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Kitchen Corner Design

The traditional design of the kitchen corner is all typical and monotonous. Two seats in the form of the letter "g", two more stools, a table - this is a familiar set of furniture. You ask: "What can be interesting here?". In fact, the corner for the kitchen can look nontrivial and expensive, you just need to know all its features.

  The door of two halves in the interior  Room flowers on the window  Table с полками  Blue curtains on the window

The interior of a small kitchen only benefits from the inclusion of a kitchen corner in it. Saving space is impressive, and there are not many drawbacks to this furniture. The disadvantages of angular models include the following:

  • Specified installation location. You can put furniture only in the corner of the kitchen;
  • Lack of mobility. During a big celebration, a corner like a table with chairs can not be carried to another room.

Niches in the wall  Lamp on the table by the window  TV in the wall  Painting over the corner  Locker on the wall

Corner furniture is much stronger, more practical, cheaper than full-fledged dining groups. The corner in the kitchen gives the room a cosiness and comfort. Serves as a storage compartment for cereals, vegetables and even billets. Most models have in their composition not only the seats and the table. In this group are included two or three chairs, which, if necessary, can be pushed under the countertop.

Dark laminate in white interior

Types of corners

There are not so many species of corners. They differ from each other in design, but not in their functionality. The main types include such models as:

  • Couch;
  • Wooden variant;
  • Corner with bed.
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Interior with a soft corner  Shelves with dishes on the wall  Walls from planks in the interior  Flower on the floor by the window  Parquet on semi

The third variant of furniture is an innovation that deserves special attention. The variant with a sleeping place resembles a small corner sofa, the seats of which are laid out. The sleeping model is wider, more expensive, more than its standard colleague. Allows guests to stay at home for the night, without worrying about extra beds.

Letters in the interior

Simple corners with a rigid frame and soft seats are also popular, as are wooden options. Just a corner of the hard materials is more formal.

Maki on the walls  White tiles on the floor  Chandelier with candles in the interior  Vase on the corner  Red sofa in white and yellow interior

Soft kitchen corners

Today, this model can look like a leather mini-sofa. In addition, these products are made of a combination of: fabric and wood, with storage compartments and without them.

Forms and models depend on the flight of design thought. And as you know, it can lead very far. For example, a non-standard soft corner with seats opposite, as for a cafe, perfectly fit into the window space.

Soft corner in the interior of the kitchen  Window-sill with flowers  White curtains in the interior  Frames of the Moon  Vase in the niche

Some variants manufacturers make with fashionable furniture "ears" on each side. For decor use a variety of textures, decorations, pillows.

Where do they have soft furniture corners? New models can be seen in an apartment, a house, in the country, on a veranda under a canopy, in a trailer, in a restaurant or in a dining room. Their field of application is really extensive. And the options are universal.

Sofa on legs

There are soft models for large areas. Their sizes differ from the standard two or three times in favor of an increase, the decoration is more luxurious. Today, the popularity is gaining such corners, the back of which is quite high, and its top serves as a shelf for various kinds of decor.

In the trend of the product with backboards, imitating the color of the wall in the room. By the way, storage boxes can not only open like handles, but also move forward depending on the model.

White door in the interior  Marble floor in the kitchen  Flower on the rack  Interior with brown walls  Kitchen with working and dining areas

Wooden kitchen corners

Kitchen corners from a tree are ideal for the interior of private houses, as well as country cottages. It is the wooden variant of the corner that is considered to be country furniture, furniture for balconies, verandas, terraces, open recreation areas.

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Cabinet at the window  Wooden corner in the kitchen  The basket on the floor  Furniture with carved patterns  Instruments on the table

Wooden products are more durable and durable than their soft counterparts. They are decorated with carvings, drawings, appliqués. Can have any shape, painted in a variety of colors, or varnished to preserve the natural shade of the tree.

A wooden corner can be a complement to any covet or place in the house. The material for such a product is pine. Angular version of the furniture for the Khrushchev combined with floral curtains, monophonic walls, cute decor items.

