How to place more upholstered furniture in a small apartment

Upholstered furniture in the living room

Small spaces are always more difficult to organize and provide with everything necessary, especially if you have a large family, each member of which needs its own cozy corner.

But, as visitors of the site about small interiors have already convinced many times, modern designers, as always, have a lot of different tricks that will allow you to put more upholstered furniture and seats, without creating a mess in the rooms.

Optimum dimensions

In this case, it is worth paying attention to the furniture sets, which include objects of not quite standard sizes, which will not take up much space, but will differ in comfort.

Interior of a small living room

We will activate window sills

In any house there are corners that are rarely included in the list of places for rest, but in some situations they become absolutely irreplaceable.

Place a narrow mattress on the windowsill, combining in color with the rest of the interior, and you will have an extra sofa for socializing and even having an afternoon nap.

A place to rest on the windowsill

Traditions of the East

In the traditional living room, as a rule, there are sofas, armchairs, chairs and a coffee table.

To save space as the last piece of furniture, you can use an ottoman, which, if necessary, turns into an extra seat for sitting, if the company of friends that came to visit you was too numerous.

Soft ottoman in the living room

Creative storage ideas

Regardless of how small your home is, you have to buy in the stores various household items that need storage systems. One of the most successful solutions will be padded stools with built-in drawers.

The ottoman with the built-in drawer in the living room

Use of removable seats

It's very good if you have lightweight folding chairs and armchairs in the stock that you can bring to the room when the guests gather and hide them if they are no longer needed.

Living room in white

Choosing the Right Color and Patterns

The use of a calm color palette and vertical drawings can visually increase and expand the available space.

Carpets, pillows and pictures with multi-colored stripes look very harmonious against the background of light-cream wallpaper and the same upholstery upholstery.

Living room in pastel colors

When it comes to the interior of small apartments, the border between comfort and closeness becomes very thin. The above tips will help you make your home truly comfortable without the hint of excessive congestion.