Kitchen design 9 sq. m - 70 photos of ideas and examples of

Dandelions on the kitchen wall

A comfortable kitchen is a place, the main criteria of which is convenience and practicality during the working process associated with cooking, washing dishes. At the same time, you need to choose a design that is nice to the eye, so that it would be cozy to be, an appetite would appear, and a soulful home atmosphere would be created. Owners of small rooms should choose interior design with special care, saving the maximum available quadrature. But even then, you can do a kitchen design of 9 square meters. m interesting, creative and not boring, but how to do it correctly, read on.

Green kitchen interior

Do not get carried away by the dark color in the finish. Materials choose a light, light color, with a glossy finish, reflecting light well, so that the effect of compression is not obtained.

The area near the window opening does not need to be forced with high cabinets, cumbersome furniture. This will prevent the passage of daylight into the interior. Curtains should be light, translucent, or choose blinds, roll options.

TV in the kitchen Glass table in the kitchen  Wall for brick in the kitchen  Painting over the table  Gray refrigerator by the window  White furniture in the kitchen

How to choose the right solution

Initially, you should analyze the shape of the room, because of its configuration depends on the basic layout of furniture and household items. If the room is close to a symmetrical square, then you have more options for choosing the arrangement of modules to create a more harmonious atmosphere. Almost any planning options are appropriate here. If desired, you can give elongation by setting a bright countertop, emphasize the horizontal continuity of a series of hanging cabinets.

For elongated shape, a small correction with elongated vertical elements will be required. A high pencil case with an internal storage system, a large refrigerator, an oven with a built-in oven will do the job well. Focus can be a vertically arranged mirror, a narrow strip of wallpaper, a mosaic line.

The scheme

Next, we will get acquainted with the possible types of planning for an interior in 9 squares:

  • U-shaped allows you to realize a comfortable, spacious work area, in the area of ​​which all the necessary equipment is at hand. The space is the most convenient for preparing all kinds of dishes. This option will fit well into the elongated 9 square. m. You can place a refrigerator and built-in appliances on one of the walls, but on the other hand, arrange a dining area. If the window is located on a short wall, under it you can equip the sink, combine the table top with the sill to save space. Excellent retractable under the window retractable storage system.
  • Angular is popular, as it optimally looks modern built-in appliances, embedded hobs. Furniture is placed near two adjacent walls - long and short. In the corner of the interior you need an accenting element in the form of a sink, a plate, which is the functional center of the composition. The dining area is located opposite the long wall with a suite. Here, a soft corner, a sofa, may be appropriate, if doors and windows do not interfere with it.
  • Single-row provides for layout on one of the walls. This type is suitable for extended rooms, but there will not be enough space to organize a dining table. You can replace it with a bar rack of a wall type, and choose chairs to be collapsible. In a square configuration, the layout in a row will create a full-fledged dining area, but the worker in this case will be small. It will be convenient if you cook a little.
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Lemon on the wall Soft kitchen interior  Pictures above the table  Built-in microwave oven in the furniture  Ceiling light in the kitchen  Glass table in the kitchen

Successful color combinations

When choosing the best color solution in the room, you should orient yourself towards light palettes. Dark tones will create a dark atmosphere on a small area of ​​9 squares, squeezing, landing the ceiling. But light colors on the contrary will add some airiness, visually correct the volume, the room will be filled with light and space.

To the light room does not look boring and monotonous, you need to choose a combination of several colors, close in tone, which would reflect the chosen style. As accentuating spots of the composition, you can add bright notes in the form of an original apron, beautiful curtains, eye-catching tabletops.

Bar counter in the kitchen

If you take as a basis a pure white color, then the atmosphere may not be quite cozy, something like a hospital ward. And to maintain the purity will have to put more effort. In this case, you need to add to the white base shades such as beige, creme brulee, pearl, metallic, pastel, which will be present in decoration, textiles, furnishings.

In combination with the color of fresh greens, yellow, soft blue, azure, white and pastel colors will look very fresh, optimistic, will fill the atmosphere with special energy, increasing appetite and mood among those present. But a kind of emerald is better to avoid. Successful will be warm yellow and orange hues, as well as a range of colors close to natural light wood. This color combination looks cozy, not catchy and tasteful.

If you want to achieve elegance and nobility, a good idea will be an interior in the color of champagne. This warm creamy tone fits into any style. Beautifully it will look like an air color in combination with metallic coatings, characteristic for high tech. Color perfectly interacts with lemon, peach, light pink palettes, creating a solemn, festive, elegant atmosphere.

