Kitchen design in country style

Is urbanization attacking? It is not necessary to leave the city, as a cozy village atmosphere can be created at home. It is only necessary to introduce wooden objects, ceramic and wicker products and colorful folk elements into the design, as the room will instantly change. The design of the kitchen in the style of the country, which came to us from America, and loved by fans of non-standard solutions, is characterized by simplicity, sincerity and comfort.


  • Character traits
  • Furniture
  • Decor
    • Additional effect
  • Appliances
  • Reminder of the sea

In English, "country" means a small town. Kitchen interior stylized precisely under this name.

Rustic style kitchen

Character traits

Many mistakenly believe that the "rural" style and apartment are incompatible things. This is not true. The corner of Provence or the Russian village, with proper approach, can be created in a small city kitchen.

Country style is characterized by slight carelessness in design and rough dressing of objects. "Zest" here is the presence of already obsolete items that have small defects. Simply put, country is one of the variants of stylization under fashionable nowadays antiquity.

Country style in the interior of the kitchen


One of the main criteria of this style is naturalness and naturalness. Artificial "combing" here is completely useless, and that's why there are slightly muted natural shades in the design. A perfect solution for the kitchen will be cabinet furniture. Thanks to the widest assortment of its shapes and configurations, you can turn your kitchenette into an elegant masterpiece.

Kitchen design in country style

Very naturally looks furniture made of:

  • rattan;
  • bamboo;
  • tree.

Matte or rough surface of furniture, allowing to see the structure of wood, is an effective touch in the design. Hand-made doors of kitchen cabinets and non-standard shelves bring a note of mystery to the room.

Perfectly diversified design glass cabinet doors, ethnic motifs and discreet floral patterns. The cabinets can "live" dishes made of porcelain, or an old tea service.

Country style in the interior of the kitchen


An excellent solution for the "village" style will be:

  • bamboo wallpaper;
  • parquet;
  • linoleum a la wooden mosaic. This is somewhat more economical than the exploitation of parquet, but it looks no less spectacular;
  • decorative elements. A real interior decoration will be unobtrusive lamps, sconces, shelves and floor clocks.

The presence of extravagant, pretentious kitchen utensils is unacceptable. But the dishes made of clay, wood or ceramics, a kettle with a "doll", and pots of cast iron will look very much even to the place.

Additional effect

Country style involves the originality of lighting. A chandelier of unusual, colorful form, or an antique lamp will emphasize the originality of the design. Textile curtains that contribute to creating a special atmosphere are very relevant for the country effect. For curtains, it is advisable to use the following materials:

  1. cotton;
  2. chain;
  3. burlap;
  4. linen.

Austrian or Japanese models are harmoniously combined with a tablecloth with fringe or ruches, as well as hand-embroidered kitchen towels and sticks.

Kitchen design in country style


An important feature of the country style is that even the most unusual situation is harmoniously combined with new, modern household appliances.

The most optimal option will be to pay attention to the embedded technology, which is easily "disguised" and does not conflict with the rural interior.

Contribute to the creation of atmosphere-country instruments, stylized for their retro predecessors. Massive, voluminous hobs, mechanical timers and hoods in wooden decoration give the kitchen a bit of rough charm.

Appliances на кухне в стиле кантри

Reminder of the sea

If the kitchen is tight, like in a galley, then a very good solution will be to experiment with the interior. The design of the kitchen in the marine style is something like country. The difference is in the color solution: if the "village" style is characterized by a variety of shades, then in this case there is a single color note. The main colors are blue and white.

The interior of the "sea" kitchen can be made:

  • in the classical style;
  • in the Art Nouveau style;
  • in the avant-garde style.

Marine style as an alternative to country style

Characteristic features of the maritime style are:

  1. lined with wall lining. This creates the effect of skinning the ship.
  2. decorated window blinds. Uneven texture of the fabric, cotton or muslin look good as a decoration.
  3. wooden boards, operated for the floor.
  4. white furniture. In order to create a burnout effect in the sun, as often happens with ship furniture, you can "decorate" furniture with glue paint.