An interesting variant of the design of a small house with a

Small house with large kitchen в скандинавском стиле

Small house with large kitchen

Recently, a small house with a large kitchen will not surprise anyone. Many are able to creatively approach the layout of the kitchen in order to save as much space as possible. In this article we will show you an example of one unusual design of a small kitchen, which will save a huge amount of space for the desired items.

Small kitchen in a two-story house

Kitchen in a tiny house

The kitchen in this house has the shape of the letter L because of the staircase to the left. Thanks to the large number of working surfaces and pedestals, the kitchen seems very large, although a number of shelves slightly increased the functionality of the room.

Small kitchen with wooden table top

A large number of working surfaces are very functional

Corner cabinet in small kitchen

Corner shelf inside the cabinet

Gas stove in the interior of a small kitchen

A large plate is placed between the curbstones

Refrigerator metallic in the interior of a small kitchen

Refrigerator behind the shelf

Drawer with drawers in small kitchen

Functional curbstones

Curbstones and stairs are equipped with a large number of shelves and drawers.

Dining area in a small kitchen

Dining area

Storage system in a small kitchen

Storage space in the bench in the dining area

Opposite the stairs and the refrigerator there is a dining area: a table and a bench, in which also free space is hidden.

Wooden staircase to the second level

Functional ladder

Drawers under the wooden staircase

Drawers inside the staircase

Each step of the staircase is equipped as a storage for things and products. On the steps are mobile wooden blocks that make it easier for animals to climb to the second floor.

Windows in the interior of the house with a small kitchen

Windows make the space lighter

Lofts on the second floor are lit by natural means thanks to a multitude of windows through which a beautiful view of the nature opens.

Thus, a tiny house can be made even more functional by using different interior items as an additional storage space. The staircase perfectly served as an example of how to save more space even in the smallest room.

Interior of a small bathroom


Washing machine in the bathroom