing it. They always attach over curtains.

There are two main types of this part for window decoration:

  • rigid, or as they are also called by the type of basis, bando;
  • Soft, which can be fastened and draped with a special drapery tape or simply thrown over the cornice.

There are a lot of forms of this window decoration. A special variety of soft awnings on the cornice. They can be made in the form of folds (cross folds), ties, assemblies, bows folds, pleated. But they can be straight and have applications of flowers, twisted into different patterns of harnesses, etc.

Flower pattern

The flower pattern fits perfectly into the country style interior.

Brushes on curtains

Rigid lambrequins are decorated with discreet tassels. The ideal option for decorating windows in the living room or bedroom.

Canopies on the cornice can be decorated with brushes, fringes, and a figuratively carved edge. Places for the embodiment of any imagination is enough.

Very nice look delicate lambrequins. They are made by laser cutting on a hard bando in industrial conditions. True, there are skilled workers who make lambrequins themselves with their own hands. But this is aerobatics.

The simplest lambrequins are straight. They can be used together with classic curtains. They are easily attached, they are not "dust collectors", and it is very easy to take care of them.

Translucent tulle

The product of natural, heavy fabric harmoniously combined with translucent curtains. A gentle pattern on the curtains makes the interior cozy and stylish.

Unusual design

Unusual design. The author's work was commissioned by a French housewife for a canteen in a country house.

How to make a shelter on the cornice yourself?

How to sew a lambrequin with your own hands? For beginners, this is not a very easy task. So you need to start with a simple one. For example, with a direct rigid canopy. Then you can try sewing lambrequin on the kitchen window.

The scheme of manufacturing a direct rigid canopy is quite simple. It is necessary to choose for him a fabric that would harmonize with the color of the curtains. It's better if the fabric is without a picture, or the print on it should be simply embossed. Also the fabric from which the canopy is made can be absolutely identical to the material of the curtains.

First step. Measure the width of the window

If the cornice protrudes beyond its limits, then measure the length of the cornice. In accordance with the size, double the amount of fabric is taken (rigid canopies are usually made two-sided). It should be noted that the canopy should be 1/5 or 1/7 of the length of the curtains. Accordingly, these sizes need to purchase a fleece or a bando with an adhesive base.

Bedroom in Art Deco style

Bedroom in the Art Deco style is decorated with luxurious lambrequins of a combined type.

Stylish living room with large window

A stylish living room with a large window is decorated in an art deco style.

Step two. Patterns

Even for simple work patterns do. For example, to make a lambrequin with triangular or semicircular festoons, make appropriate templates in full size. You can choose a template to your liking by searching the Internet for pictures. Next, apply the template to the wrong side of the fabric and outline it. By the pattern cut out fleece.

Step three. Flizelin

Using a hot iron, glued to the inside of the fabric is non-woven. Fold the fabric in two with the front side (the fleece stays outside) so that there is an allowance for the seams along the edge of the festons and on the sides of the fabric.

Step four. Shaping

Strain the folded fabric and turn the product over to the front side, iron, stitch the upper edge, attach a sticky tape to it. Canopy for classic curtains is ready.

Schemes for the manufacture of more complex awnings do not fundamentally differ from those described. They can also be found on the Internet. If the reader is interested in this article, we will try to put here a collection of schemes for embroidery. Write your wishes in the comments.

Stylish living room in a country mansion

Stylish living room in a country mansion. Interior in the Baroque style should be pretentious, arrogant, luxurious, so curtains made of natural, heavy fabric - this is the best choice.

Small living room with two large windows

A small living room with two large windows is organized in the Art Nouveau style. Neutral dark gray color becomes an accent, balancing the overall design composition.

Canopy for kitchen window

To sew a kitchen curtain with your own hands, you can make patterns yourself, or search in any available sources.

Sew to begin with a simple lambrequin for the kitchen. It does not require additional use of curtains under it. Or you can take the same fabric for curtains and canopies.

To produce such a canopy, tissues are 15-20 cm longer than the length of the cornice. The length should be approximately 1/3 of the height of the window, because you have to cut the fabric around the circumference. Fold the fabric in half along, back off from the edges 7.5-10 cm and cut a quarter of the circle. The semicircle should be equal to the length of the cornice. It can be calculated by knowing the geometry or by using the "calculate the radius along the circumference" link, where the circle is the double length of the cornice.

The edge of the semicircle and the side parts are hemmed, and the edge of the resulting canopy for the kitchen window can be decorated with a satin ribbon, a beautiful border, a light fringe that fits the color and texture of the lace.

Starting with a simple one, you can learn to make quite complex designs. Especially if there is a desire to decorate the interior of the house with his own hands.

Kitchen decoration

Canopies made of fabric in the kitchen can be an independent decorative detail, and can be supplemented by a transparent, short curtain or blinds.

Blinds from fabric

Blinds made of fabric look impressive in a gently pink color.

Brightly lit kitchen

Elementary model of lambrequins, which can be sewed by any landlady without prior training. Semitransparent fabric is a functional solution for the kitchen. Such design allows daylight to penetrate into the kitchen in sufficient quantity.

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