Plant of cineraria hybrid mix: features of home care

Cineraria hybrid mix, home care for which is not particularly difficult, is considered one of the most vibrant plants. The leaves of the plant are so beautiful that even such a composition as cineraria from fameirana among experienced craftsmen became popular. To date, you can meet many varieties of flower cineraria. But the characteristics of care for all are approximately the same.

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  • 5 Unusual cineraria - sea foam, silvery, gray-haired on the garden plot and in the park

The most common varieties

A very popular plant among other species is considered silver cineraria. It is suitable for growing both at home in the pot and in the open ground. This variety is very interesting leaves, which have a silver hue and are covered with tiny hairs. If the leaf is slightly rubbed, it becomes smooth and bright green.

Often this plant is called sea cineraria, because the leaves are something like the color of the sea wave. The leaves are often lowered down, they perfectly repel water, which makes it possible to grow sea cineraria even in conditions of high humidity, frequent rains.

Cineraria silvery does not produce bright inflorescences. Its flowers are very plain, yellow in color. Something like tansy. But gardeners are very fond of the plant for decorative leaves, which help to highlight other small bright plants. Cineraria of the sea leaf on the edges are carved, which looks great when grown on urban curbs. Cineraria silvery is undemanding to care, well tolerates both sun and shadow.

Cineraria silvery seaside

Cineraria is a silver seaside. The unusualness of this plant in the structure of the bush and leaves are like coral thickets and silvery plaque on the leaves.

Marine cineraria

Another name of the cineraria was due to the similarity in color with the sea foam - sea cineraria. The height of the bush is 25 cm. The flowering time is July-October.

Cineraria in landscape design

In the warm climate of the south of Russia, low-growing bushes of cineraria are successfully planted on large flower beds in parks.

Particular attention should be paid to indoor varieties. Cineraria hybrid can only be grown in an enclosed environment at a temperature of about 20 ° C. This plant does not tolerate both heat and cold. Cineraria features interesting leaves, the shape of which resembles the heart. But at the same time it produces fluffy inflorescences by the type of basket.

Cineraria hybrid has a subspecies cineraria mix. This plant is considered the most common among indoor florists. This name comes from the fact that this variety is famous for the brightest inflorescences, which can be of different shades. The height of an adult plant can reach 60 cm with optimal conditions. But we must remember one thing: all parts of such plants are poisonous. Cynicia

The most popular is the cultivation of such a plant from seeds. This is quite easy, as they perfectly rise, and sprouts are ill very rarely. It is best to sow seeds in the middle of spring, so that by the beginning of summer adults can already be obtained.

Cultivation from the seeds of cineraria both indoor and outdoor is best done in a nutrient substrate, which consists of equal parts of river sand and peat. It is recommended to use wide, but shallow containers. Deepen the seeds slightly, then cover the container to create greenhouse conditions. Immediately after the formation of the first permanent leaves, the plants can be dived into pots or into open ground.

But the room cineraria is very convenient to multiply by dividing bushes. It is best to do this at the end of winter, when the rest period ends and the time of active vegetation begins. To do this, it is necessary to remove the bush from the ground, gently shake the ground off the roots and divide it into several parts. Each new plant is planted in a separate small pot with a nutrient substrate and is abundantly watered.

Cineraria - ashy cross.

Cineraria - ashy cross.

Composition from the bushes of cineraria

Composition from the bushes of cineraria and begonias on the embankment of the Black Sea.

Living cincharia border

In the landscape design, silvery cinnabar bushes are used as a living border and framing the background for brighter colors.

Planting and care

For a plant like cineraria, planting should be done in the spring. It is only necessary to properly prepare the soil if it is intended to grow the plant at home. Ideal option is to mix in equal parts leafy soil, compost and peat. But in order to make the soil quite loose and air-permeable, it is also recommended to add a small amount of vermiculite and pine bark.

So as a result of cineraria, the room will receive both a nutrient substrate and the most favorable environment for the development of a healthy root system. After all, moisture will not stagnate in the pot. But be sure to put a layer of expanded clay to the bottom to ensure the necessary drainage.

It is extremely important that the room cyneeria is properly watered. It is best to water this plant in a pallet, and top the soil with a spray. The thing is that the flower does not tolerate excess moisture. He can start to quickly wilt when wrongly watered. It is best to warm up the water a little. And it is necessary to defend the water so that it does not contain a large amount of chlorine and dissolved salts.

Cineraria hybrid

Cineraria hybrid at home.

Cineraria of the room refers to heat-loving plants. However, it is not recommended to raise the temperature of the surrounding air above 22 ° C. It is especially important that for a flower like cineraria, the cultivation is done away from drafts.

It is necessary to provide the correct light regime for the flower of the cineraria. Indoor varieties, especially hybrid cineraria mix, do not like direct sunlight. It is best to put pots with such plants on the western or eastern windows, where the sun rarely gets. On the southern window the plant is strictly not recommended. But as for the northern side, it is quite possible to place a container with cineraria on such a window. But only should give the flower more heat during the growing season.

Transplantation of cineraria for hibernation

Transplantation of cineraria for wintering in a greenhouse.

Cultivation from the seeds, planting and care of the plant will not create difficulties, if you take into account simple rules. But that the plant as long as possible pleased with its flowering, while producing a large number of healthy buds, it is necessary immediately after the flowering, not regretting, to cut the drying baskets. This will direct all nutrients to the further development of the plant and the release of new buds and shoots, and not to feed the already unattractive flowers. In addition, periodic pruning will stimulate the growth of the root system of the flower.

Seeding of the seeds of Cineraria - Sea foam. Video

Cineraria is a seaside. Video

Unusual cineraria - sea foam, silvery, gray-haired in the garden and in the park