Multifunctional furniture: a universal option for a compact

Mobile outdoor cloakroom

Modern production technologies allow you to create furniture that combines the functions of several different objects of home environment. For obvious reasons, such products are most in demand by owners of small-sized housing and prone to saving people.

Despite the often frivolous, if not to say - comic, appearance, multifunctional furniture can and should be reliable and durable.

Folding table for several persons

Most common problems associated with the organization of space in cramped apartments can be easily solved by purchasing one or more multi-functional pieces of furniture. Another good news is that such products can be equipped with transformation mechanisms that allow them to serve for the benefit of home comfort in several ways at once.

Sofa, transforming into a bunk bed Soft seating for guests Chair with compartments for magazines Stool-clothes hanger

It would be strange if the furniture in such an unusual design did not automatically become the central element of the interior. The space furnished by it always looks modern, fresh and laconic.

A shelf with a lamp Bed with drawers Chairs with shelves Curved stage transformer

Combinations of functions of one object can be the most daring. It is clear that the computer table, flowing seamlessly into the bookshelf, does not cause much surprise. But can you say the same thing about a soft sofa with a pull-out coffee table?

Curved shelf and work table Desktop transformer Bookshelf under the couch Table with drawers Sofa with extendable seats Folding chairs

To fully appreciate the benefits of multifunctional and transformable furniture, it is worth paying attention to even the most modest, purely utilitarian subjects. The turntable, turning into a serving tray with handles, and a rocking chair with a clothes hanger, can really make life easier and more comfortable.

Hanger above the armchair Taburet-transformer Sofa-table in the living room Mirror-transformer Folding coffee table

Now you know that there are a lot of beautiful and functional items of transformable furniture besides the usual sofa bed. And each of them will really work for you, and not just take up space in the apartment.