Embroidery in the interior

Embroidery in the interior

Hand embroidery is a folk craft, through which our ancestors adorned their everyday life. Times have changed, manual needlework has replaced professional embroidery machines, production of such products today is put on stream. Embroidery in the interior of modern houses, apartments, has not lost its relevance. About how the ancient ones were embroidered with their own hands, the ways of this kind of needlework, successful applications of it in the modern design of interiors of different rooms.

Civilization was rapidly developing - to replace cowhide veins, bone needles came more comfortable tools, materials. The art of colored embroidery spread widely in the Ancient East - it was produced on linen, silk fabrics with silk, paper, gold threads. Also, many peoples practiced embroidery with woolen threads on woolen fabrics, skin, because they were the most affordable. Later, cotton fabrics, threads were invented, threads of cannabis, natural hair were used, as a decor - shells, pearls, precious stones, beads, various coins, bugles.

Lamps on bedside tables near the bed

There are many types of embroidery:

  • cross;
  • chenille - thin laces;
  • smooth;
  • Richelieu - tracery;
  • semi-cross - tapestry sewing;
  • silk;
  • tapes;
  • gold, silver thread;
  • isoniazia;
  • beads, glass beads;
  • Orlovsky list;
  • application;
  • семплен;
  • parking method;
  • diamond and others.

Chest of drawers near the wall

Each people has their own unique embroidering techniques: Japanese embroider on soft balls in the technique of temari, in Scandinavia the linen, through smooth surface was popular, in the territory of Ancient Rus, there was an embroidery method in each region. All Russian embroidery was divided into a countable (cross, countable smooth surface, slanting stitch, hemstitch, painting, etc.) and on the drawn contour (stalk, vestibule, Russian smooth surface, oblique surface, Vladimir stitch, etc.).

Pillows on the couch

Embroidery in a modern interior

If in ancient times, embroidery was used mainly as a guardian, in the modern world its meaning is mainly decorative. She makes the room "home", creating a cosiness. Embroidery is able to make the interior very nice or exquisite, strict. Interior styles, organically decorated with embroidery:

  • ethnic;
  • Provence;
  • classical;
  • baroque;
  • minimalism;
  • loft;
  • country;
  • art-cred;
  • high tech;
  • futurism;
  • art-deco;
  • empire.
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Embroidery in a modern interior

In the design of interiors, designers use it more often, because such a decoration option has various advantages:

  • a wide variety of options - these are different types of seams, almost any subject, plots;
  • ease of manufacturing - many seams, patterns, to fulfill even novelties, creating something new, beautiful;
  • versatility - embroidered elements will perfectly fit into any style of the interior;
  • cheapness - to slightly update, improve the room, you need minimal investment;
  • in the presence of certain skills, the most beautiful objects of decor are created, which are used in any premises of the apartment.

An interesting idea is the purchase of furniture with facades for embroidery - these items are decorated with embroidery yourself. In the plane of the facade, a lot of special holes are made, into which colored threads or laces are threaded - so the pattern is obtained. The lesson will be interesting for every member of the family, especially children. Interactive facades for walls are made of metal, plastic, wood, representing a small lattice. Such perforated details adorn the walls, doorways, partitions, sliding screens. Many companies also implement panels for embroidery from felt - you can mount them anywhere.

Flowers on pillows

Rules for placing embroidered products

There are a lot of ways of placing - the main thing is that the embroidered elements do not violate the general style of the room, do not create disharmony. Complex paintings embroidered with fine silk threads, suitable for classical interiors, baroque, gothic, neoclassic. Large bright embroideries with a cross, decorate the country interior. The combination of black, white, red - the house, decorated in the Slavic ethnic style, abstract pictures - modern, minimalism, futurism.

Placement of embroidery in the interior

It is important to carefully ensure that the product always remains clean, otherwise it will lose its beauty, it will look sloppy. Many elements at the same time are not used at the same time - two or three different ones are enough. If the embroidered objects are placed on the walls, then the wallpaper should be chosen so that they do not merge with the pattern. The subject of images should correspond to the purpose of the room. In spacious rooms, large, bright canvases are placed, in the cramped - smaller ones.

Shelves on the wall  Flowers on the headboard  Carpet with roses on the floor  Indoor flowers in the corner  Animals on pillows

Framing pictures

The embroidered picture is usually framed with a frame frame - if the style of the room is classic. For a loft style, a simple frame, hand-painted, preferably wooden, is suitable. In the high-tech room the frame from glass perfectly fits, for the industrial one - a frame woven from a wire or assembled from an iron constructor, and painted with balloons with colored paints on top.

For minimalism, the frame is not needed - the picture-embroidery is simply stretched on a wooden or iron base. Style Provence will have to like a soft frame of light tones - it can be embroidered, framing a painted picture, a photo. For the modern style, the fabric frame is decorated with buttons.

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Framing pictures

The use of different types of embroidery in interior design

The following items are most often embroidered:

  • pillow cases, bedspreads, bed linen;
  • covers for stools, capes for chairs, chairs;
  • tablecloth, napkins, towels;
  • curtains, curtains;
  • mats;
  • lampshades for fixtures;
  • paintings, icons;
  • author's home-made furniture.

