Interesting ideas and practical solutions for small bedrooms

Sleeper in a niche

 If you need a push to inspire you to upgrade a small bedroom, be prepared to see a lot of witty and original ideas. This stunning publication will turn your idea of ​​organizing a bedroom room upside down.

All the achievements of modern design are at your service. Want a bedroom in Swedish style or a thought-provoking room with a view of the ocean? There are suitable solutions for anyone, even the smallest house.

We have selected for you 30 photos of the interiors of small bedrooms with very interesting and reasonable finds of designers.

So, sit comfortably and get ready to carefully consider each photo, paying attention to the details and imagining the bedroom of your dreams. Remember that light colors and shades make the room more spacious.

A large bed of immense proportions, of which you have always dreamed, will take up too much precious space. Perhaps, it is necessary to put a smaller bed, but add other items of decoration. And more mirrors! They visually increase the room.

Compact bed with drawer

As already mentioned, we invite you to a feast of design ideas, fireworks of colors and textures. Enjoy planning the changes in your bedroom, make it comfortable and comfortable to the maximum. And by all means visit us after a while and tell us what happened to you.

Transparent cabinet doors and white color, reigning in the room, make the room noticeably more spacious.

Furniture with transparent doors in the bedroom

And here is very successfully used built-in cabinet furniture. The head of the bed with a light is in the recess. Again, white dominates.

Bedroom in white with red accents

The non-standard shape of the room allows you to put the bed diagonally to the window and play with the volumes. The picture with the image of the pen strengthens the impression of lightness and airiness.

Picture with a picture of a feather on the bed

The color scheme of the room is built on the contrast of white and black. Strict lines and original details.

Contrast colors in the decoration of the bedroom

And here is an example of a mansard room decorated in country style.

Bedroom in country style

It is pop art. Bright details attract the eye, making forget about the small size of the bedroom.

Bedroom in the style of pop art

It's a bit like a kaleidoscope, do not you think? An inconvenient space with many angles becomes very suitable for living. Pay attention to the laconic color solution in natural colors.

Bedroom in natural colors

Walled with wallpaper with a floral pattern, the wall looks like a window into the garden at sunset. The bedroom gets cozy and warmer. The lamp under the ceiling in the form of a ball supports this illusion.

Wallpaper with floral pattern in the bedroom

Classic "Grandma's" version with a charming coverlet of handmade. A perfect choice for romantic people.

Bedspread Handmade in the bedroom

And here the height of the ceiling made it possible to place a sleeping place on the mezzanine, essentially freeing up space. Pay attention to the almost invisible ladder.

Sleeper under the ceiling

Another attic. Here it was possible to arrange not only a bedroom, but also an office. Workplace by the window and comfortable shelves for books.

Bedroom and study in the attic

Mirrors located opposite the window, double the space. Elegant black and white gives the chic a small bedroom.

Mirrors in the black and white bedroom

The rough texture of the walls is in harmony with the thick curtains made of natural fabrics. Restrained colors do not distract attention from details.

Thick curtains in the bedroom

A bit of eclecticism. The room is decorated with bright accessories - a carpet with an unusual print, figurines in glass cubes. A shelf above the headboard saves space.

Bright accessories in the interior of the bedroom

It is interesting to solve the problem of storage. The usual closet and drawers under the bed allow you to place a lot of necessary things.

Drawers under the bed

Cozy bedroom for one person. At once it is clear what are the hobbies of the owner. A small collection of ceramics is located on a small square.

Small bedroom for one

An interesting color solution distracts from crowdedness, although in the bedroom there is only the most necessary.

A large bed in a small bedroom

Focus on red. Like a bonfire on the snow. Pay attention to the convenient closets and shelves.

Red bed linen on the bed in the bedroom

Classic interior. The mirror wall spreads the space.

Classic bedroom in black and white

A cozy mini-bedroom for lovers of ecological style.

Small bedroom in natural colors

And here is a curtsey for connoisseurs of palace interiors. You can feel a little princess in a small room.

Luxurious bedroom in a dairy color

Minimalism in action. A comfortable bed-mattress stretched from wall to wall.

Bedroom in minimalist style

The built-in bed allows you to free some of the space for a hobby. In the niche were shelves and a desk.

Built-in bed in the bedroom

Obviously, the influence of the east. A collage on the wall and translucent curtains reinforce the impression.

Bedroom in oriental style

Cozy bedroom in the attic. The built-in sectional cabinet serves as the only storage location.

Comfortable bedroom in the attic

Many pillows, a canopy and furniture in the style of a shebbie-chic. The far wall, painted in pink, makes space more voluminous.

Baldakhin and pillows in the design of the bedroom

Expanded windows of the attic let the garden into the bedroom. To enhance the impression - wallpaper with a floral pattern above the head of the bed. The original shelves allow you to use the space under the window.

Bedroom in the attic

Industrial motives in the decoration of a bachelor's bedroom. Wall-papers create an interesting perspective, taking away a distance.

Photo wallpapers in the bedroom

Original lamps do not take up space on the bedside table.

Original lamps in the bedroom

The roof slope is accentuated by decorative beams of dark wood, which stand out against the white walls.

Wooden beams in the interior of a white bedroom

Mirrors and draperies visually expand the space.

Mirrors and drapes in the design of the bedroom

Designers did not hide a large window behind the curtains. So a tiny bedroom seems a bit more spacious.

Small bedroom without curtains

The original detail - an armchair similar to a cloverleaf - animates a discreet interior.

Original chair in the white bedroom

Ethnic motifs in the decoration of the room. Mirrors are always appropriate.

Bedroom in ethnic style

Very elegant and romantic bedroom for a young dreamer.

Bedroom in a romantic style

An unusual solution. Lockers become a staircase leading to the second tier of the bed.

Stairs to the second tier of the bed with lockers

Refined interior in the French style. Harmonious combination of colors.

Exquisite interior of the bedroom in the French style

Attention to detail. Vegetable ornament on the wall, a hanger in the form of a silhouette of a tree, an original floor lamp-everything seems to take us to a magical forest.

Vegetable ornament on the wall in the bedroom

I hope we awakened your imagination and gave you food for thought. Dare! You will succeed.