Design of the bedroom for boys - more than 20 photo of the

Bedroom design for a boy

Making a children's bedroom for a boy is problematic, but not very difficult. All children are different, with their own character, preferences, tastes. Therefore, parents and the boy himself, they know that they need to do this. To correctly think over the design of a bedroom for a boy, one must take into account his age, hobbies, desires, needs. Only so staying, finding it in your room, will be as pleasant and useful as possible. Each children's bedroom should accommodate places for sleep, games, hobbies, recreation, sports, study. All of them are equipped, judging by the age of the boy. To do this, you need to take into account the parameters, the size of the territory and choose a capacious type of such places. For toddlers, the children's bedroom should be framed with developing elements. It means the availability of suitable furniture, and decoration of walls, proper lighting, interesting ornaments, playing corners. For teenagers who need more space for hobbies, hobbies, it is also necessary to have a corner or a place for sports equipment and training.

The floor should not be slippery, especially in the bedrooms of the kids. This will ensure their safety.

Developing details

The boy, infant and preschool age, need games, entertainment. In this case, it is the parents who need to think about their development, with the help of parts, decor items in the interior of the bedroom for the boy. It can be:

  • A rack with books, magazines;
  • Game house;
  • Images, drawings on the walls;
  • Soothing colors on the wall, ceiling;
  • The correct ornaments.
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Books develop thinking, imagination, motor skills, sight. Therefore, you need to put a shelf, cabinet or shelves for them. Not necessarily that they were dimensional, the main thing is their availability.

Decor for bedroom design for a boy

The game house is well developed fantasy. The best and compact version for its infusion into the design of the nursery, this together with two bunk beds. Only the lower part will be occupied by him. Another method of installing it is any place in the bedroom.

On the walls can be pictures of the zoo or map of the world. They will develop memory and imagination.

Small bedroom for a boy

The colors that soothe the children's eyes are blue and light green. It is desirable that they are part of the design.

Ornaments with a view of the globe, snowballs, colorful balls perfectly develop vision, thinking and imagination.

Original bed for the boy in the bedroom

Required pieces of furniture for different age categories

In the infant's bedroom of the baby, the baby, there is a need to place a crib, a chest of drawers or a locker for things, a table or a desk for games. The cot should have sides and fences. Since the place for games is on the floor, it must be insulated or decorated with a warm carpet. The ideal option is a warm floor. On the walls you can put shelves with toys, night lamps.

Pre-school boys need furniture such as a bed, a table for study and study, chairs, bookshelves, toys, a closet for clothes, small sports equipment. Night lights on a wall or ceiling must be present.

Bedroom design for a little boy

Teenagers need items such as a bed or a sofa, a study table and a computer in the work area, a wardrobe, other things, a soft chair, chairs, bookshelves and a TV, a sports corner. Despite this, you need to take into account the free space that they need.

Usually, boys have the same needs as boys in the teenage category, only need to add more workplace. This is a separate desktop.

Photo wallpapers for a boy in the bedroom

Design elements by age

 1-3 years4-7 years8-11 years old12-15 years old16-18 years old



Painting in light colors. Ecological paint. Drawings with little animals, nature.Painting in bright shades. Photo wallpaper with your favorite cartoons or heroes.Normal wallpaper or photo wallpaper with your favorite movie or cartoon characters.Figures in the form of a map of the world or the cosmos. Painting in your favorite colors.Painting in calm shades. No pictures. Ordinary wallpaper.




Warm floor. Insulated version. Not slippery. Carpets are thick. Wood.Not slippery. Warm floor. Thick carpets.

Parquet. Laminate. Rugs.


Wood. Carpet, carpet.



Parquet. Laminate. Beautiful carpets.






A cot with a fencing and a rocking chair.


In the form of a typewriter or a fairy-tale version. With a game house.Обычная. Bed — комод.


Ordinary or sofa.


Ordinary or sofa.




Painting. Whitewash. Non-toxic materials.


Painting. Whitewash. Ecological materials.


