Decor for the garden of their own hands +75 photo

Decor for the garden

A garden or a cottage in the modern sense is not just a garden, a hundred of land where fruit-berry plants grow, as well as trees that require constant care. The garden is a place where you can, first and foremost, have a good rest, dream, spend time with family, with friends. In order to make you feel as comfortable as possible, you should take care that the garden decor is harmonious and conforms to all the rules of street design.

Alpine slide in the garden

Properly constructed alpine slide is not just a dump of necessary and not absolutely necessary items, but an imitation of a mountain landscape, with the presence of original bushes, paths laid out with stones. Near the hill there should be no extraneous structures, playgrounds, etc. Alpine slide in its size organically fit into the total garden area and is located in close proximity to an artificial pond or other source of moisture.

White stone decoration  Lantern next to the hill  Alpinarium with fountain  Composition of stones and plants  The combination of purification with curb September

Original flower beds from improvised means

The own production of flowers is very popular today. To make flowerbeds "handmade" all materials are used:

  • old vehicles (carts and carts);
  • trough;
  • old dishes;
  • footwear;
  • natural materials.

Flower bed of the car  Trolley with flowers  Flower garden of a wheelbarrow  Bicycling with Petunia  Flower boat

The course is all that lay in the old pantry. Very unusual and beautiful look rusty teapots, covered with bright enamel, pots, pots of metal with the effect of light wear. Some designers will improve the beds, pasting old dishes with colored stones and other materials.

A log from a log

If the house has old, leaky rubber boots, do not rush to throw them away. Paint them in bright, unusual colors, apply a picture, plant flowers in them and place them in a flower bed, or hang them along the fence. Flower pots can also be "seated" on old furniture without seats. In general, in a flower bed it is easy to turn any utensils - there would be a desire and imagination.

Tube with a trace of flowers  Shoes with pansies  Bath-flower garden  Stone flower bed  Flower garden with a pot

Decoration of reservoirs

Special attention should be paid to artificial ponds, which are an integral part of a full-fledged garden. Decor is often used natural and artificial materials, mostly stones. They can denote the boundaries of the pond, as well as lining the bottom. Stones or tiles are also needed to protect the pond from soil shedding. If there is an Alpine slide near the decorative pond, the overall picture will only benefit.

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Decor of a pond in the garden

When decorating a reservoir, designers recommend adhering to the general style of the garden plot. The pond should not look like a separate element, but should harmoniously fit into the landscape. If you install decorative fountains and waterfalls on the pond, they are unlikely to spoil the overall impression.

Irises in the Prudice  Decoration of the reservoir with stones  Island of stones in the pond  Prudik with a bridge  Lotus in the pond

Floating flower bed with own hands

Very stylish and beautiful looks such a decorative element of the reservoir, as a floating flowerbed. A green island of flowers can be built with your own hands. It is enough to make a solid wooden base with moisture-proof impregnation, on which a sealing net and earth is placed, and plant the plant on this raft.

As a basis, you can take other materials that hold onto water - foam, light plastic, etc. Often, the foundation of the raft is made of ordinary plastic bottles, fastened together. The floating flowerbed should consist of moisture-loving plants, otherwise the island will soon become unusable. Such plants include:

  • decorative grass;
  • sedge;
  • lilies;
  • papyrus;
  • some potted flowers.

The flower garden afloat not only decorative, but also a practical function, filtering and purifying water from organic waste. In addition, flowers in the water will be inaccessible to locusts and other insects.

Floating flower bed

The use of wood in the decoration of the site

In decorating the garden, it is difficult to do without wooden products, since it is the tree that is considered to be the most natural material, a reflection of nature itself. From the tree you can make all the garden furniture: arbors, tables and benches, large vases for flowers, tubs with plants.

Wooden decor on the plot

If you install a decorative wooden mill on the garden plot, the landscape will be transformed beyond recognition. The main thing is that everything should correspond to the general style of decorating the garden.

Depending on the style and personal tastes of the owners, in the garden, it is possible to use large and small wooden figures - heroes of old epics, fairy-tale characters. It is not necessary to paint them in all the colors of the rainbow, as in a kindergarten - figures from natural wood can look quite complete and organic. It can be a big owl, a bear, a hare, other birds and animals.

Alcove  Wooden furniture  Pots with flowers  Heroes from Operation Y  Decorative mill

Jewelry made of stone

Another natural material that will always be in the garden is a stone. For use in decor take gravel, gravel, crushed stone, granite, sandstone. Elementary cobblestone of unusual shape can be an accent in the design of the Alpine hill or other part of the garden.

Decor of stone on the site

When decorating a garden with stones, it is important to keep balance, unless, of course, you are going to turn the site into a Japanese rock garden, where apart from this material in the whole territory it is difficult to find anything. The best option for using stones in the garden decor is to install a couple of large boulders in the Alpine hill and water reservoirs, and decorate the paths and the shore of the pond with medium and small stones.

Slide in front of the gazebo

Sometimes in large stones natural depressions are formed, as a result of which the block turns into a natural stone pallet. It can plant the plants, but take care of the drainage and sufficient moisture, otherwise the flowers will not survive on such a basis.

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The pond near the house

Decor with plastic bottles

Decorating with plastic bottles is considered by many to be something out of the ordinary in the design plan. But do not be so categorical - folk craftsmen create from bottle plastic such wonders that only a miracle is given. Looking at many of the products that decorate garden and country plots, the first time you will not even understand what they are made of. Fantasy, creativity, sleight of hand - and the decor is ready.

