Three ways of rational re-planning of a one-room apartment

High-rise block-type houses

A series of block structures II-68 was the basis for the development of several buildings: II-68-02, II-68-03. Buildings built only tower configuration, with a number of tiers of 12, 14 or 16, in most cases they are paired.

Apartments in houses from one-room to three-room layouts. The time of construction of the structure refers to Brezhnev.

The main advantage of this type of houses is the wide balconies, which can effectively expand the living space with effective thermal insulation.

In some buildings, housing has a niche between the kitchen area and the living room, which removes the difficulties with its transformation. With an apartment of more than 34 square meters. This is especially important.

The successful construction technology of that time was the dressing room - or its other name - the storeroom. The stove in such houses is exclusively electric type.

Let's consider three ways of re-planning.

Option one: for a couple and a child with a children's game

The bathroom is enlarged due to the corridor. As a result, the area for the washing machine was formed. The fence between the living room and the hallway was removed. The entrance door to the kitchen was displaced and placed at an angle, as a result of which it increased in size by mixing the wall with the bathroom.

The room is divided into two areas: the living room (which is also their bedroom) and the children's room (playroom with bed, table and shelves). The partition is made with a height of about two meters.

Advantages. This layout gives the opportunity to live in a small area of ​​the family with the child. The kitchen sphere remains independent. The baby has a secluded place, which will help to establish the right environment in the house.

Disadvantages. The area of ​​the corridor became smaller. Parent pair remained without a full bed (however you can change the sofa to it).

Planning an apartment for a couple and a child with a game

Option two: for two adults with a working space

The bathroom is enlarged by a corridor. The difference from the first variation is the preservation of a small hallway area at the entrance. You can also find a place for the location of the washing machine. The wall between the living room and the hallway is dismantled. The entrance door to the kitchen has shifted to the window opening and is enlarged.

The salon is divided into two functional areas: a bedroom with a full-sized broad bed and an office table. These parts are separated by a narrow barrier, the width of which is not more than a meter in height, and also the bedside table under the TV.

Advantages. Kitchen space was kept isolated. A spacious bed and an office table for one person make it possible to comfortably work at home

Disadvantages. It is difficult to receive friends, since there is no guest room.

Apartment layout for two adults with an office

Option Three

For a bachelor or a couple with an open kitchen

The bathroom is enlarged by the corridor. All the walls, in addition to the bathroom, were removed, resulting in an open space.

Separation of the guest and kitchen area is made due to a small fence in the central part of the room and a different finish on the floor surface (parquet for the salon and tiles for the kitchen and corridor). There is also a desktop.

Advantages. The layout is more suitable for a young unmarried young man. Do not clutter the wall space, there is an office space, you can comfortably receive friends.

Disadvantages. The combination of kitchen and room brings some inconvenience due to the appearance of odors during cooking. The sofa is installed in place of the bed.

Planning an apartment with an open kitchen