Kitchen in the style of neoclassicism (59 elegant interiors

Neoclassic cuisine is an ideal option for people whose taste is at the same time leaning towards the classical style and, at the same time, prefers the convenience and functionality of modern design. In order to decorate the kitchen in neoclassical style, you must carefully select all the details so that the interior harmoniously blends elegance, luxury of the Middle Ages and the dynamics of modernity.

The interior in neoclassic style is perfect for people who are used to comfort, comfort and luxury. Such people do not really like the frequent changes in the situation.

Neoclassical style will always be relevant and will never go out of fashion.

Neoclassical style kitchen

Kitchen in the style of neoclassicism is designed in accordance with strict classics. Excellent molding of the interior was stucco from polyurethane.

Spacious kitchen

Neoclassic style was used to decorate the kitchen. The laconic, strict design of the headset, the noble parquet floor of the wenge, the panoramic window to the wall - everything you need to design a stylish interior.

Blue Kitchen Set

A muted shade of blue color looks organically in the interior of the kitchen, decorated in neoclassic style.

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Features neoclassical style

Neoclassicism in the interior suggests the presence of a large space and high ceilings. Small kitchens with low ceilings can also be decorated in this style, however, this will require some costs. Separate details in the interior of the kitchen can be done in the antique direction, columns and arches will look great. One of the most important features is the color palette in which the neoclassical design is executed. This interior is suitable for all pastel colors: olive, cream, peach, white, blue, mint, gray, the color of brown tones, the color of the powder and most popular in recent seasons is the color of the egg shell. Color solutions do not assume the presence of bright and flashy details in the neoclassical interior. Everything should be restrained and laconic. You can combine colors with rich dark shades, but they should also be in the style of classics.

Finishing materials in the neoclassic are precisely those elements that nevertheless remind us that neoclassicism is still the same classic, but the modern motif. Often, designers and decorators use laminate and parquet in the finish of the floors and in no case will not apply carpet and linoleum, as in neoclassical style it is unacceptable. Quite often, the kitchen is decorated with natural stone, which gives a special charm and fills the room with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. For the ceiling, the brightest plaster is best, which will be two or three times lighter than the walls.

Stylish kitchen

The neoclassic-style design project is designed for the kitchen-living room.

Spacious kitchen

Living room in neoclassic in a small apartment in Paris.

Furniture also stands out for its simplicity and at the same time functionality and comfort. Quite beautifully looks the design of the kitchen, in which the kitchen set, table and chairs are made in one style and in harmony with each other. The center of the room can be a kitchen table set in the middle of the room. Its shape is allowed as round, oval, and square, rectangular.

Decorate the kitchen can be a variety of details, it can be an antique clock, hanging on the wall at the entrance, and a variety of floral patterns, wood carvings. Such a detail as porcelain dishes and statuettes will give the kitchen a unique elegance. Special warmth will make such a pleasant detail in the design of the kitchen, like a panel of coffee beans and cinnamon sticks.

White Headset

Kitchen in neoclassic style is equipped with the right furniture. In the middle of the kitchen there is a high working surface, which can be approached from either side.

Cozy kitchen

The pretty design of the kitchen in neoclassic style is attractive to creative, creative design. An ideal solution for people who prefer the classics, but do not forget to follow the fashion.

Lighting in the interior

Kitchen in the neoclassic style is also characterized by a large amount of light, which due to the correct work of the designer will increase the space and give him more space. But the lighting should not be bright and press on the eyes, it is necessary to give preference to soft light, which seems to be scattered around the room. It is thanks to the elements of lighting that it is possible to emphasize and express the beauty and individuality of neoclassical cuisine as well as possible. Choosing a chandelier, it is better to give preference to models more massive and pretentious, they will favorably underline all the luxury and richness of this style. Look beautiful models simulating the palace forged chandeliers with candles and glass pendants, which can be selected in specialized stores or made to order. The main thing that must be considered when choosing a chandelier - it should be as luxurious as possible!

Set for kitchen

An interesting feature is the design of the kitchen countertop in the Neoclassic style.

Spacious kitchen

A spacious kitchen in neoclassic style, as an example of a successful selection of furniture and lighting.

In order to properly decorate the kitchen windows, a lot of effort will not be needed. A fairly light composition of curtains is quite suitable, it is not necessary to decorate them with pompous lambrequins and draperies, for kitchens in the neoclassical style, this is not appropriate. Curtains should not have patterns and scale drawings, it will be enough that their fringing would harmonize in color with the main interior and the shape should be flat rectangular.

Lighting in this style plays a very important role, and the kitchen should literally all shine with light. Built-in LED lamps are always present in the area of ​​the working area and can be mounted in the countertops. It is interesting enough to look stained glass in the kitchen, giving a special atmosphere of warmth and home comfort. The main task in finishing the kitchen in the neoclassical style is the correct definition of the center. If this condition is fulfilled successfully, then the rest will go by itself.

Light room

The white kitchen in the Neoclassic style is notable for the floor of ceramic tiles, imitating a chessboard.

Light kitchen-dining room

A competent layout of the kitchen divides the space into a working area and a dining room.

How to decorate the interior in the style of the neoclassic. Video

Neoclassic style in interior design of kitchen