Small-sized apartment-transformer: interior of a small

The partition between the library and the room

Probably many of us want all at once, for example, to make several functional areas on one small living space at the same time: we want so much to have a living room, a bedroom, an office and many other useful things in the house. But, often, it is not possible to accommodate everything necessary for a limited number of square meters. But is it possible to make a living room or a bedroom in one area first, and then, if necessary, turn it into a study?

It turned out that it is possible, and this is quite real. We found such an idea in Japan, in Tokyo. Japanese designer Yuko Shibata has found a simple solution to how you can turn a simple apartment into a hybrid office and comfortable housing.

Table in the room

Previously, this space was used only for living, but the landlord asked to realize his idea of ​​dividing the living quarters into two parts: the house itself and the working space. Initially, this idea seemed impossible in connection with the original structure of box-type frames made of reinforced concrete, acting as support for the building's skeletons. Yuko Shibata developed a project in which bearing walls were used, but it was easy to convert the room from home to office and back. As a result, the original floor plan was even untouched.

To divide the space and give the place a modern look, two movable walls were installed. The former living space was transformed from the original structure into a home office, which has everything you need to work.

The edge of the table in the library

Yuko Shibata has installed two bookshelves, each of which has a large door, they just separate the living space from the worker. One of them he placed in the space of the original apartment, forming a cozy room with a library. The movable wall has an opening so that you can move the table through it: some of it will be in the library, and some in the room.

Bookshelf on the wall

Another rack found its place in the bedroom, and also stores a library in itself. It is used for work whenever the door to the bedroom remains open, as this creates a passage, which makes it possible to go to the books, bypassing the bedroom. This also ensures that the bedroom is not visible from the office.

Rack in the bedroom Office area in the bedroom Bedroom interior Cabinet interior

Such creative solutions as this transforming square, a real find for small rooms and will always be welcomed in them. These ideas will increasingly find their application and serve for the benefit of humanity.

Layout of the living room The layout of the dining room