Interior design of a small studio apartment (60 design

Many owners of their property want the most rational use of the available square meters, so our advice and ideas for a small studio apartment will be great inspiration points for you. How to combine functionality and comfort? What style and furniture can fit? How to choose the interior of a small studio apartment? The answers to these and not only questions can be found below.

The design of a small studio apartment can combine various interior solutions.

Fashion at the studio came to us from America. If there a small apartment was considered to be an economy-class lodging and expensive repairs for it were neglected, then we have everything exactly the opposite. The design of a one-room apartment can emphasize various elements of the interior. At the same time, it is necessary to keep a place for a sleeping area, a wardrobe for clothes and a bathroom. With the limitation in square meters, this is not always easy, but it is quite realistic. Such an apartment can contain everything that is necessary for a comfortable life.

Bright, creative design

Bright, creative design in the studio apartment.

Studio apartment in high-tech style

Studio apartment in a modern high-tech style. A successful planning solution is a decorative glass wall separating the living room from the kitchen.

Good planning

Successful planning. The bed is hidden in a small niche.

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The perfect solution

A small studio apartment may not fit a large family, so you have to think 100 times before moving into a new apartment. The limitations of meters cause some cramping, because it can be suitable for one or two people.

What causes such popularity with such housing? After all, it is better to have two small rooms, than one, but bigger or vice versa? Tell your thoughts in the comments to the post. We are very interested in your opinion.

If you choose the right interior design studio apartments, you can save the functionality of your home and at the same time some space. In such a tiny apartment you can breathe deeply and not be afraid to catch on to something.

Design of a small studio apartment

The design of a small studio apartment should be functional. In the interior design many shelves are used, which make it possible to make practical use of space.

Main directions of design:

  • Light colors of furniture and decoration materials;
  • mobility, organic and functional furniture;
  • glass and mirror surfaces, which visually expand the room;

In a similar version of a one-room studio apartment, the use of dark tones is impractical. They will simply "eat" free space. Furniture should not be too oversized, and heavy curtains can be replaced with blinds.

A small studio apartment does not suffer clutter and therefore it is better not to consider the variant of a pompous decor at all. Especially relevant with limited 25 sq. M.

Comfort, which combines cleanliness and order - this is the solution for smart apartments.

Modular furniture and built-in appliances

Modular furniture and built-in technology - an advantageous solution for the kitchen-living room.

Small studio apartment

A small studio apartment in the Art Deco style in a new building near Moscow.

How to equip. Zoning?

The services of professional designers are not very cheap, so you can experiment yourself. Knowing the basic criteria, you can choose the design of a one-room apartment in such a way that the maximum comfort of a limited area is in harmony with the comfort.

The most important point for the studio is the organization of working and living space.

It is necessary to divide the room into several zones. For example, a bedroom from the bathroom or kitchen from the living room. Dividing the room, you must comply with the same design project, everything should look organic.

Zoning is provided through the use of different materials and color solutions. Finish material for walls, floors and ceilings can vary significantly in each zone. In addition, you can add glass partitions, which will not take up much space and at the same time cope with the assigned functions.

Interior in Scandinavian style

Interior of a small room in Scandinavian style. A minimum of furniture, proper decoration and lighting visually increase the space.

Design studio apartment project

Design project. Unusual ceiling, bright colors, competent zoning.

Basic rules of arrangement:

  1. The best design - modern style (high-tech, minimalism, Scandinavian).
  2. The predominant color scheme is white. Beige, sand and similar tones can also be added. Do not be afraid of the prevailing white color, some bright interior solutions will help create comfort.
  3. A combination of contrasting colors. For example, black and white, white and brown, etc.
  4. Large lamps and sconces take up too much space, so if there is 25 sq. M, you need to enter a spotlight. It can also be installed in furniture for visual expansion of the room.
  5. Floor lamps also take the necessary square. m, so you need to carefully select the elements of the decor. They should complement, but not clutter up the room.
  6. Furniture for the implementation of the idea should not be located around the perimeter. For example, wardrobes should be high and sufficiently roomy. Tables and countertops can be chosen with glass.
  7. Design studio during the zoning should not significantly change. You can change the color, texture of the finishing material, but the furniture must remain in a pre-selected style;

20 square meters or 25 square meters can hardly immediately accommodate all possible zones. The area can be increased by the balcony, but only if it is well insulated. Balcony and loggia can continue the apartment and at the same time they can make work areas or cozy recreation areas.

Room in dark colors

The room is decorated in cool, dark colors, which visually reduces space.

Room in bright colors

The studio apartment looks best in light colors, which, together with daylight illumination visually increase the space.

High-tech style in the studio

Studio apartment in high-tech style. Harmonious and light.

Combinations. Furniture and decor

The design of a small studio apartment project can include the combination of a comfortable living area and a relaxation area. The living room has a large area, unlike other areas. Furniture should be functional, compact and with this beautiful. The bed can be replaced by a folding sofa. Ideas are better to implement gradually.

Windows should not interfere with the overall interior composition. The working area can be located on the balcony or loggia, even with the available 20 square meters. The best choice is blinds, which save space.

The kitchen zone is much smaller than the living room, therefore the ideas of the realization of the conceived become somewhat more complicated. Particular preference is given to the built-in technology, which reduces the overall congestion of the room. Kitchen stove with 4 burners, can be replaced by 2.

Everything depends only on imagination, so dare to make the apartment of your dreams. Good luck!

Soft Scandinavian style

Restrained, easy and soft Scandinavian style is suitable for creating a comfortable, cozy, family-warm atmosphere.

Studio in Art Nouveau style

Studio apartment is small in modern style.

Wooden partition

In the studio apartment, the sleeping area is separated by a decorative partition of wood.

Photo gallery of ideas