Design kitchens 3 by 4 meters

Design kitchens 3 to 4

An ideal kitchen is a place where it is pleasant and convenient to cook, eat, clean up. How to plan a stylish and functional space? What to consider, choosing a finish, a set, accessories. Let's look at the example of kitchen design 3 for 4.

  • take into account all pipes: sewer, water supply, gas;
  • to think over places for storage and zones for built-in equipment;
  • distribute the key nodes - the sink, refrigerator and hob so that there are free areas of the working surface between them.
  • to calculate the necessary size of the dining group. If you are going to only eat breakfast here, you should do with a bar counter;
  • take into account the necessary space to fully open the doors.

Kitchen interior 3 to 4

Careful planning allows you to comfortably place everything you need not only in a room 3 to 4, but in the smallest kitchenette.

Dark door in a light interior  Blue curtains on the window  Wall-papers on a wall  White chairs by the table  Floor of boards


There are two main spaces - the working and dining areas. There are many design techniques that allow to distinguish these spaces, to give each of them a special color.

Zones are separated by:

  • mix floor coverings - for example, tiles and laminate or granite and cork;
  • a multi-level ceiling;
  • contrasting decoration of walls - materials, differing in color, texture, print;
  • various lighting devices;
  • arrangement of furniture;
  • podium - this design can be installed both a dining group and kitchen modules;
  • curtains, screens, blinds - they separate the dining room if it is carried out in the bay window, on the balcony or the end of the room.

Zoning кухни 3 на 4

Kitchen set - choice and location

When purchasing furniture, start from the size and configuration of the room, style, color solution of the interior. Different ways of placing the working area allow you to create a unique interior.

The arrangement in the kitchen is:

  • Linear - the headset is installed along the wall. Allows you to save space, but not too easy to use - you have to move a lot during cooking;
  • corner - one of the most convenient types of furniture arrangement in terms of ergonomics;
  • peninsular - suitable for a studio or kitchen-dining room in a private house. The peninsula separates the cooking area from the rest of the room. From the side of the room it is equipped with places for eating;
  • island - one element is installed separately from the headset. It is often built in a sink, stove;
  • parallel - the furniture is placed along the walls in two rows. The passage between them must be at least 1.2 meters. Two or three cooks can fit in such a kitchen at the same time.
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Decide on the materials of the headset. Cases are almost invisible, so focus on the front panels.

Set in the interior of the kitchen 3 to 4

There are facades from:

  • wood - an array of oak, beech, alder, ash, veneered;
  • MDF or chipboard - matte or glossy. They can be painted enamel, covered with PVC film, or plastic;
  • tempered glass of a variety of colors.

On the last two materials it is possible to use photo printing.

Room tree at the window  Hood above the stove  Lamps on the wall  Marble floor in the kitchen  Mosaic on the wall

Determine with style

Style solutions for the kitchen can be divided into traditional and modern. The first include classic, provence and even country. Their common feature is paneled facades. Classic versions are decorated with carving, patina, stained-glass windows. For provence, aged surfaces are characteristic. Country is characterized by simple coarse forms. Modern lines mean laconic lines, deaf facades, perhaps the lack of handles. They attract a wide color palette, a variety of textures - glossy, matte and decorative features - photo printing, decoration under a natural tree.

Kitchen 3 on 4 in classic style

Color solution

The business card of the kitchen set is the facades and countertop. Cases are almost always hidden, so first of all we choose colors for doors and work surface. Which shades will be more advantageous in a small kitchen of 3x4 meters. Here are the recommendations that will help you make a choice:

  • visually increase the room facades of white color. They will make the furniture less bulky. Light will be reflected from all surfaces, optically expanding the space;
  • Less noticeable furniture, coinciding in color with the walls. It is lost on their background, merges with them;
  • The sunny kitchen will add cool cool shades - blue, gray, turquoise, blue. In a room on the north side, "melted ice" a warm palette - yellow, coral, beige, orange, lime;
  • glossy surfaces of dark shades - black, chocolate will add to the hassle. To get rid of endless spots and prints, they will have to be polished day and night;
  • amateurs are not recommended to clean the timetable recommend facades in a gold or silver sparkle. With them, there is absolutely no problem - stains from water and fingerprints on them are not visible.

Kitchen 3 on 4 in light colors Window wash  TV in the closet  Dark curtains on the window  Lamps above the table  Lilac accents in a light interior

Materials and methods of finishing

Kitchen - the most "whimsical" zone in the apartment. Finishing here is subjected to attacks of splashing water and fat. It should be ready for the fact that it will be mercilessly rubbed with hard brushes and tested with caustic chemicals. Especially it concerns the "apron". Choose for him strong materials - tile, granite, marble, decorative stone, glass. The remaining zones are not subjected to "attacks" cleaning devices. They can be painted, pasted with wallpaper, cork or wood panels, lining. The ceiling can be suspended, tensioned or combined. In some styles - provence or country under it fix the natural wooden beams. On the floor are put ceramic tiles or seamless granite, trim with linoleum, vinyl panels, waterproof laminate, stopper.

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Tree in kitchen decoration 3 on 4 Boot in the work area  Chess floor in the interior  Refrigerator in the corner  The combination of white furniture and a dark apron  Chandelier in the form of a flower in the interior


In the kitchen there are several functional zones, think over the light solution for each of them. Work and dining areas should have local lighting. Add a few lamps, an LED strip under the upper tier or order a kitchen with built-in devices. In the dining area, pendant lamps, sconces, are appropriate. Refuse from fluorescent lamps of a cool shade - they distort the true color of food.

