10 things to do in paris

1. It's too early to leave the hotel and walk along the washing city to Vozhwhere to ask the owner of the Hugo Cafe coffee-cream and croissants. Do the same every morning in different beautiful places, because the smell of fresh croissants and coffee on the veranda of the cafe is the first sign that you are in France.

2. Tell yourself that you will not waste time on The Louvre, and spend a day there, looking at the pictures on the walls, then on the other viewers, then the city outside the windows.

3. Cross the right bank, but not along - along the streets, and across - through the passages, until you rested against the secret gate of the Palais Royal. Enter there and get to gardens of Palais Royal not as a tourist, from the main entrance, but as a close friend of the Dukes of Orleans.

4. Ask in the restaurant a large assortment of marine reptiles, scared of some individuals, but brave all to eat. Also try hot foie gras, lamb chops, duck fillets, snails, mussels, onion soup, fish soup, cake taten, blanmange and creme brulee and not die from gluttony on the first day.

5. Climb the glazed escalator tube Of the Center for Contemporary Art Pompidou to the upper level and look around Paris. Then comb the whole building of the center from top to bottom, hover in the square among the dancers and sword-swallowers, rest by the Stravinsky fountain and sit down in a different work of contemporary art - Beaubourg cafe - with a calm conscience.

6. Try the truffles.

7. Get on Eiffel Tower, beforehand taking care, book a table in the restaurant Jules Verne on the second level.

8. A bright sunny morning come in Saint-Chapelle, to the most beautiful medieval stained-glass windows in the world, close your eyes, then open and think that you are still sleeping and you dream about a dream.

9. Go to the flea market to look at homeless things that are looking for new owners. To marvel at how primitive our ideas about everyday life are, and buy some kind of thing, the destination of which is unknown even to the seller.

10. For dessert, buy five or seven kinds of cheeses and organize tasting of French cheeses in friends company.

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