When there is nothing to lose - 12 intellectual ideas for

Folding table in the living room

Today we again with you will make a small virtual journey through the pages of the resource and get acquainted with the unmatched ideas of the design of modest apartments that will not only radically transform the living space, but also fill the situation with incredible comfort and warmth.

In a compact decoration each piece of furniture and accessory has a special meaning. Today we present to your attention the magnificent ideas for the arrangement of modest apartments.

1. A table with adjustable height

This elegant set can easily transform from dining into a magazine version. Especially effectively, this table will look in combination with a corner sofa.

Table with adjustable height in the dining room

2. Sliding bookcase

Use the space above the ladder and arrange the rack on the rail system. You can move it into the room when you want to access the literature.

Sliding bookcase in the living room Bookcase along the stairs

3. Lifting bed with a twist

This Murphy suite was designed specifically for small apartments. The owner can easily lift it, while the area of ​​the room is free to receive guests.

Lifting bed in living room

4. Expanding practical table

This original console set can easily be transformed into a full-size dining model for a meal of a large company. In addition, you can use an ottoman for your apartments, which is laid out for six people.

Expanding table in the living room

5. Extendable work surface

A wonderful functional option for kitchen decoration is the folding countertop, which can be used not only for cutting products, but also for working at the computer. In addition, this model can perfectly fit into the minimalist interior.

Extendable work surface in the kitchen

6. Foldable dining table

This wooden panel will perfectly fit into any Interior Design kitchen. In addition, in combination with compact puffs, it can excellently save the area of ​​the apartments, leaving more space for the reception of guests and for holding ceremonial events.

Foldable dining table in the kitchen Foldable dining table in the kitchen

7. Built-in work area

Such a practical and functional set can be arranged anywhere in the house. It will look great not only in the guest cabin, but also in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

During the arrival of friends and relatives, it easily folds up and turns into a minimalist and laconic wardrobe.

Built-in work area

8. Elegant coffee table and benches

These items unusual furniture shift into a small niche under a magnificent sofa. During the meal, they can be easily reached and organized an unmatched space for a large company of friends.

9. Murphy bed-loft

This version of the folding bed is placed high on the wall, forming a second tier. The staircase for this headset is hidden in the cabinet, while the upper shelves of the rack function as a nightstand.

10. Slide-bed

This unique design can be easily pushed out from under the low podium. At the same time, using a few decorative pads, the edge turns into a comfortable sofa. Creative furniture complemented by a magnificent rack with a lot of niches and shelves.

Retractable sofa bed Retractable sofa bed

11. The Mirror

Panoramic reflective surfaces from floor to ceiling can not only visually increase the area of ​​the room, but also fill the atmosphere with incredible charm and magnetism.

Mirror wall in the living room Mirror wall in the bedroom

12. The intellectual ladder

Space under this design can be used to equip a roomy cabinet with numerous shelves and drawers.

In addition, you can equip a stunning library or desktop under the stairs. Opportunities in this area are almost limitless.

Storage system under the stairs

We brought to your attention exciting options designer furniture, which is used to equip a modest apartment. They can not only transform the living space remarkably, but also fill the situation with incredible charm and functionality.

And did you like these stunning innovative models? Share your opinion with us in the comments to the article ...