Orange furniture in the kitchen Flowers on the wall  Pistachio kitchen furniture  White kitchen with orange furniture  Kitchen with violet interior  Orange-Fiesta cuisine

Principles of increasing the usable space

Depending on the features of the shape of your room, you can pick up some practical tips to organize the space as comfortable as possible for the household. Sometimes it is advisable to even take the dining area out of the room, for example, into the living room, thus freeing up the place for equipping a full-fledged, comfortable working area. Such victims will not be in vain, because the landlady can calmly do her own business, and the rest of the family can have a quiet dinner in a comfortable environment. Also, pay attention to the following nuances useful for expanding the quadrature:

  • The entrance area should not be forced by strangers, unnecessary objects. If the door is opened to the inside, it is best to reorient it to the outer opening. For the same purpose, a sliding input structure is used, or a variant with a folding partition. Stylish and modern look compartment doors from tinted glass. The doors can be completely removed by making a beautiful arch with LED lighting in its place.
  • From cumbersome furniture it is worth to get rid of, replacing it with a roomy, comfortable set. Modules can be made high, equipped with modern storage systems. The walls can be attached to open shelves, equipped with steel brackets.
  • For a small family, you can consider the option with a folding table that opens as necessary. The countertop itself can be made in the form of a window sill extension, or it can be made on a sliding mechanism.
  • The use of special metal rails allows practical placement of dishes, glasses, towels, directly above the sink on the wall.
  • Increase the working area can be, using a special cover that closes if necessary washing or hotplates. Retractable modules at the opening will create an additional table for slicing vegetables.
  • To visually increase the small area, you need to use light colors in the finish, the ceiling, the headset. The worktop and chairs can be made of transparent, translucent materials. It is necessary to avoid the large availability of decorative accessories, as well as too large, bright spots, patterns. Surfaces should have a reflective effect (gloss, mirror finish, shiny blotches). And, of course, well-designed lighting: a window without laths, curtains are not dense, the main chandelier and spotlight in the area of ​​the working surface.

Table and seats as in a train Small table in the kitchen  Multifunctional furniture  Light kitchen interior  Wooden floor in the kitchen  A wall for a brick in the interior of the kitchen

Nuances of placement of household appliances and appliances

For 9 sq. M. m, which you want to equip with the latest technology, choose built-in appliances that are compact and easy to use in size. It is desirable that all household products be purchased with one brand, so that their geometricity, materials, texture and color solution are combined between each other, creating a harmonious composition.

Council. For a 9-meter interior, the depth of the equipment can be chosen not standard, but reduced, for example, about 40-45 cm, leaving a useful place for other items or passage.

For a microwave oven, a good place will be to install under hanging cabinets. In the event that you rarely use the oven, you can confine yourself to the hob, and under it to build boxes for storing various utensils. It is better to give preference to multifunctional models that combine several devices, for example, a microwave oven, a steamer and an oven.

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Refrigerator by the window Orange kitchen interior  TV above the table  Clocks on the cabinet  Orange curtains and furniture  Lemon kitchen furniture

Correct arrangement of furniture: where to put a sofa, table, chairs

The arrangement of the dining group should contribute to a pleasant pastime at the time of food intake, as well as to the comfort in the process of finding. The size of the table and the number of seats are selected, depending on how many people live in the apartment and the way they live. For quick snacks or a cup of coffee in the morning, you can equip a room with a stylish bar counter. To her pick up compact folding chairs. If the family is big and all together like to get together for dinner, without a full-fledged dinner table is indispensable. If there is no possibility to organize this group in the living room, then you need to think over the most successful solutions for its placement.

For the elongated shape of the room, you can place a dining area near the window, placing two small couches opposite each other, dividing them into a compact table. The rest of the layout - in two or one row, with narrow modules.

Yellow chairs in the kitchen

In a square form, a g-shaped set will fit in, opposite to which you can put a corner sofa with an organic table. An excellent option for a large family for home gatherings.

The simplest idea, which was once a model of popularity, is the location of the table and 4 stools. In this case it is interesting to beat the group will help the use of modern materials for furniture, for example from tempered glass with patterns. In the fashionable style is to find chairs with an unusual design or folding mechanism.

Table with chairs by the window Chandelier over the table  Floor with patterns  Interesting lighting of the ceiling  Colored curtains on the window  Corner sofa in the kitchen

How to design a kitchen with access to a balcony

If you have a balcony, you have a great opportunity to create an original, interesting design, combining both spaces into one. This is done under the condition that the balcony is glazed and well insulated. The redevelopment will increase the area of ​​the room, add more light due to panoramic glazing, it will not look boring.

Kitchen with breakfast bar

Windows and doors can be dismantled, and the rest of the partition to organize the countertop. In another case, the dividing structures are completely removed and the space becomes one. This makes it possible to interestingly play the appeared place, which looks like a bay window. There you can make a dining group next to the beautiful view from the window.

If you remove the window itself, and on the remaining window sill perform a mini bar, you get a creative place for breakfast or for parties with friends. There are also realized projects in which the sill is extended with a countertop, and under it a storage system is installed in the form of drawers and shelves. A compact solution is the installation of a washing machine under this place.

Arch in the kitchen White furniture in the kitchen  Christmas tree on the balcony  Rack on the balcony  Unusual kitchen design  Paintings on the wall in the kitchen

Angular layout: how to draw up an interior design

Angular placement allows you to correctly use the space, organizing the most practical working triangle between the sink, hob and fridge. The headset in this case is located on two adjacent walls.

