We decorate the kitchen in a small studio apartment

In a small studio apartment it is important to properly organize a kitchen area. It should be functional and executed in one style with all the rest of the interior. It is necessary not only to allocate this space, but also to choose furniture and equipment.

  • Zoning Space
  • Furniture and appliances for kitchen

Zoning Space

To designate the kitchen, use visual and real selection. In the first case, zoning is done using light, color or texture accents. In this case, you should choose the tone-companions, which harmoniously fit into the single design composition of the apartment.

The correct zoning of a small studio apartment

An interesting solution is to choose a floor covering of another texture. For example, finish this area with ceramic tiles. Zoning effect can also provide a glossy stretch ceiling in the kitchen. Another highlight of the working area will allow another shade of cloth or upper directional light.

Effectively split the space will help the floor in several levels. The kitchen can be raised on a low podium or slightly understated. Quite often the place of cooking from the living room area is separated by a narrow bar counter or an island table. Plus this division - an additional place for cooking or eating. Minus - the work area is completely monitored.

Zoning on the bedroom and kitchen

Other options for separating this functional area are:

  • light curtains, which can always be closed, reliably demarcating the space;
  • glass or transparent panels;
  • a large flat aquarium;
  • air bubble panel.

Interior of a small kitchen

Furniture and appliances for kitchen

When choosing kitchen furniture and appliances in a studio apartment, you should consider simple rules:

  • the headset should be selected in one line in a restrained modern style;
  • The model should be concise and maximally functional;
  • if possible, use mirror, glass or glossy facades;
  • A good solution may be folding chairs, transforming or folding table;
  • Prefer prefabricated, compact technology;
  • pay special attention to the level of noise emitted by the instruments. Surely no one will be happy to listen to the sounds of a working refrigerator or dishwasher.

Interior of a small kitchen in white tones

In the absence of partitions, it is very important that the hood is properly selected. It should be powerful to prevent the spread of soot and odors, and at the same time, noiseless.

Take into account these subtleties, connect your creativity and the kitchen will become unique and functional.