Options for creating a tiny boudoir: 6 simple rules and 30

Light curtains in a bright bedroom

Light curtains bring incredible elegance and laconism to the atmosphere

Each of us wants to wake up in a beautiful, attractive and functional bedroom. But how interesting to equip this area unusual houseif it has a small area? Try to use easy-to-perform methods that were developed by talented specialists and designers. Today we will tell you about them ...

Not all people live in spacious apartments or residences. The most popular and popular housing nowadays are modest two-room apartments. They have a small corridor, a kitchen and a guest cabin. However, the greatest shortage of square meters is felt in the boudoir.

You can dramatically change the external appearance of this room, as well as fill the atmosphere with incredible comfort and warmth. All you need is rationally arrange the furniture, think over the shade palette, pick up the original accessories and decorative elements.

Rule number 1: light color in the interior

Neutral shades are one of the most unusual ways to optically increase the area in any apartment. The opposite effect is possessed by dark tones - they help even the huge interior visually reduce. However, the monochrome scale does not yet mean dullness and boredom in the decoration.

Light furnishings, as well as walls, you can refresh with colorful decorations and decorative elements that will form a cheerful atmosphere and support the overall style of the interior.

Another unique way to implement in an environment of ease and volume is the use of vertical strips. They form the illusion of high ceilings, and also give the atmosphere incredible brightness, expressiveness and dynamism.

Bedroom in white color

Comfortable boudoir, sustained in a muted palette

Photos above the bed

Bright pictures have created a luxurious decor in a modern style

White bedroom with panoramic windows

The bedroom with panoramic window openings is decorated in white monochrome

Bed in the center of the bedroom

The big double bed became the main dominant of the decoration

Decorative pillows on the bed

Original decorative pillows and sheepskin give the room a refined and incredible charm

Rule number 2: laconic and minimalist stylish furniture

When decorating an apartment is not recommended to select bulky and voluminous items headset. Buy chairs, sofas and beds with a light and airy design, as well as high legs. However, this does not mean that you can only use dull and aesthetically unattractive furnishings.

Buy original chests of drawers, cabinets and racks with laconic outlines and high functionality. At the same time try to choose models without decorative excesses. A wonderful option for equipping the boudoir will be a low bed, sustained in the eastern or Thai style. Simply, effectively and creatively!

Another great way to decorate modest rooms is to furnish a folding or modular structure. Thus, in the case of the arrival of guests, you can get it and use it for the intended purpose. Choose sofas and armchairs without armrests and handles.

Visually, the furnishings made of acrylic and plexiglass can dissolve in space. Look at the next photo, transparent chair fits perfectly into the decoration. In addition, it does not clutter a modest room and perfectly matches with any style.

Transparent chair in the bedroom

Acrylic high chair perfectly supports the elegant decor

Low bed in the bedroom

Low bed makes the atmosphere easy and peaceful

Suspended dressing table in the bedroom

The dressing table is decorated with a folding chair, suspended to the wall

Picture above the bed

A lonely picture in the spirit of minimalism becomes the epicenter of attention

The bedroom of non-standard form

The airy interior was created thanks to a beige palette, a luxurious headset and exquisite accessories

Rule number 3: multifunctional items and furniture

In a small space, the optimal organization and creation of capacious storage systems is of great importance. The perfect solution for such a room will be simple drawers located under the bed, as well as beds with a lifting mechanism with a secret compartment.

In such compartments you can easily place a blanket, blankets, pillows and linen. Racks with open niches and shelves will help to create a relaxed atmosphere in the room. In the following photos, you are presented with several options for using multi-functional items.

Drawers under the bed

Wooden podium with drawers for storing bed linen - looks interesting and laconic

Storage under the bed

Stunning construction gives the boudoir a bright and aesthetically attractive look

Extendable table top under the bed

Functional podium with storage niches and a desktop for the computer

Wardrobe for the bed

Comfortable bed is harmoniously combined with an open wardrobe

Bed with drawers

Unusual bed, light range and exquisite accessories - everything excites the imagination!

Rule number four: air curtains in country style - the perfect solution

Dense and bulky drapes give the interior a weight. They just do not fit for the arrangement of a tiny room. Buy air translucent curtains of a light shade and hang them to the ceiling itself - this will create the illusion of height.

Light curtains behind the bed

White translucent curtains give space incredible ease and charm

Sleeper behind the curtains

Curtains are an excellent way of zoning the room

White curtains in white bedroom

White curtains in the design of a cozy bedroom

Bedroom in milk color

The interior of the room is designed in modern style with notes of classics

Rule number 5: effective illumination system

A great solution for optical expansion of tiny rooms is dazzling lighting. The natural sun rays emanating from the panoramic window openings fill the atmosphere with the need and magnetism. In the evening, modern interior design fascinating atmosphere multi-level lighting.

Table lamps on the bedside tables

The symmetry of the composition is attached to the table lamps located on both sides of the bed

Multi-level lighting in the bedroom

Basic diffused lighting helps create a ceiling chandelier

Original lamp near the bed

Effective lamp is a great solution for reading in the evening

High lamps near the bed

Lampshades in the shape of a drum bring an interesting light accent to the decoration

Small lamps near the bed

LED illumination fills the atmosphere with magic and magnetism

Правило №6: маст-хэв - зккала

Reflective surfaces help visually increase the tiny boudoir. Glossy and glass decorations perfectly fit into any space, but do not overdo with their use. Try to pick up for home decorating mirror furniture set or sliding partitions.

Mirrors on the wall in the bedroom

Closet with reflecting surfaces in the bedroom furniture

Large mirror in the bedroom

A large inclined mirror brings elegance and elegance to the atmosphere

Cabinet with frosted doors in the bedroom

Transparent matt cabinet doors - a great solution for creating an illusion of volume

Floor mirror in the bedroom

The abundance of mirrors brings to the design a unique charm and magnetism

Large mirror behind the head of the bed

Effective bed headboard decor, sustained in the style of Art Nouveau