Life in a small space: a super-optimized interior of a small

Interior of a small one-room apartment in bright colors

Interior of a small one-room apartment from WCH Interior

Thoughtful layout of the interior of this small one-room studio apartment, created by designers from WCH Interior, takes into account all the wishes and needs of the owner of the house, despite its small area. The design looks very stylish and concise.

Rest zone в маленькой однокомнатной квартире

Rest zone

The media block is located significantly below eye level. This is done in order to ensure unimpeded movement from the hallway to other rooms of the apartment. Competently selected technology and furniture are compact in size and small in thickness.

Sleeping area в маленькой однокомнатной квартире

Sleeping area

Also low is the bed, which is located just behind the back of the sofa. The headboard is a low wall separating it from the home office and the next kitchen.

Zoning in a small one-room apartment

Example of successful zoning

Kitchen in a small one-room apartment

Compact kitchen

Study in a small one-room apartment

Properly located oven

Home office in a small one-room apartment

Custom office desk

Despite the limited space of this home, the authors of the project managed to create a full-fledged workplace. In this they helped the decision to install a custom-made desk, generously equipped with boxes for storing the necessary things.

Small studio apartment in bright colors

Secluded places for storage in the work area and kitchen countertop

White marble countertops of various shapes reflect light and have a very noble appearance.

Wooden decoration in the interior of a small one-room apartment

Wood Wall Cladding

Wooden cabinets in the interior of a small one-room apartment

Smooth wooden wardrobes

Cladding of walls and facades of cabinets are made of mahogany, which allowed to preserve the unity of the color palette and materials in the interior.