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A person is peculiar to change, which makes him more experienced, wise and special. We expect the same from the interior after repairs - positive changes. We strive for development, and designers follow the dynamics, offering new trends of fashion.

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One of these is a kitchen combined with a living room. It is the various associations of rooms today at the peak of popularity in the interior design industry. And the leader among them - the option of connecting the living room and kitchen.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Methods of construction of a combined kitchen and living room
  • Nuances of combined design
  • The art of style in kitchen-living rooms
  • Photo of kitchen combined with living room

Methods of construction of a combined kitchen and living room

Not everyone is ready to follow the fashion. Relying on personal preferences is still much more comfortable in small rooms. A "modest" kitchen is always distinguished by a special atmosphere of privacy and tranquility.


However, if you decide to maximally change the interior of the apartment, pay attention to the zoning of the living room and kitchen. Today, this design can be performed in several ways:

With the help of the bar! Racks can be angular, separate stand in the form of an island, multi-tiered and as a continuation of the kitchen set. Although each fulfills its conditional role, they zonate space. Such cooking combines lovers to spend holidays in the home circle, when all the essentials at hand.


Installing the screen! This option is similar to the presence of a wall, only modern and versatile. The screen must be installed so that the main areas of the kitchen and living room are covered. The space of the partition is played out with various accessories, bookshelves, music centers, as well as a TV or screen.


Modular curtain system. This method is less popular and more difficult to perceive. For the interior of the living room combined with the kitchen curtains, installed on the modular system, can play a temporary role. They can be opened or closed by the order of one hand movement.


Sliding system design of the kitchen combined with the living room resemble a sliding door. Most often made of plastic or glass. Due to its shape and glossy surface, they extend the space and make it more bulky. Such partitions should not be cumbersome, so as not to weight the space.


Nuances of combined design

The disadvantages of this arrangement are:

  • even the strongest hood can not cope with preventing the spread of odors in the recreation area,
  • due to the fact that the kitchen has to clean more often, in a combined version of the work doubles, capturing the limits of the living room.


Positive moments:

  • increase in space,
  • functionality and convenient operation,
  • modern design approach.


The art of style in kitchen-living rooms

A stylish kitchen combined with a living room like a pliable tool in the hands of a professional is able to radically change your idea of ​​a guest room. If it speaks about choosing a style theme, you can uncompromisingly answer: the combination is appropriate in every interior!


Classics, Provence, high-tech, Mediterranean or minimalism - any of the styles accepts this method of planning. One nuance: the dividing surface must be made strictly in the traditions of style.


If we talk about the color scheme in the combination of kitchen and living room, eminent designers are of the opinion: choose exceptionally bright colors and play with them. Simply put, you can stay in purple.

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Kitchen make a more saturated shade, the living room area in pastel colors. And so work with each color. This is due to the inner perception of the person: bright elements excite energy and give recharging, which will be beneficial when cooking; light - will help to relax, relax and immerse in an atmosphere of comfort and ease.


Another important element in the combined kitchen with the living room is lighting. No matter how high-quality it was not around the perimeter or zones, install a few LED bulbs on the partition itself or install exclusive sconces.


This method not only saves electricity, but also creates a romantic atmosphere. And you definitely appreciate this detail, when in the dark evenings, turning off all the lighting in the apartment, leave the light on above the "border".


Learn to enjoy life in full force and do not deny yourself bold design experiments!

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Photo of kitchen combined with living room

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