Decor with plastic bottles на участке

From bottles you can make anything, anything - bright decorative palms, flower beds, decoration for canopies and arbors, foundations for plants, original fences. Plastic bottles are convenient in work, the material is well bent, cut, plastic products are not afraid of moisture and other weather phenomena. Using such additional tools as a gas burner, glue, plastic, you can create beautiful crafts and surprise homemade scenery of friends and acquaintances.

Herons in the swamp  Swans  Flower bed from bottles  Indian  Pavlin

Decor with glass bottles

No less interesting is the decor of glass - a more durable and durable material. One of the ideas for decorating a rural or urban garden plot is to collect a sufficient number of identical glass bottles, paint them in one color (or in different, but harmoniously blended shades) and stick the necks down on both sides of the path, laid with decorative stone.

Decor with glass bottles на участке

Glass bottles are made by self-made arches located on the territory of the site, they decorate fences with them, they are used as a basis for making original benches.

Very interesting look feeders for birds, made from colorful glass bottles and ceramic plates. If you gently cut the bottom of the bottle, and then turn it over, you get an original flower pot.

Flowerbed  House  Fence from bottles  Palisadnik  Alcove

Application of ceramic tiles

Widespread use in garden decoration has found ceramic tiles of various sizes and all kinds of shades. Tiles can be made out of tracks, used as a cladding for tables, benches, flower beds.

Application of ceramic tiles на участке

Ceramics are convenient because for decoration of the garden not only solid material, but also its fragments are useful. If you have left a marriage or waste after facing the bathroom or fireplace, do not rush to throw them away. From the fragments of ceramic tiles you can lay out very interesting ornaments and decorate them with garden paths, large flower pots, and lay decorative fountains and reservoirs.

Tile is beautifully combined with flowers. Around the flower beds, you can simply scatter pieces of bright decorative tile in any order - the flower garden will only benefit from this.

Tile paths  Pots made of mosaic  Table with fish  Cats on a bench  Flower garden of tiles

Bright bed of old tires

Application for garden decoration there is even an old tire, from which it will be an excellent flower bed. For such purposes it is better to use worn out imported winter tires - they are softer and more durable.

Wheat-wheels  A pot of tire  Люгушонок  Turtle Wheels with flowers

The tires are thoroughly washed, after which they are chalked with contours of future cuts, in accordance with the previously designed flower bed project. Consider the fact that the tire will have to be turned inside out (why is the soft rubber more preferable).

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Bright bed of old tires на участке

The knife or jigsaw for cutting the petals of the future flowerbed should be greased with a liquid soap and then gently to produce a figured sawing. The most time-consuming process is the eversion of the tire. If you first turn out at least a small area of ​​the tire, then it will do it much faster.

The final stage - painting with enamel paint or automotive aerosol, decoration with small stones and other materials. Correctly made flowerbed from the old tire looks quite bright and original.

Flower garden with clock  Tire patterns  Turtles in hats  Roses on the bus  Multi-colored wheels

Track design

The paths in the garden play not only a practical, but also a decorative role. They should be strong enough to withstand a constant load, but at the same time, beautiful, stylish, suitable for all landscape design of the site.

Decoration of garden paths

Decorate garden paths with a variety of materials - both budgetary and more expensive. Used natural stones, concrete, wooden boards, ceramic tiles. The most advantageous is the path, laid out of individual stones, between which a neat decorative grass traces. Paths from wood look beautiful, but they should be treated with special compounds that prevent rotting wood and sliding in winter.

One of the most frequently used budgetary options for designing paths is with the help of gravel, gravel, pebbles, which is filled with an even layer, and on the sides is decorated with larger stones.

Sandstone trails  Patterns on the track  Ferns on the site  Paths made of wood  The combination of wood and stone

Interesting decor ideas

Creative people are rarely limited to standard garden design options. The usual approach for them is too boring and monotonous, so designers try to get away from the usual shapes and sizes. For example, one large flower bed can be divided into many miniature vegetable balls, placing them around the garden. Instead of a single pond they also make a few smaller ones, with an individual decor.

Interesting decor ideas на участке

As for accessories for decoration - there is also no limit to imagination. Those items that an ordinary person simply throws into the dump, in the hands of the artist acquire a second life. So, the old rusty wheelbarrow for transportation of coal turns into a beautiful flower bed. Old rakes, hoes, shovels - everything finds its place in the design. Worn car tires are braided with a vine and become the main decoration of the site, and the original illumination of the pond turns the usual pond into a fairy pond.

The garden is an amazing place where you can realize many childhood dreams. If, after reading the eastern fairy tales, you all your life dreamed of a beautiful tent, why not make it right next to your house? It is enough to fix the gymnastic hoop on a tree, to throw a translucent fabric on top elegantly dropping to the ground, throw a couple of decorative pillows on the ground, a coverlet - and the eastern tent is ready. Children from such an idea will definitely be delighted!

Flower garden from chest of drawers  Bench with pots  A pillar with a clock in the front garden  Bicycle with pots  Wheel from a cart with flowers


The more effort is expended on decorating a garden, the more comfortable you will feel yourself in it. Consult with an experienced designer, decide on a specific style of landscape design and turn your home garden into a section of your dreams. There is nothing more pleasant than to enjoy an island of nature that belongs exclusively to you!