The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen: we

Do you dream of a kitchen that is not only convenient for cooking, but also a pleasure to spend your free time? It is easy, most importantly, to choose the right color design. The right combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen is not only a design trick, but the factor that will determine the character and atmosphere of the room. How to decorate the interior of the kitchen? How and what colors should be combined, and which ones should not be better? Let's figure it out.

Circle of colors and combinations

For the development of the design of color registration, specialists use, so-called, a circle of colors, in which there are multiple palette of shades and variants of their combination. According to this circle, you can create the following variations of the kitchen interior:

  • single-colored kitchen;
  • connected kitchen;
  • kitchen based on contrasts;
  • multicolored cuisine;
  • ahromatic cuisine.

One-toned kitchen

To design a kitchen of the same color will not be difficult. All that is needed is to determine the main color and use it and its shades in the interior. It is better to use many shades, so the kitchen will turn out more interesting. Another option to design a one-color kitchen is combination of dominant color and white. Use also the shades of black, but use it is very carefully, so as not to cloud the interior. In order for the kitchen to leave a beautiful and cozy, professionals advise to adhere to some recommendations:

  • use more than three shades of color selected by the main one;
  • zonirovat room kitchen with color. Such a method will allow not only to divide the kitchen into zones, according to certain functions, but also to hide small defects in the design;
  • apply contrasts. They will help to make the interior of the kitchen more vivid and stylish, but with subjects of contrasting colors one must know the extent;
  • use of different invoices. The same shade on different surfaces will look quite different. This is the perfect solution for a one-color kitchen.

Design of a one-color kitchen

Connected kitchen

To determine what colors are related, you need to look at the circle of colors. Nearby are related colors. It is important that they mean colors, not their derivatives. They can be used in the interior of the kitchen as much as desired, however, one of them must be dominant. For example, blue is located next to purple, and purple is a neighbor of red, so you can take all of these colors at once.

There is also such a variation: a pair of related colors and their shades, but it is important to pay attention to the fact that these colors are equally bright or on the contrary dim.

Kitchen design with related colors

Kitchen based on contrasts

To decorate the interior, based on the opposite colors is quite difficult, because the task is to make the kitchen original, and not tasteless. The basis of this method is that for interior decoration Use colors that are on different sides of the color wheel, one of which is chosen basic. This kitchen interior is considered the most modern and stylish. It is worth noting that such a design can quickly get bored, so the main points of contrast are to choose those things that can be easily changed, for example, curtains, accessories, wallpaper. The most applied color duets for contrast:

  • green and pink;
  • lemon and violet;
  • mint and apricot.

Kitchen design with contrasting colors

A colorful kitchen

If you are thinking of applying a multicolored design for your kitchen, then it's worth to turn to professional designers. This option based on the use of three colors that are in the circle of colors at equal distances from each other. It is important that only one color is chosen as the dominant color, the others are used to arrange accents. This design gives the kitchen design impressive brightness and unusualness.

Design multicolored kitchens

Achromatic cuisine

Kitchen, decorated with achromatic flowers, today is considered one of the most popular and is used in such styles as Scandinavian, high-tech, minimalism and Provence. The most common variant of achromatic cuisine is a white kitchen. There are other options, for example, the use of silver and metallic hues, white and black combinations, beige-white and various combinations of white with khaki, coffee, burgundy.

While decorating the achromatic kitchen, pay attention to the use of bright accessories, otherwise you can get a dark room, instead of a cozy and original interior, more like a hospital room.

Design achromatic kitchens

The result

The kitchen is the place where the family spends most of the time, so it is extremely important to make it cozy and comfortable for everyone. As designers like to say, there are no incongruous colors. Choosing a color scheme, be based, first of all, on your tastes and preferences. So do not be afraid to experiment and share your success in the comments. Good luck!