Shower or bath, what to choose?

The most accessible and common anti-stress is water and bath procedures. Practically there are no people who would refuse to relax after a hard day's work from a contrast shower or a warm bubble bath.

water and bath procedures

Shower or bath? This question makes the landlord think about when the repair line comes to the bathroom. Understand the pitfalls and additional opportunities for plumbing.

Shower cabin: fashionable and compact

Should I mention the newfangled popularity of shower cabins? Designers offer from modest models with an area of ​​1 m 2 from light cheap materials to multifunctional overall cabs with reaction to voice commands.

What are the advantages of the shower cubicle:

1) Multifunctionality. Today, the shower cubicle is:

  • steam room;
  • Turkish bath;
  • hydromasser;
  • inhalation and aroma effects;
  • several wellness types of the shower (also contrast mode);
  • therapy with LED lighting.

A quality box with multitasking is not cheap, but it justifies the customer's expectations.

Shower cabin - Multifunctionality

2) Space saving. The modest area of ​​the bathroom is a common problem, which can be eliminated only through visual deception. Shower enclosure perfectly fits in the corner of the bathroom and visually expands it. The liberated area is sold under a washing machine, a wash basin, a hygiene corner for children, shelves with bath accessories and cosmetics.

3) Save water time. Taking a bath is a water overflow of about half that of a shower. Moreover, it takes an extra half an hour to prepare a bath, and also to relax. The same 15 minutes in the shower will be filled with interest hygienic and physiotherapy procedures. The soul for mobility is also appreciated by business people.

4) Suitable for people with disabilities. Persons with disabilities, elderly people, children of school and preschool age are the category of tenants of the apartment, which the shower most suits for security reasons, self-service and ease of use. In the cockpit it is difficult to slip, since the pallet is embossed.

5) The ability to instantly warm up. A compact enclosed cab ensures the heat concentration after the opening of hot water in a matter of minutes. If the bathroom does not warm up well during the cold season, then the shower is an ideal choice.

6) Solitude with a shared bathroom. The dark shower doors provide a secluded procedure for you, as well as the opportunity to enter the bathroom to other family members.

Shower cabin - Privacy

The disadvantages of the shower cabin

The reverse side of the coin is not so bright. Essential disadvantages can be:

Expensiveness. A sturdy, reliable and comfortable cabin with additional features costs a decent amount of money. If you are not ready to make big financial investments in favor of bathing procedures, then the purchase of an economy class is unlikely to last long and will please at all - it is unknown. Cheap materials quickly wear out and poorly retain heat.

Breakage of doors or frame. The problem is the leader of cheap shower boxes. The hinges on the movable door panels after a year of operation are denied full-fledged work: the tightness of the flaps makes a lot of effort to shift them.

The desire to take a bath, relax in fragrant foam is not feasible. Also, you should forget about romantic bathroom procedures with rose petals along with your loved one. With boxing, these gatherings are impossible. An alternative is a bath adjacent to the shower. But it's worth it is impressive, which brings us back to the first point of the list of shortcomings.

Shower cabin minuses

Four-legged friends. Bathing large dogs with a shower is an unpleasant and inconvenient procedure due to a lack of space. Dog does not like water, tight spaces? Surely your rows of cosmetics and shampoos in the cabin will be dropped every time you need to wash your paws after walking on the street.

Bath: old school VS new technologies

If you are determined to modernize the bathroom, it is not necessary to give preference to the shower room. Baths are not inferior to boxes in many ways and somewhere even much better.

Advantages of the bath in the bathroom:

Form and dimensions. Typical angular white tanks are a thing of the past. Today the range of baths includes both different sizes and volumes, and shapes. Round, oval, triangular, asymmetrical can be selected for any design and area of ​​the room.

Orthopedic features. The bath is capable of repeating the shape of your body. Here, armrests, flowing lines, recesses for a comfortable position go to the aid.

Additional features. The system of massaging water with air, vibration helps to relax and relieve stress. Although stress itself induces the cost of such "smart" devices.

The bath is capable of repeating the shape of your body

Cons of baths

Disadvantages can significantly spoil the impression of buying. They can be:

The cost. Quality goods cost good money. This is a well-known fact that works in bathroom issues. The reservoir, which has an original design, is durable, equipped with additional functions, will fly into a pretty penny.

Material. Every adult had a bath and we remember well from childhood how pleasant it is to bask in hot water for hours. What has changed since then? Material for the manufacture of bathtubs. If in Soviet times the dominant part of such plumbing was made of cast iron, today it was replaced by steel, acrylic and quarls. One can not dispute the fact that cast iron keeps the heat perfectly. But modern enamel on cast iron is easily broken and even damaged by cleaning agents.

bath, what to choose?

Acrylic and kvarilovye baths are light, heat-saving, but extremely fragile. A fallen can of shaving foam may cost repairs or tank changes.

Steel baths do not keep heat well, because it's impossible to lie in cooling water for a long time.

Advice! Whichever plumbing is selected, you should not save on buying. Cheap and simple models in a few years will come in unfitness, which promises new waste. Study the characteristics and reviews about models on forums, online stores. This will help you purchase a standing model and save money.
Photogallery Total | 7 photos Душевая кабина или bath, what to choose? Душевая кабина или bath, what to choose? Душевая кабина или bath, what to choose? Душевая кабина или bath, what to choose? Душевая кабина или bath, what to choose? Душевая кабина или bath, what to choose? Душевая кабина или bath, what to choose?