How to equip a compact hallway - 8 creative design ideas

Compact entrance hall in black and white

Deciding to renovate the hallway, many of us will turn to the inspiration for the world wide web. I must say that the search results will vary depending on the words in the original query. For example, a foyer is defined as the lobby of a theater, hotel or apartment building.

The entrance hall is a room in the front part of the living space. In this case, the system often produces photographs of the interiors of two-story foyers or hallways the size of a decent bedroom.

At the same time, many people have the idea that if they were the owners of such grand houses, they would hardly spend time searching for variants of decor on the Internet. In order to meet its readers, the site about small interiors prepared 8 wonderful ideas for the design of compact entrance areas.

1. Moving furniture

Why not invite a chest of drawers from another room to be the star of the hallway interior? The warmth of the wood and the vintage charm of the shabby fittings are capable of giving this compact space character and expressiveness.

Chest of drawers in the hallway

2. Illumination of walls

No room for table lamps? Hang a pair of sconces. Wired or embedded, they are presented in different price categories, and save you not only money, but space. A cozy atmosphere is included in the package.

Sconce near the mirror in the hallway

3. Local decoration

This staircase demonstrates another ingenious way to design a small room. As we can see, it is decorated with wooden panels, but even without them you can create a magnificent interior by placing your favorite pictures and photos in the center of the rectangle with a contrasting perimeter. The implementation of this idea will take only a couple of hours.

Wall decoration on the staircase

4. Wall cladding

Wooden cladding, screens and panels enhance the architectural value of unremarkable rooms. Supplement the image with simple but expressive accessories and decor items.

Paintings on the wall in the hallway

5. Element of the game

The former dressing room, transformed into a hallway, brilliantly fulfills its new role. Through the geometric windows in the wall, painted in a contrasting color, guests can look into the living room, just crossing the threshold of the house.

Geometric windows in the hallway

6. The development of angles

When space on the floor is not enough, you need to use the space of walls more rationally. You can equip a corner niche or hang a small cabinet to place there an original piece of decor that will express your personality.

Corner niche in the hallway

7. Minimalism in practice

Carefully approach the choice of an art object that will set the tone for the whole decor. Furniture should emphasize its aesthetics, without distracting attention to itself.

Painting on the wall in the hallway

8. Fifth Wall

If you, after all, bored the banal white ceiling, consider the possibility of facing it with wooden panels or decorating with rosettes and stucco. So you can connect the "fifth wall" to the process of forming an interior of the hallway.

Wooden ceiling in the bathroom