Vintage interior decor: 35 best photos from pinterest

Vintage decor involves the use of various elements from the past to create a warm, romantic and nostalgic atmosphere in the house. Today's vintage style is not just rustic interiors with antique furniture and calico fabrics. It can also include many modern details that will create a fresh, but full of historical charm, kind of room.

Here you will find ideas and inspiration in order to bring an inimitable vintage style to your interior. Each of the 35 photos submitted by us shows that old ornaments for the house can be taken from a variety of styles and directions. Most often as a vintage decor apply:

  • old clock (on a chain, with Roman numerals etc.);
  • shabby books;
  • suitcases;
  • bird cells;
  • audio cassettes and records;
  • plates and other dishes with paintings;
  • frames for photographs, mirrors or paintings;
  • obsolete technology: cameras, sewing and printing machines;
  • and much more.

The key to creating a vintage interior style or even just a composition (for decorating a wall or a table) is the need to find elements that have any meaning or relevance to your family. Old things carry memories in themselves and remind of different stories that should not be strangers and bother. Therefore, it is recommended to find vintage decor not on the market, but among own things, inherited from parents, grandmothers or somebody else. Did your grandfather like hunting? Then decorate the wall of one of the rooms with two rifles. Do your parents still have one of the first camera models? It will be a worthy decoration of the table or console in your living room.

We hope that the following photos will serve as inspiration for you!

Decor for a house in the style of vintage (35 photos):

Composition of decor in the style of vintage Interior design in vintage style Vintage decor: books and typewriters Vintage frame as decor Vintage frame for decorations Decoration of cans by own hands Beautiful living room with vintage elements Wall arrangement of vintage decor

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