Lighting кухни 3 на 4

It is worthwhile before the repair to think over possible lighting scenarios to organize separate connection of devices in different zones.

Steel refrigerator in the interior  Niche in the wall  Parquet on semi  Lockers with illumination in the working area  The combination of blue walls and orange furniture

Selection and arrangement of furniture and equipment

The main reason that cooking takes all the time and energy is the wrong organization of space. Not ergonomic kitchens force the hostess to do hundreds of unnecessary manipulations. Therefore, at the stage of creating a project, carefully consider the dimensions, filling and arrangement of furniture and equipment.

Furniture in the kitchen 3 on 4 Pictures above the table  Lamps on the ceiling  Mosaic apron  Semi-laminate  Cabinet at the window

Keep the back healthy

The standard working surface height is 0.85. Clean and cut foods at this height is convenient only for women with a height of up to 165 cm. Anyone above - overloads the spine. It is necessary to order kitchens with a comfortable worktop height. If between the bent elbow and the working surface is not more than 15 cm, such a kitchen suits you.

Working area in the kitchen 3 for 4

"Draw" the "working triangle"

Place the refrigerator, sink and stove in the correct order and throwing in the kitchen will be reduced at times. The sequence is simple and understandable. We open the refrigerator and get the food. We put them on the surface between the fridge and the sink, here we cut. My food, cut them in the gap between the sink and the stove, we cook.

Kitchen 3 on 4 with furniture along the wall TV above the sofa  Refrigerator by the window  Interior with dining table  Furniture made of wood in the kitchen  Lamp on the wall

We choose convenient mechanisms for cabinets and boxes

Pay attention to the lockers with folding facades. Lifting mechanisms are quite expensive, so they have enough to equip the most frequently used departments - a dish dryer, shelves with food. Lower drawers make the roll-out. Closers allow you to forget about the doors that are always open.

Cabinets in the kitchen 3 on 4 Flower on the window  Stylish furniture in the interior  Yellow chairs by the table  LED Ceiling Light  Different floor coverings in the interior

Determine the place for the oven

The oven is placed under the hob or raised above the work surface. If the device is not planned to be used frequently, leave it in the lower tier. In the opposite situation, raise the oven to eye level, to bend less.

Oven in the kitchen 3 on 4 Red accents in the white interior  The interior in the style of Provence  A corner by the window  The combination of gray walls and white furniture  Lamps in the work area

Decor and textile for kitchen

With the installation of furniture is over, it remains to breathe the mood into the kitchen, revive it. Than? Of course, accessories and textiles. They will decorate the room, make it cozy and attractive. It is necessary only to observe the measure and maintain the style.

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Textiles in the kitchen 3 to 4 Round table in the interior  Kitchen with a linear layout  Niche with shelves in the work area  Brick wall in the interior  Washing machine under the table

The main rules for choosing accessories

To decorate with the right to settle in the kitchen, it must meet:

  • general design - for example, in the style of high-tech will look ridiculously plates with ethnic ornaments or a classic landscape in a carved gilded frame. Equally inappropriate are lurid ceramic statuettes or textiles with oriental ornaments. But laconic monophonic or transparent vases, wall-mounted electronic watches in a metal case, chrome-plated sets for spices, bottle stands and fruit vases will perfectly fit into the interior;
  • color scheme - choose accessories either in close to the main color shades, or in those that are on the opposite side of the circle of Itten. For example - yellow can be supported by close orange and salad or its antagonist - purple. To achromatic - black, white and all shades of gray any bright or gentle paints will approach.

Kitchen accessories 3 by 4

Choosing curtains for the kitchen, give preference to practical, simple models of easily washable fabrics. In order not to overload the already dyed interior use monophonic fabrics. But against the background of neutral furniture and light finish curtains with drawings can be an effective accent. The most convenient for this room - Roman, roller blinds, Japanese panels, curtains, cafes. Classic curtains are unlikely to be appropriate, except in the area of ​​the loggia, attached to the main room.

Chandelier with candles in the interior  Slate on the wall  Table and chairs made of wood in the kitchen  Built-in ceiling lights  Roller blinds on windows

Kitchen with access to the balcony

Does the kitchen adjoin the balcony? Great bonus! Premises can be combined, thus increasing the area of ​​the kitchen. In the attached zone there is a dining group, additional modules, a sofa or a table for a computer. Moving flowers into this zone, you can create an improvised winter garden. The key condition - to decide on the demolition of the window, door and window unit is needed before the repair. In addition, to carry out these works, you must order the project and obtain a permit.

Kitchen 3 to 4 with access to the balcony

On the positive response of the architectural department can only count the owners of the loggia. An ordinary balcony can not be combined with the kitchen.

The approval for dismantling the window and door blocks is much easier to obtain than for demolition of the window sill. The ban is due to good reasons. If the window unit serves to jam the base of the loggia or is part of the wall, for example, in panel houses, it can not be touched. But if it is nothing more than a bricks partition and does not carry a structural load, this part can be disposed of. Just do not forget - for the comfortable use of the balcony area it must be thoroughly insulated.

Wallpapers on the wall  Lamp above the picture  Ceramic tiles on the floor  Dining area on the balcony  Stretch ceiling in the interior


Use our tips to create a stylish and comfortable kitchen, in which it will be equally pleasant to cook, feed the household and receive guests.