The taming of the shrew - 12 multifunctional furniture

Extendable table in the living room

Today's themes will be useful for many owners of small apartments. After all, we have gathered for you tremendous solutions for saving space with the help of smart furniture.


1. Adjustable height

The adjustable base of a smooth coffee table makes it easy to turn it into a full-fledged dining surface.

Table with adjustable height in the dining room

2. Sliding cabinet

Use the so-called "dead corners" above the stairs of the house, installing there a cabinet on the rail system. So, you will free up space in the living room. And when you need access to the shelves, just slide it into the room.

Sliding bookcase in the living room Bookcase along the stairs

3. Murphy bed

If you turn the back of this matchless sofa, then "out of nowhere" will be a delightful bed.

Folding bed in the living room

4. Extending the console

Using a sheet that can be hidden in a nearby sideboard, the elegant console turns into a full-sized dining table. And this puff in the form of a cube is made up of six chairs. It's amazing!

Extendable table in the living room

5. Retractable working area

A sliding wooden surface can become an indispensable addition in a tiny home office, forming the necessary stand for a laptop or various office supplies.

Extendable working table in the kitchen

6. Folding top

When this modest wooden panel is folded, there is more room for maneuver in this small kitchen. But it's worth discovering it, as there will be a beautiful table that seats four people. And in white benches, you can save anything.

Folding dining table in the kitchen Folding dining table in the kitchen

7. Built-in secretor

This is a very competent way to add a small work area to the small room and a roomy design for saving at the same time.

Built-in secretary in the living room

8. Nested constructions

To turn the office into a living room, it's enough just to push out a table and seats from under the couch.

Storage in the living room

9. Loft-bed

This version of the room arrangement suggests applying the area under the bed. The staircase will provide access to the bed, and the built-in drawers will become bedside tables.

Two-level bed

10. Excellent presentation of the bed

A specially constructed false floor can accommodate a bed in full volume. Thus, you will loose a sufficient number of square meters.

Drawer in the living room A pull-out bed-sofa in the living room

11. The Magic of the Mirrors

Frameless mirrors will be able to convert a limited room into a wonderful apartment and visually increase them.

Mirror wall in the living room Mirror wall in the bedroom

12. Smart stairs

The place under the stairs should be used in compact rooms. You, at the same time, solve the problem of storing many things and significantly expand your living space.

Storage system under the stairs