Design a small apartment: do not deny yourself anything!

What is a small apartment? This is a challenge and an untouchable field for imagination and creativity, but not a verdict. It does not restrict the owners in choosing the style and design solutions in the design, but it forces to include creative imagination and make every effort to achieve the desired level of beauty and comfort.

Solving the small apartment issue

Alas, not everyone is lucky enough to acquire luxurious spacious apartments in the center of the capital. Most modern apartments - the so-called "Khrushchev"- small, compact, with a minimum of useful space. Therefore, the design of a small apartment puts a lot of pressing problems.

The main of them is a visual expansion of the space and its maximum functional use. This idea in recent years is very successfully embodied studio apartments. In such apartments all rooms, except for sanitary, are combined into one - functionally (dismantling partitions and doors) and stylistically (the whole apartment is framed in a single color harmony). And the design work takes place, basically, within the framework of horizontal space. For small apartments, especially bachelor apartments, where there is no need to fence off your personal space - this is the best option.

Zoning in small apartments

Another no less successful plan is the creation of tiers. True, the implementation of this plan is possible only in apartments with high ceilings, but the result will really expand the boundaries of understanding the organization of space. The only minus of "high-rise" in a city apartment is the considerable funds necessary for the implementation of such an idea. But, lifting on the mounted podium, for example, a bed, you can free a significant piece of free space under the desk with a computer and other important elements of the interior.

However, it is possible to achieve a visual expansion of the area not only through radical measures and fashionable ideas of design. Adherents of conservative ways of registration of an apartment can also make their home beautiful and cozy.

Design of a small apartment

Transformation of space

In the literal sense, to increase the available number of square meters, alas, it is impossible. But in a small apartment it is possible and necessary to create an illusion that will allow you to forget about the numbers.

One of the proven decoration techniques is zoning. With its use, the room is divided into several conditional (color-coded) or functional (partitions, screens, different levels and ceiling) zones. They can be either separate or combined, for example, a bedroom and a living room or a living room and a kitchen.

Separation of kitchen and bedroom

The method of such visual deception is very effective, because one and the same situation at the request of the owner can turn into an area that performs completely different, and sometimes opposite, functions.

It is very good to transform the space using unused sections of the apartment. For example, the place behind the doors and above them, as well as around the window openings. So, on a site of a wall behind an entrance door it is possible to hang up the convenient organizer for footwear, having saved a couple of meters which the regiment would occupy. A shelf for umbrellas, gloves and other things can be placed above the door. A window sill - a few expand, converted into a desktop or some kind of bar counter, which eliminates the need for a full-fledged, massive dining table.

In fact, you can get rid of the doors themselves, replacing them with curtains, thread curtains or arched vault.

In the window openings to expand the area you can mount the bay window, cabinets and pencil boxes replaced with niches and drawers located under the furniture, and the furniture itself to choose - the most functional and folding.

The combination of rooms for visual expansion of the apartment

Interior design of a small apartment

The interior design of the apartment, which does not have a huge area, must obey certain rules. First of all, this is a preference for large interior objects (as for furniture). A lot of small details will create a mess and litter the apartment, while large items will organize space.

As for accessories, in a small apartment it is worth to abandon bulky curtains and curtains in the floor, choosing their choice in favor of laconic shutters and blinds.

Bed on the stairs

If possible, all home appliances in the apartment should be built in, so that it occupies as few vertical and horizontal surfaces as possible, and leaves as much free space as possible.

Instead of swinging doors to save space, it is better to use sliding doors, and on furniture - a compartment variant. Recently, two-way cabinets of a coupe that are simply irreplaceable in small apartments where there lives more than one generation became very actual.

Chairs can be replaced with soft sofa cushions and watch movies, lying on them on the floor.

Bedroom combined with balcony

To a large extent, the light shades of walls and floor, as well as mirror, reflecting light, will help to visually expand the space.

The design of the apartment should be accented on one or two bright details. Do not get carried away with small accessories, because in their abundance the renovation of the apartment and its main idea will simply be lost.

Furniture for a small apartment is better to choose from wood or plastic light colors, because the dark furniture will visually cut the space, working against the techniques of visual and spatial illusions.

Bed in a niche

Useful advice on the design of each room of a small apartment

  • No apartment can not do without a kitchen. Making a small kitchen, it is not recommended to use more than two colors or shades. Preferably, they are light, but the use of contrasting combinations, for example, violet with beige, is allowed.
  • Glossy surfaces in the kitchen reflect light very well, which makes the room visually more spacious.
  • Window window can be equipped with a bay window - a small ledge on the outside of the building, which will free from 0.5 to 2 meters of additional space.
  • Kitchen decoration, textiles and accessories should be as simple as possible, without bright and large patterns.
  • The bedroom design is best done in pastel colors. If the walls are decorated with wallpaper, a small, light pattern or pattern is allowed.
  • An important role in the perception of the bedroom is played by lighting, so care should be taken to carry out a multilevel, zonal illumination that will emphasize certain areas of the room. It is also desirable that the intensity of the illumination can be adjusted.
  • In a small bathroom, the focus should be on functionalism. A large bath can be replaced with a shower cabin with a pallet, and a washing machine is built into the bedside table under the sink.
  • To visually smooth the boundaries of tiles and ceilings, you can mount in the bathroom stretch ceiling from a glossy film that will reflect the tile, creating the effect of a high ceiling.
  • The living room looks bigger, if all the repairs are done in neutral colors. The exception can be only one bright accent, for example, a sofa.
  • To expand the space of the living room, you can combine it with a balcony, equipping it with a warmed loggia.
  • From massive curtains and paintings in a wooden frame in a small living room is better to give up. As a decoration on vertical surfaces it is better to use the original wall clock or one collage of family photos.
  • Design - this is the face of the apartment, its business card. And the lack of square meters in the process of creative interior design is absolutely not a hindrance.