Retractable parts in a car for family travel: an overview

Retractable car parts for rest

Retractable parts of the car-minivan

Designers of interiors, furniture and all kinds of products often use retractable parts to enhance the functionality of their creations. Hidden components, similar to what we see on the top photo, are typical for vehicles that are designed to travel over long distances. But does it make sense to install them in cars and pay huge money for it?

Car for Travel

Where sliding devices are really useful, it is in all kinds of camper and vans, which are subject to legislative restrictions on length and width. And here's a good example: Danbury DoubleBack's specialists have perfected the Volkswagen Transporter car, adding it to the insert, which, when nominated, the salon almost doubles in size.

This is something almost fantastic: after all, during the movement the car looks like an ordinary minivan!

Another option is the tirdrop trailer from the Australian company Gidget, which also doubles in size if necessary, and all thanks to the retractable liner.

Trailer for car Trailer for car с выдвижными деталями

Trailers of this design have low weight and good aerodynamics. They are easily transported even small and not too powerful cars. Compactness is another of their virtues. Models from Gidget move apart and significantly add up in size. They can be equipped with solar panels, if the customer so desires.

Trailer with extendable parts

Evaluating both variants, we ascertained the increase in the weight of the vehicle, the complication of its construction and the appearance of problems with sealing. However, they allow you to get extra space in case it's necessary, and in short time and without much effort. The same concept applies to residential interiors, because there are already apartments in which the mobile partitions hide entire rooms.

Pull-out details in the interior of the apartment

And do you think this idea is viable or utopian?