Transformed interior of a narrow kitchen in a new york

Interior of a light narrow kitchen

Interior of a narrow kitchen after the alteration

Competently design the interior of a narrow kitchen is not the simplest task. This is the experience of our heroes - Holly and Christian from New York. But first they realized that only fantastically rich people can easily find the apartment of their dreams in one of the most expensive megacities of the world.

Starting to look for new housing, young people found that only outside the Greenwich Village are the apartments that they can afford. And they did not want to leave their favorite district at all. Then they decided to go the following way: to find a more or less inexpensive apartment apartment is not in the best condition and to repair it on their own.

No sooner said than done. But where do you start the transformation? Of course, from the kitchen!

Initially, it was simply none, with loose cabinets that saw the best days. There were practically no working surfaces, the section of the countertop about half a meter in width does not count. Therefore, the main purpose of the repair was to improve the functionality and practicality of the kitchen.

Interior of a narrow kitchen before repair Interior of a narrow kitchen before repair

First of all, Holly and Christina moved the refrigerator, washing machine and dryer to the opposite side, which allowed to make room for the installation of a full tabletop.

Interior of a narrow kitchen after repair

Actually, for a washing machine and a dryer, a special cabinet was ordered in which they are located one above the other.

Hidden laundry in the interior of a narrow kitchen Laundry in the interior of a narrow kitchen

However, our heroes were not going to sacrifice an aesthetics in the name of practicality. They installed a built-in headset in the style of a shaker, painted in a light gray color. It is appropriately supplemented with metallic pens of golden hue.

Tiled apron with a chevron pattern brings a little graphic to the interior. But the real decoration of the kitchen is a luxurious stove from Dacor - attractive and sound, as well as the kitchen in the apartment of Christian and Holly.

Interior of a narrow kitchen in gray color Gray kitchen set with gold handles in a narrow kitchen

How would you evaluate the result of this transformation? Do you approve of the decisions of the heroes of this article? We are waiting for your comments!