Interior of the bedroom with your own hands: where to start?

The bedroom is an integral and most important part of any apartment. In the bedroom, a person spends at least a third of their day, so the room should please the eye, have rest and comfort.


  • Where to start the design?
  • Find an idea
  • Make an estimate
  • Color selection
  • Pleasant trifles

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom

Where to start the design?

Before creating a bedroom interior with your own hands, you need to determine the functionality of the room. Housing conditions are different. In some apartments, the bedroom is exclusively a recreation area, while in others it also acts as a working room or a hall.

So, if in the bedroom it is meant only to sleep, the interior should be limited to a minimum of furniture and decor, so as not to overload the design and allow the owner of the bedroom to fully rest, primarily psychologically.

To perform work or receive guests need a more restrained interior, as well as modular or folding furniture that easily transforms a double bed - into a comfortable sofa, and a desk - in a chair or pouf.

Ideal bedroom

The basic rule that all designers are advised to adhere to is design exclusively with natural materials, which will be safe for health. This can be, for example, cotton or bamboo wallpaper, wooden or wicker furniture, linen or silk textiles.

It should be noted that decorating the bedroom with your own hands is not an easy task: you need to choose the right style, furniture, accessories, combinations of colors and textures. However, mastering this art, you can create a cozy and harmonious interior.

It is best to divide the entire process of repair and decoration of the bedroom - into stages. This will allow you to plan the time spent on design, as well as the estimated costs for materials.

Marine style in the interior of the bedroom

Find an idea

To determine the way in which to begin to design a bedroom, you need an idea. It can be gleaned from many sources: television programs, specialized design magazines and catalogs, the Internet, magazines, etc.

After the desired design is found, try to imagine yourself in this room: how cozy it is in it, is it possible to fully rest in it, will not the appearance of the room get tired with time? Many designer interiors, especially exhibition ones, look very attractive, but they are absolutely not adapted for life.

Turquoise color in the bedroom

Make an estimate

With the independent design of the bedroom, it is very important to correctly "calculate forces": both physical and material. To do this, you need to estimate and calculate all the costs associated with the design of a dream bedroom.

It is worth analyzing your ideas, wishes and correlating them with real opportunities.

Natural materials: wood, crystal, marble will be expensive. Also in a penny will manage rare things and designer interior items.

Therefore, if the budget for bedroom repairs is very limited, you need to think about what to replace the desired. For example, high-quality laminate will look no worse than natural parquet. The original versions of chipboard and MDF will be virtually indistinguishable from models from solid wood. And some accessories can be made on their own, "reanimating" a few things from the grandmother's trunk.

Unusual Bedroom Design

Some items of furniture can be given a "second life" - repainted, repaired, picking up pens or zadekorirovav façade. Accordingly, saving on buying new ones.

Color selection

Breaking your head on how to decorate a bedroom with your own hands, many come to a dead end at the moment of choosing colors. Beautiful colorful interiors in magazines attract the eye and fascinate, but will it be comfortable in them? The white walls visually make the room spacious, but does not it look like a hospital ward? Pastel shades are most often used to decorate a bedroom, but will not the room be the same as for everyone?

To all these questions there is one simple answer: color is an individuality, and with it should be comfortable only to those who will live in the walls painted by them. And fashion trends and advice from acquaintances are taking a back seat.

Most designers advise creating a bedroom design based on a single color. If the bedroom is small, it is desirable that the selected color be light to give the room lightness and tenderness.

Classic Bedroom Interior

Important is the location of the room. A bedroom with northern windows is preferable to decorate in light, warm colors. A room with windows facing south - on the contrary, in cold shades.

The most common colors for decorating the bedroom are: white, milky, mint, light pink, sky blue and pearl gray.

From the psychological point of view, the monochrome scale in the bedroom looks mysterious and deep. Shades of red are exciting, and green - on the contrary, soothing. Yellow color cheers up, and black - depresses. If the bedroom is conceived in black and white colors, then they must be diluted with bright accents: red or blue accessories. In addition, the blue color is soothing and ideal for the rest room and sleep.

The right combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom

Pleasant trifles

A bedroom is an atmospheric place, in which there should be many inspiring little things. Therefore, completing the design of the bedroom, do not forget about:

  • family photos. In the bedroom they are relevant, as nowhere else;
  • figurines, vases with flowers, nice trinkets that will make the image of the room complete;
  • textiles: pillows, bedspreads, curtains, bedside mats, lampshade on the chandelier - all this will give the bedroom a feeling of "home" and coziness;
  • lighting: small nightlights or sconces at the head of the bed will create a nice, subdued light, and also allow a little more reading, while the second half is already enjoying a dream.

Pastel colors in the interior of the bedroom

Not everyone is able to entrust a stranger, even a first-class master, the design of his bedroom. Therefore, an excellent option, which, moreover, will save the family budget, will be an independent design of the bedroom interior. Believe: your own strength, ideas and fantasies are enough to create a cozy and beautiful room, which has a rest and inspires romance.