Decorative and stylish shelves on the wall in the interior

Shelves in the interior

Shelves in the interior have always been and will be a pleasant and functional addition to the overall design of the room. Business office, educational institution, shop, library, apartment, private house - there are shelves everywhere. Such popularity of these furniture products uniquely influenced their diversity.

  • wall;
  • built-in;
  • angular;
  • floor;
  • suspended;
  • shelf module;
  • folding;
  • shelving.
Wall ShelvesWall shelves in the interior of the living room with a fireplace

Wall shelves are attached with fasteners directly to the wall. These are the most versatile, traditional, reliable furniture products. Today you can meet an unusual design of shelves on the wall, especially as design works are more popular than a conventional wooden board.

Shelves from pallets Built-in shelves are often made of plasterboard. They look like part of the wall and blend harmoniously into the design of the room.

Built-in shelves in a nicheBuilt-in shelves in a niche in a country house

Angular - are placed between two walls in the corner. This is a practical view, allowing you to save space in the room.

Corner shelvesCorner shelves with lighting

Floor shelves are installed on the floor or at a certain distance from it, for example, on wheels. The convenience of such products is due to the fact that they can easily be moved, no additional effort is necessary to fix.

Outdoor bookcase Suspended shelves are fixed by means of appliances to the ceiling or to the wall. To do this, you need straps, cables, chains, ropes, as well as other materials, using which you can make a hanging shelf. This is a more original format.

Suspended shelf The shelf module is a structure of several shelves. Folding shelves in the interior are different in that, as a uselessness, they can be folded neatly, saving space in the room.

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Shelves Shelving - a large design of many different cells. This is a multifunctional furniture. In the interior use two types of shelves:

  1. open;
  2. closed.

Open glass shelves

The latter, for example, can be constructed using glass as the front wall. Depending on the material, the shelves are:

  • wooden;
  • glass;
  • ceramic;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • from chipboard, fiberboard;
  • combined (using several materials);
  • stone;
  • braided from the vine;
  • from gypsum board.

Shelves in the living room

The last three species are not used very often, but they are very original, unusual. Of drywall can be done by yourself, having thought out the design. If you focus on design, then the shelves are:

  • standard;
  • modern.

Built-in shelf shelves

Modern types are made with orientation to a certain interior style, considering that the furniture should be combined with each other.

Unusual form of shelves Functionally there are:

  • decorative shelves;
  • for practical purposes (book, kitchen).
Hanging shelves above the workplaceHanging shelves above the workplace Suspended shelves in the work areaSuspended shelves in the work area

Decorative - designed for aesthetic purposes and can be constructed from any material, taking into account taste and design preferences.

Shelves along the wall

Book shelves should be made of strong materials, well-fixed, designed for heavy load. Kitchen - should be made of easily washable material.

Shelves in the interior of the kitchenShelves in the interior of the kitchen

Wall Shelves in the Interior

Classic wall shelves in the interior - one of the simplest and standard options to design their homes practical, with no extra material costs and quickly. Including fantasy, you can come up with an interesting decor.

Curved shelves Today's modern design took a step further. Wall shelves sometimes take an asymmetrical, unusual appearance. It is enough to offer exclusive, original furniture products.

BookshelvesBook shelves in the bedroom

Wall Shelves in the Interior могут быть сделаны в разных формах:

  • console (wall shelf with one or more decorative legs, can also serve as a dressing table);
  • horizontal;
  • vertical;
  • inclined;
  • multi-tiered;
  • in the form of a ladder;
  • with the rear, as well as the side walls;
  • rectangular, hexagonal, square;
  • rounded.

Glass shelves decorative

Wall Shelves in the Interior обязательно станут красивым и практическим дополнением для вашего жилья.

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Wall shelves, regardless of the shape and taste preferences, should preferably be made in the same style as the rest of the furniture in the apartment, house, office, etc. Adhering to one design, you create the integrity, comfort and harmony of the room.

Suspended shelves and floor standing on legs

Interesting design of shelves

Wall Shelves in the Interior можно расположить разным образом, самостоятельно разработать дизайн, либо оформить полочки на стене в оригинальных формах:

  • tree or branch;
  • the sun;
  • house;
  • honeycomb;
  • letters, words;
  • symbols;
  • animals;
  • abstraction;
  • cars;
  • objects and so on.

Wall Deck Shelf

The illuminated wall shelves - a modern solution, look exquisite and are an additional source of light. It is quite possible to use, for example, for a bathroom glass shelf with illumination.

Shelves in the form of letters A hanger with a shelf is two in one. Excellent for a hallway or kitchen, to hang towels. Wall shelves from old suitcases - a non-standard approach, will necessarily bring variety and give a special highlight to the room.

Shelves in the form of trees and twigs Wicker shelves from the vines are suitable for towels in the bathroom, you can also use in the nursery for toys. Shelf-table is a folding furniture, which takes two positions: either a table or a shelf, which is necessary at the moment. A good option for small apartments. Glass shelves are advised to be used for decorative purposes or in the bathroom.

Narrow shelves on the wall

Do not need to buy a glass shelf for the nursery, as this can be unsafe.

Decorative shelving from glass shelves

A simple, ordinary shelf will look nice with a stylish, well-chosen decor. Interesting accessories, flowers, books, arranged in color, will be the main accent of this tandem. After all, a shelf, even the most unusual, is not all, but only the basis.

Simple shelves in the form of stairs

How to choose a shelf: tips

  1. It is necessary to take into account the overall decor of the room. For example, for rooms furnished in a classical style it is not appropriate to use large, wide shelves. Most often there are placed neat shelves made of quality wood.
  2. When choosing a material, you need to evaluate the load on the furniture product. And also correctly to pick up fastenings.
  3. When installing a shelf, it is necessary to analyze where it will be safer to do so. Take into account electrical wiring, pipes, etc. If there are young children, it is not appropriate to make such furniture floor, set too low, use substandard fasteners.
  4. For small rooms you can use corner, wall or folding shelves.
  5. For large rooms are most suitable racks. Practically and at the same time very chic look.
  6. The economical option is the shelves made of glass, drywall, chipboard and other materials.
  7. For the bath is not advised shelves of wood and its derivatives, because they absorb moisture. It is better to design, for example, glass, plastic or ceramic.
  8. For the balcony, corner shelves can well approach.
  9. It is better to buy a shelf at once with all the furniture during the repair, so that the whole room had one interior style, a certain color scheme. If only a shelf is needed, then we take into account the already existing interior.
  10. If there is a possibility and desire, it is better to resort to the advice of a designer who knows all the nuances in this matter.
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Suspended and outdoor shelves

Manifesting his imagination, you can make a shelf yourself, or simply choose by contacting the store. But all this should give pleasure and create comfort, beauty, comfort or to serve for practical purposes. In the end, each person is guided by his own taste.