L-shaped solution is perfect for both elongated shape and square. For washing, you can find a place in the corner, under it make a system of boxes, shelves of rectangular or cut type. The hob is mounted on one side of the sink, separating them among themselves with a place for slicing vegetables.

Light furniture in the kitchen

Council. The refrigerator is best placed on the other side of the sink. In the far corner, if you look from the door. It is desirable to purchase a high model, which due to the size will visually increase the ceiling.

Corner kitchens look beautiful in any style, organically emphasizing all the advantages of the room. Such an organization of objects saves space, using a hard-to-get corner of the room to work. Another plus is the excellent zoning of the space by the location of the modules. Opposite the angled headset, you can put a dining group, if dimensions permit.

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Interesting furniture in the kitchen Chandelier with candles in the kitchen  Furniture made of wood in the kitchen  Kitchen with modern design  Cabinets with illumination  Microwave oven on the table

Classic style solution: what you need to know

Traditional classics are characterized by beauty, refinement, strictness of taste, restrained chic. Since the classics are relevant pastel, light colors, this design is suitable for our footage. Decorate with a light palette of brown, beige, delicate yellow, avoiding saturation and poisonous shades. The walls need a vegetable pattern, a cage, a strip. The furnishings usually have a gilded edging or an effect of artificial aging. The headset is symmetrical, with strict geometry.

Tulips on the wall

In the design can not do without natural materials - wood, marble, stone, or their quality imitation. For a floor covering use a parquet, a laminate, a tile with accurate patterns. On the ceiling is often found hand-stucco.

The planning is done linear or angular, placing all the objects, equipment and furniture as symmetrically as possible, along straight, strict lines.

Vase with tulips on the table TV above the table  Image on kitchen wall  Glass table in the kitchen  White kitchen furniture  Photo wallpapers in the kitchen

Subtlety of interior design in a modern style

More modern solutions in design will appeal to all lovers of something new and fashionable. Such an interior should combine the latest models of home appliances, brighter colors in the finish in comparison with the classics, the most functional environment with the original designs. Briefly consider some of the current styles.

Minimalism. The main feature of the style is a minimum of details, colors and decor, simplicity and laconism of the situation, functional furniture squat, sustained in a single design. Household appliances built-in sample. The facade lines have clean shapes, with clearly visible lines. It is important to hide the storage system correctly, making it invisible against the general background. For minimalism it is necessary to provide a lot of airiness, light, space.

Multi-colored armchairs and glass table

High tech. It is filled with a lot of artificial stone, plastic, glass and metal, which are predominantly predominant, differ in texture. Mostly straight lines of the facade with a glossy effect. A minimum of decoration and decor. The latest innovations in built-in equipment, accessories. Use a stylish contrast of dark and light, or neutral shades of white, black, gray, brown, beige. Attention is focused on highlighting the working and dining area.

Ceiling with light

Modern. This style is carefully thought out, taking into account the use of each detail, so it does not contain excess. Here you can find a lot of glossy surfaces, smooth and reflecting light. Also there is glass and metal. Multifunctional home appliances built-in. Communications are either hidden behind the finish, or are hidden behind the scenes. Lighting provides a large number of built-in lamps. From the decor - potted greens, a vase on the floor, bright textiles on the back of a chair, can be photos, paintings, abstractions.

Aquarium in the kitchen

Art Deco. Combines antique antiques, ultra-trendy products and exotic notes. Such a mixture should look very luxurious and rich, but at the same time, be practical for owners. The line of the headset is smooth, without sharp changes. The prevailing deep, restrained colors, close to the noble ones.

Chic kitchen interior

The Vanguard. There are practically no rules, the main thing is to create a composition resembling a patchwork quilt, with a bright dynamic ornament, as if painted with abstract paintings of the artist. Non-standard solutions are welcomed, however, every detail is carefully thought through.

Yellow refrigerator in the kitchen

Shebbi-chic. This, above all inexhaustible romanticism, immersed in a lace, gentle atmosphere. Everywhere you can see old natural furniture, with artistic aging. These items look warm and soulful. The main place in the composition is occupied by pastel colors.

Aged furniture in the kitchen

Loft. The style resembles industrial-industrial spaces, which are transferred to the roof of a residential building. It is characterized by restraint, availability, careless practicality. Will take a rough texture, for example, you can leave one of the walls of brick, concrete in the rough finish. There can be both newfangled and rare models. It is important to provide bright lighting, for example, light bulbs on suspensions. The color palette is characterized by metallic, red brick, rich brown, bottle green, burgundy, gray, beige hues, as well as black and white contrast.

Wall with brick decor in the kitchen

Boho. It implies the creation of the similarity of creative disorder, expressed in the presence of worn, worn out products, variegated coloring. Contains a variety of different decor and additional details - all kinds of wicker boxes, old books on open shelves, original chandeliers on suspensions.

Shelves above the stove