A full house in a small garage - a cheerful story about the

Michel de la Vega

People quite often take out mortgages in order to buy their own dwelling. But sometimes difficulties can arise at work and problems arise with monthly payments. Creative people get out of this situation. Payment of the mortgage from the received finance for a private house was the way out of the difficult situation for one girl. We will be glad to acquaint you with its history.

Comfortable sofa-couch

Michel de la Vega found a way out - she simply moved into her own garage, which occupies only some 23 sq. M., But initially it was necessary, of course, to work on his appearance.

It does not take optimism. A fan of small rooms, she tries to transform her home into a multifunctional, comfortable place where one can live peacefully.

Michel de la Vega

Here is an image of the old version of the garage. It was this he was before the repair works began.

Repair in the house Green lawn in front of the house

All measures against bad weather conditions were taken into account, while the size of the area remained approximately the same. Only an extension with a bathroom was added.

Since the finances were tight, the girl had to be both an architect, a designer and a performer. All the work related to the planning of the dwelling, the manufacturing of the main furniture items, she had to perform on her own. Everything ended successfully, because Michel does a good job welding machine.

Small house Bed attic in the house Comfortable sofa-couch Expanded doors Kitchen in retro style

Light enters the room through a single window. And still there is an unusually huge door-window. They are always wide open.

During the repair, the height of the room changed slightly, which made it possible to place a sleeping place in the resulting superstructure. To get there, the artist uses a ladder. Before that, she traveled this way on a liner along the Pacific Ocean.

Kitchen in retro style Kitchen in retro style Kitchen sink Chandelier in retro style Interior of a house in retro style Fireplace in the house

The zoning of the room is relative, since there are no partitions or walls.

On one side there is a place for the kitchen, a huge stove stands on the other side. At the other end is a bed. Here Michel sleeps and receives guests.

This couch, by the way, was also developed by the efforts of the girl herself. And the role of the veil is played by an ancient blanket of army times. Since the girl is a fan of rare objects, she always tries to extend their life, coming up with new applications.

Decor in a retro style Wooden floor hanger Decor in a retro style Cabinet red Painting in a retro style Stairs to the attic Sink in the bathroom

Of the remaining brick resources, it was possible to build a fireplace - they applied everything that became superfluous after making the chimney.

Bath accessories Bath in antique style Wooden chair