Branches in the interior

For modern interior styles, a wooden corner fits poorly. It is best used for the style of Provence, Country, and also the classical direction.

Wooden hard frame can be ordered individually. Then it will take exactly as much space as it will be allocated for it in the kitchen.

Painting with the boy in the kitchen  Wall of blocks in the interior  Floor lamp at the window  Room tree at the corner  Tile under the stone on the walls

Upholstery materials

Standard furniture seats are equipped with foam pads. But the top layer of upholstery can be made of the following materials:

  • Jacquard;
  • Plush;
  • Velours;
  • Microfiber with Teflon coating;
  • Skin;
  • Flock;
  • Ecofriendly.

The listed materials can be selected separately, or you can order a beautiful combination from them. Some firms offer their customers in advance to make a choice of upholstery kitchen corner.

Kitchen corner with leather upholstery in the interior

Of light, unstable to the continuous operation of fabrics, the upholstery of the corner does not. Since care for them will be significantly complicated, and their wear and tear will occur very quickly.

Upholstery should correspond to the general interior concept, or should fit into it with the help of playing contrasts.

Beams on the ceiling  Chandelier over the table  Slate on the wall  Yellow curtains in lavender interior  White chairs by the table of wood


In addition to foam rubber, polyurethane foam is used as the filler for these products. Its service life can reach 10 years with careful operation. And wear resistance is at an altitude. This material is more expensive than foam rubber, but it is more elastic and environmentally friendly.

Cozy interior with a kitchenette

Kitchen corner furniture

What, besides the product itself, is included in the dining group? Let's consider all variants of complete sets in more detail:

OptionsDescription and purpose
Corner coffee tableHas several open shelves, designed for storing bottles, beautiful dishes and the like.
TableCan be large, medium or small. There are folding variants. Has a height that is selected for the parameters of the seats.
Extra chairsAre made with backs and without those.
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Kitchen corner furniture в интерьере

The corner itself can also be a furniture transformer. It is able to turn into a sleeping place, like a full-fledged sofa, or replaces a cabinet for storing kitchen trifles.

Photos on the wall  Tulle on the window  Shelves with books in a niche  Ceiling fan  Tile and laminate flooring

Decoration of kitchen corner

You can decorate this product with your own hands or entrust it to professionals.

Orange walls in the interior

For example, a yellow-brown version of leather should be supplemented with a golden edging. A simple change of the old upholstery for a new one, will give the occasional corner a neat appearance.

The decoration of this product with buttons, various stitches of thick threads, will make it suitable for use in a modern interior style.

Lamps on the wall  Interior with black and white walls  Corner in the bay window  Metal chairs by the table  Black corner in white interior

The combination of different textures and shades will help to enter the kitchen attribute in the corner where the designer needs a complete game of contrasts. Simple pillows are also a decorative element. They can be selected in tone or, conversely, make them as expressive as possible on the general background.

Chairs against the wall

Among the latest kitchen trends, you can see such design options as stitches on the skin, English cage, imitation of folk patterns, strip, single tone and decoupage.

Shelves with books at the window  Decoration of kitchen corner  Carpet on the floor  Kitchen furniture with built-in microwave oven  Tableовая с окнами


Today the kitchen corner option is used as often as at the dawn of its appearance. This furniture group amazes with its convenience and functionality, saves space, successfully fills any corners. The role of this product in the interior of the kitchen is enormous. After all, if it does not fit into the design, all the other elements do not look harmonious.

Modern kitchen design with a corner

The corner, like an island of coziness in a small kitchen, has to eat and rest. You can get together with the whole family or just drink coffee alone. It is this furniture directly points to the style in which the kitchen is decorated, so pick up the corner trim you need scrupulously. This furniture variant has more advantages than disadvantages, with the right approach it can become a real interior pearl, it will help to support the style concept at the proper level. Will solve many problems of compact kitchen.

Decor on the septum  Braided mat on the floor  Tree in the interior  The combination of gray walls and white floors  Cabinet as a partition