Painting. Whitewash.

Натяжной. Подвесной. Painting. Whitewash.

Stretch. Suspension. Painting.

Modern bedroom for the boy

The importance of the sports corner and the place for it

In the room of a teenager, a boy of preschool and school age, there is a need for a sports corner. Even if the boy is not interested in sports activities, sooner or later he will want to try it on himself. Playing sports trains masculinity, will power and relieves the child of aggression. Children's wishes and hobbies, in this regard, should be taken into account. Sports equipment for a teenager, which will complement the design of dormitories:

  • Pear for boxing
  • Ring for basketball;
  • Weights, dumbbells;
  • Horizontal bar.

Pre-school boys are interested in having a sports corner with details like:

  • Stairs;
  • Rope;
  • Rings for gymnastics;
  • Swing;
  • Ball.

Design of a bedroom in a sports style for a boy

The design of a small nursery provides for installation using one of the corners. It takes a little space. If the children's room is oversized, there is an option to install along any wall. It takes an extra place, but at the boy's request this will not be a problem.

Next to the sports corner is a mattress. It is a part of it, preventing injuries.

Thematic bedroom for a boy using comics

Bedroom for two boys

Двоих мальчиков определить в одной детской, для совместного проживания это решение, которое зависит от недостатка комнат. Дизайн такой детской, также несложно выполнить. Первым делом, нужно оформить стены обоими или покрасить их в любимые цвета. Ceiling, пол должны быть надежными и безопасными. Дизайн позволяет выбрать подходящий вариант по вкусу. Так как у мальчиков интересы и хобби совпадают, им будет достаточно таких элементов как:

  • Two beds or one two storey;
  • One common closet;
  • Table with computer;
  • Chairs;
  • Floorки с книгами, личными вещами;
  • Armchair;
  • Place with a sports corner.

A teenager needs more personal space, so if there is a difference between the boys in years, it's best to make him a zone, a place to relax. Boys of different ages, it's easy to get along together, but to avoid problems, everyone should be given a word about the design of their own nursery.

Bedroom for two boys с двухспальной кроватью

Features of a common bedroom for a boy and a girl

The interests of the girl and the boy are very different. If they have a common child, then you need to think carefully about how to fit in it all the necessary parts of the design. It is necessary to visually divide the nursery into two identical parts so that the children are equally comfortable. Since they will often be together, we need to provide them with enough personal space.

Large bedroom for a boy in blue tones

This room will need two beds or one two tiered. The latter will fit a small room. One big closet for things is necessary. Other necessary furniture is:

  • Two tables for study, games, work;
  • Separate bedside tables for storing personal belongings;
  • Different shelves for toys, books;
  • Chairs for everyone.

The color of the walls is chosen by the parents, if the first and second child at a small age. When a teenager and a child are younger in the nursery, the choice will be for them. Girls, boys with age difference, need to settle in a bright, well-lit children's room, giving the opportunity to choose a color palette. If the difference is insignificant, you can divide the bedroom into two zones of different colors.

Bedroom design for a boy разделенной на зоны

Decorations and lighting

Proper lighting in the nursery is of great importance. On the walls, the ceiling should be built-in night lights. This has a beneficial effect on the psyche of children allowing them to sleep well. Stretch and suspended ceilings provide for the possibility of their design with light ribbons, small lamps. The painted ceiling can be decorated with plastic stickers, in the form of space objects that contain phosphorus. It has the ability to glow in the dark. You can place a wall on the walls. For two beds, two nights.

Bedroom for a boy with a window, very light

Even the teenage period of the boy has his needs in sufficient lighting. Normal lighting should be in every room. It is usually in the middle of the ceiling. This is the usual method of supplementing children's light. It is necessary for study, work, rest, especially in the winter.

Дневной свет играет первичную роль, поэтому окна нужно декорировать светлыми, но плотными занавесками. Красивые жалюзи также подойдут. Декоративных элементов должно быть немного. Только интересующие детей. Floorка для сувениров и подарков тоже может стать частью дизайна.