Итоги red dot design concept 13-14

Invented by Moscow architects Space Generator received the main design award in the world.

Our idea of ​​the interior has always been conditioned by the given modules: a table, a chair, a wall, a podium, a scene, a row of armchairs, a screen. Now imagine that this does not exist. There is only an empty space that, depending on your desire, can be filled with any forms in a matter of minutes. Imagine that the interior is limited only by your imagination, and only from it depends the purpose, filling and design of the room. This space makes you think in a new paradigm: not by given modules, but by constantly changing, fantasy images. Innovative vision of space, previously possible only in fairy tales or dreams, was realized in the SPACE GENERATOR system (SPACE GENERATOR, SPACE DESIGNER) created by the ARCHITIME Design Group.

The second slide of the SPACE GENERATOR presentation

The system operates on a fairly simple principle. The principle is that the floor plane is divided into cells, each of which is pushed to the desired height with a jack. Thus, from any plane, in any few minutes, any volumes can "grow". Equipping the room with such a system, we do not just introduce a technical novelty into it. We change the very principle of working with space. Its purpose, interior and design become a changeable category that adapts to our desires and immediate needs. SPACE GENERATOR is a way to realize a dream, creating a world where the most constant is change.

The innovative project SPACE GENERATOR, created by the architects Grigory Malitskiy and Maria Malitskaya and patented in 2012, has already received two major awards. In April 2013, he was awarded the A'Design Award 13 (Como, Italy), and in October RED DOT Award *: Design Concept 2013 – 2014 in Singapore. This is the only Russian project that received the RED DOT this year. In total, 45 applications were submitted from Russia. During the year, a prototype of the SPACE GENERATOR invention can be seen at the RED DOT Design Museum in Singapore, with an annual attendance of more than 80,000 people.

The third slide of the SPACE GENERATOR presentation

Thanks to the Space Generator, the same room can change its purpose several times a day. If from the plane of the floor to put forward rows of chairs and a scene, you will have an auditorium. Several tables with chairs - space for dinner or coffee break. Raising the podium and the audience chairs, we will be in the hall for fashion shows.

The owner of such premises solves several tasks at once. First, he needs only one, easily transformable space. Secondly, there is no need to worry about buying furniture, erecting partitions and podiums. And also do not need to think about where to store furniture and materials before and after the event. Third, the space is automatically controlled. That is, instead of staff workers and longshoremen, one operator is required.

4th slide of SPACE GENERATOR presentation

The surface of SPACE GENERATOR cells can be finished with various materials: metal, wood, plastic and even textiles. But most interestingly, the authors decided to deal with the lateral faces of the sliding elements. They can be trimmed with led-diodes, so that when they slide out they form a screen. Thus, in a few moments a huge monitor can appear from the floor.

Retractable construction blocks SPACE GENERATOR Space Designer

The shape and size of the Space Designer cells is also variable. In addition to rectangular cross sections, they are proposed to be made round, oval, in the form of honeycombs and even in the form of puzzles. The smaller the cell size, the more detailed the volume is able to create a generator. But, when it comes to street space, the cells can be made quite massive. In addition, such a sliding mechanism can be equipped not only with the floor, but also with walls that grow out of them tables, benches and steps.

RED DOT Design Award logo* RED DOT Award - the world's leading design award, which has existed since 1954. It consists of three sections. The RED DOT Award: Product Design is awarded for the implemented projects in the field of furniture design, engineering, cars and other industrial products. The RED DOT Award: Communication Design is given for the best corporate style, advertising and interactive projects. The prize RED DOT Award: Design Concept the best concepts and ideas in the field of design are awarded. This year at the RED DOT Award: Design Concept, 4394 applications from 56 countries were submitted. 5.7% were awarded the Prize. The RED DOT badge, which manufacturers put on the works that received this award, is a recognized worldwide sign of quality.