A small forest house, photo of which will change the idea of

Small forest house (photo), США

Small forest house (photo)

A small forest house, whose photo, no doubt, had already surprised the reader, is in Oregon, USA. The hut is located near a small lake and is made in a style very much like the Japanese classics. The house receives energy from powerful solar panels, and in the case of which it will be provided with a small stove on firewood. This small building was erected exclusively from inexpensive materials, which makes it even more interesting.

Unusual small forest house (photo)

Unusual interior

Small forest house (photo) в штате Орегон

The Japanese forest house is built near a small farm. This is a real work of art. Let it look unpretentious and not striking, but this construction can bring a lot of pleasure from unity with nature, because it is here as if in the palm of your hand. This picture looks great in the photo, but in reality the sensations that the contemplator of this "miracle" gets, get even greater power.

Small forest house (photo) выглядит достаточно просто

Simple interior elements

No special technologies were used to build the house. Noticeable joints and transitions, unpretentious fasteners, which can be seen with the naked eye - everything in it says that the main thing is not the details, but the whole image. Designers decided to leave everything as is, without being distracted by trivialities, to show the naturalness, because it reflects the love of man for nature.

Small forest house (photo): естественность и простота

Real forest romance

Almost all the details were purchased at a symbolic price or even found. For example, windows were found at a local landfill, the doors could be found with a large discount on the ad. Literally for half a year or a year the house was instantly erected in this magical forest, where it is very pleasant to spend time with one and with the family.

Photo forest house: budget accommodation