10 great ideas, thanks to which your small bedroom will look

Interior of a cozy little bedroom

Today we seriously intend to convince our readers that the design of a small bedroom can and should give pleasure.

Small design tricks and technical techniques will turn a tight closet into a place of peace and harmony.

10 wonderful ideas on the wise organization of storage, the selection of multi-function furniture and other important aspects, breathe new life into the space of your small-sized bedroom.

1. Limit the range of colors

If you are not a fan of interiors in white tones, offer for decoration your favorite shades, but in prudent limits.

In the bedroom on the photo, bright accents are expressed in red and orange elements, well combined with brickwork and wooden furniture. The voluminous white background makes the decoration light and airy.

Interior of a cozy little bedroom

2. Let the light in.

The design of windows should be minimal, so that the sun's rays freely penetrate into the room, and the interior seemed more at ease. Save privacy will help light roller blinds and narrow curtains of tulle or lace without folds.

Interior of a cozy little bedroom

3. Increase the storage area

A built-in floor-to-ceiling module painstakingly uses every inch of walls in this bedroom.

It makes up the lion's share of the furnishings of the room and includes bookshelves, boxes for personal things, horizontal surfaces, replacing night tables, and even wall sconces. Now we know what a multifunctional furniture is!

Interior of a cozy little bedroom

4. Make the window a piece of furniture

There are no rules forbidding you to put furniture close to the window. The bed in this photo was pushed into the back of a small bedroom in the attic instead of occupying the entire center of the room.

Vertical blinds provide the necessary privacy and protect against too bright light.

Interior of a cozy little bedroom на чердаке

5. Deceive the vision with the help of mirrors

Creating an illusion of volume with mirror surfaces is a proven technique that always works. Mirror walls double the space, which best affects the image of small bedrooms.

In the interior on the photo, this effect is used very delicately, since the reflecting surface is quite high and besides it has a luxurious antique finish.

Interior of a cozy little bedroom

6. Order furniture according to individual sizes

Making furniture that perfectly matches the parameters of your bedroom can be the most successful investment of money. This double bed clearly fit into the non-standard space under the sloping ceiling, and the room remained uncluttered.

Built-in boxes, hanging cabinets and lamps allowed to save a lot of precious centimeters on the floor, and the seat made of transparent plastic made the interior more relaxed.

Interior of a cozy little bedroom в мансардном помещении

7. Change the visual structure of space with a selective decor

The wall, covered with wallpaper with an expressive pattern, is perceived by the viewer closer than it really is, and the narrow room no longer seems so elongated.

An exquisite drawing connects the adjacent walls of pale blue with a luxurious golden veil on the bed, creating a harmonious and deeply individual image.

Interior of a cozy little bedroom

8. Make the headboard functional

This part of the bedside space is literally created in order to store everything necessary in it.

Before us is a custom-made module, among practical elements of which there is also the likeness of a night table, and a lot of bookshelves. On the opposite side, invisible to us, there are boxes for clothes and a clothes bar.

Interior of a cozy little bedroom в белом цвете

9. Use bold decisions

"If life presents you a sour lemon, make of it a sweet lemonade ...". We want to say that you must reverse the shortcomings of the premises in your favor and demonstrate them without embarrassment.

This bedroom in the attic is directly pushing out its sloping walls and acquiring a bold and energetic look. Laconic furniture fits perfectly into this format of this teenage interior.

Interior of a cozy little bedroom

10. And still look at the white

When you need to visually expand the space, monochrome white decor helps in this trouble-free. But it is worth thinking about the embodiment of this idea.

In the photo below, we see only a few elements of a warm gray hue and a minimum of decorations on the walls, not distracting attention from the landscape outside the window. Built-in module with a lot of smooth boxes allows you to hide from the eyes of anything that could disturb the harmony of this peaceful space.

Interior of a cozy little bedroom в белом цвете