Embroidery in interior design

Bright pictures are embroidered with a smooth surface, including one-sided, a cross, a half-cross, a Bulgarian cross, ribbons. Table, bed linen often has openwork monophonic elements, rococo and fir-trees. Diamond is not an embroidery as such - it is made by laying out of shiny details, but from a distance it looks like an embroidered cross. Overhead embroidered nets decorate the facades of furniture, sofa cushions. Stalked, forward needle, obkidnoy, tambour, goat, verhoshov - all of them are used in the decoration of various subjects.

Bicycle on the pillow  Embroidery on the coverlet  Smile  Brown walls in the bedroom  Decorative fireplace in the living room

In the bedroom

In the bedroom вышивка расположится на пледах, постельном белье, занавесках, подушках. Главное – она должна гармонично вписываться в интерьер. Вышитые одеяла подарят уют, согреют долгими зимними вечерами. Узоры на занавесках должны по тону совпадать с мебелью, покрывалами, не выбиваясь из общей стилистики. Постельное выполняется в спокойных тонах, которые максимально способствуют засыпанию – розовый, светло-зеленый, фиалковый. Общее оформление рекомендуется монохромное – например, ажурная вышивка белым по белому.

Embroidery in the bedroom

Warm colors are preferable for bedrooms, in which the sun rarely looks. For "southern" rooms any cold shades will suit.

Vase on the table  Mirrors on the wall  Puffy at the window  Red wallpapers in the interior  Hanger in the corner

In the nursery

The room for children is decorated with embroideries with images of your favorite cartoon characters. A neat night-light with a shade with the image of little animals will please the baby. Lush design of pillows, curtains, covered with ribbons of gentle tones like a romantic girl over the age of ten, a teenage boy will come up with black and white, blue and red pictures with pictures of cars, motorcycles, gadgets, animals. Very young children will like a variety of bright embroideries, todler children - geometric figures, letters, numbers, words. Embroidered toys, baskets for them, will please children of any age.

Embroidery in a nursery

When registering a child's room, one should also take into account his opinion - perhaps he too will take the feasible part in decorating the interior.

Yellow walls in the interior  Bunnies  Mouse with a bouquet  Embroidery on pillows  Tree on the wall

In the design of the kitchen

A wooden towel hanger with special perforations and hooks is easily decorated with embroidered ornaments. Working apron, mittens, potholders, linen bags for bread, kitchen towels, curtains - all this should constitute a single ensemble, it is good to combine with each other in color. Here usually depict:

  • vegetables fruits;
  • cutlery;
  • coffee pairs;
  • ready meals;
  • fireplace, hearth, stove.
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Embroidery in the design of the kitchen

Beautifully fit in the overall design of textile bags with embroidery - they usually store fragrant herbs, spices, nuts, seeds. Warm hues raise appetite, cold shades reduce it.

Servant in the interior  Flower on the fridge  Cloaks on the chairs  Cups and teapot on the table  Tablecloth with embroidery in the kitchen

In the living room

For the living room are ideal for embroidered with flowers cushions, caskets, a few rugs or caps on furniture. In the studio apartment, the living room from the bedroom is separated by a wooden or plastic mesh partition, the pattern on which can be changed at least every weekend. Good looking curtains, decorated with openwork marks. If the dining area is located here, then the embroidered tablecloth, the holders under the hotter will be very handy. The most common subjects: a vase of fruit, a bouquet of flowers, a forest path, a sea sunset. Lovers create original diptychs and triptychs - decorating one wall with two or three pictures, united by a common plot.

Embroidery in the living room

If the embroidered paintings in the room are many, they are the same size, then they should be hung on the same level. Images of different sizes, shapes have groups, the largest - in the center.

A figurine on the floor  Modular picture over the sofa  Wood on the walls  Casket on the table  Horns on the wall

In the hall

The corridor is the first place that anyone who came into the house sees. Here there are embroidered greetings, elegant hangers, housekeepers, decorated with embroidery. Several small panels with floral ornaments will perfectly fit into the general decoration of the hall. If there are no windows in the hallway, a picture with a miniature window, with a beautiful view from it, will visually widen the room. Embroidered with fantastic stories, thick curtains can separate the entrance hall from the living room in the studio apartment or be located in one or several doorways. On the shelves are placed embroidered souvenirs, and a handy textile organizer with embroidery is suitable for storing combs, small cosmetic accessories.

Embroidery in the hallway The wizard  Flowers within the framework of  Ribbon Key  Wooden door in the interior  Tile under the stone on the wall

In the bathroom

In the interior of the bathroom is quite appropriate embroidered images of bathing children, adults under the waterfall, shells, the underwater world, sailboats, ships. Bath towels and bathrobes are usually decorated this way. Diamond embroidery is placed on one of the walls, decorated with a plastic frame.

Embroidery in the bathroom


Embroidered canvases, products in interior decoration - the actual way of decorating a private house, a city apartment, even a work office. They create coziness, give a piece of home heat, to everyone who is in this room, because they are performed with love. Hand and machine embroidery go hand in hand in a modern, fast-developing world. To improve even newcomers could, in the shops of needlework special sets are sold.