13 modular furniture elements for modest apartments -

Foldable school chairs

In today's article we will introduce you to an incredible and cognitive selection of furniture elements that have a modular unfolding design that allows you to incredibly decorate a living room and save square meters.

For our respected readers, we have picked up a unique collection of thirteen unfolding furniture sets that can remarkably save space and decorate any design.

1. The Isis chair of the talented specialist Jake Phipps from the Thonet architectural studio captures the original and creative wooden structure, which has a modular installation system and a practical appearance.

A wide range of colors, represented by shades of orange, white and black, makes it possible to fit this piece of interior into almost any style of decoration.

Multi-colored folding chairs Isis

2. The elegant and modern Ninta chair from the Armani Casa design bureau will amaze your eyes with an uncomplicated and laconic appearance and a minimalist look when folded.

Its design was made using an invoice wood, painted in a dark rich color, and the finish is a strong gray fabric.

Such an element of home design equipment can harmoniously complement any situation and become the epicenter of the guests' close attention.

Folding chairs Ninta

3. The refined Belle chair from the Italian author Giorgio Cattelan from the architectural studio Cattelan Italia has an elegant and graceful silhouette, which was made using strong metal, painted in black and light gray shade.

The refined back is complemented by fine geometric inserts, and the laconic cloth seat gives the overall airiness a lightness and ease.

Folding chairs Belle

4. The creative stitch chair was designed and implemented by the Australian decorator Adam Gudrum from Cappellini.

An amazing design with a folding mechanism allows you to easily use it to arrange a guest cabin or kitchen area. Bright and colorful shade palette, made in blue, brings to the apartments a dazzling radiance and cheerful mood.

Creative folding chairs Stitch

5. Bek furniture set from the talented author Dzhulio Lachetti, representing the workshop Casamania, was designed in an amazing image with a comfortable and comfortable shape, a small seat and a laconic back.

Products are made in different color variations: terracotta, white and black. For the comfort of use, a specialized stand for storing items in a folded state was developed.

Bek Folding Furniture Set

6. Cozy chair Reverso from specialist Tarcisio Colzani (studio Busnelli) has been executed and shown to public public in extremely effective and original execution.

The soft seat and back are complemented by an impressive metallic design, giving the overall silhouette of the model a laconic and elegant.

The contrasting color scheme, presented in black and white shades, makes this furniture set aesthetically attractive and unique.

Soft chair Reverso

The next picture shows furniture in a decomposed image. The wriggling form, smoothly repeating the outlines of the human body, the spectacular decoration of the fabric upholstery and the amazing appearance create comfortable and wonderful conditions for a serene rest and quiet relaxation.

Soft chaise lounge Reverso

7. A refined chaise lounge Mate was made and realized by the professional designer Georg Appeltshauser from the architectural firm FSM.

The stately and graceful design made with the use of shiny and sparkling steel, as well as brown leather upholstery, allows to create a memorable and comfortable piece of furniture for living space.

Comfortable back, footrest, gorgeous armrests and modular mechanism make this chair irreplaceable for arrangement of the office or office.

Folding armchair-chaise longue Mate

8. The creative furniture RB 3100, developed and implemented by the specialist Stefan Heiliger (workshop Rolf Benz), was demonstrated to the public in a laconic and spectacular external image.

Snow white coloring gives it a special charm and serene tranquility. Her device was made using wood in the base and plastic handrails, as well as leather upholstery, giving the copy expressiveness and comfort.

Soft armchair RB 3100 in white color

Notice how the chaise longue looks in its unfolded appearance. It is perfect for relaxing, relaxing and enjoying your time not only in your own apartment, but also in the office.

RB 3100 chaise longue in white

9. The amazing and refined Pavo chair from the engineering office of the FSM was sustained in a strict and refined silhouette. A small construction base on four legs holds a geometric seat, covered with black leather fabric.

Complement the overall stylistics of the unusual chair soft seat and back, and special functionality attached to the rising head and footrest.

Folding chair Pavo

10. The stunning Cosma with a swivel backrest was designed and implemented by the authors Thomas Müller and Jörg Wulff from the design studio Cor.

It has a simple and uncomplicated silhouette, a modular folding system and a deep sapphire upholstery.

Corner sofa Cosma

In the next photo we present to your attention a model of furniture in a decomposed image.

It is perfect for arranging a small apartment, where in the daytime will be used as a seat, and in the night - a bed for a comfortable sleep.

Corner sofa Cosma в разложенном виде

11. Diva sofa bed with the original modular mechanism was presented to the public as a creative masterpiece by professional designers Sergio Gobbi and Mazzoni Delle Stelle Alessandro from the Busnelli engineering office.

It has a simple form and a rich lilac upholstery, which is decorated with oblong purple pads.

Folding sofa Diva

Pay attention to how unusual furniture looks in the form of a full-fledged comfortable bed for a quiet sleep and rest.

It has a clamshell mechanism, and small tables on both sides create additional functional planes for placing an alarm clock or a phone.

Diva divan in the unfolded form

12. Sofa bed Denise 6000 was designed and implemented by the German master Jan Armgardt from the design bureau Wittmann.

Amazing geometric shape, soft textile lining surfaces, laconic armrests, two decorative cushions and a neutral monochrome gamut of beige tones create a beautiful appearance that will complement any styling of the decor.

Soft sofa Denise 6000

The next picture shows the products in the unfolded state.

Sofa Denise 6000 in the unfolded form

13. Диванчик Longueville с откидывающимися подлокотниками был изготовлен проектной организацией Verhaert New Products & Services для бренда Jori. Незамысловатый силуэт, светлая тканевая обивка, металлический каркас и потрясающее исполнение заслуживают самого пристального взора.

White Longueville Sofa

A light movement of the hand modern art sofa turns into a magnificent sleeper.

Longueville Sofa with folding armrests

To your attention was presented an exclusive selection of fascinating objects of the furniture set, which have a mobile mechanism that allows you to save space for small apartments.