Cozy country style in the landscape design of a modern

The naturalness of decorating your own garden today at the peak of landscape fashion, and the country style in landscape design is a free embodiment of the owner's ideas, which emphasizes the proximity to nature. When reviewing such a democratic rural area, there is a pleasant feeling of complete harmony, home comfort. But the simplicity of its design is only apparent: in this organization of the territory there are enough significant subtleties and specific features that, however, are easy to fulfill. Therefore, it is worth remembering the main ones to create your ideal landscape.

Landscape in a rustic style

The landscape in the rustic style can be refined and unique. Small flower beds in an unusual design perfectly fit into the overall picture of landscape design.

The pond in the rustic style

An artificial reservoir in stylistic design becomes the highlight of a courtyard in a rustic style.

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  • 6 Country style in the design of landscape design

Distinctive features of rustic style

The main idea of ​​this style is the preservation of the natural features of the territory.

Rural beauty attracts with simplicity:

  • unbridled grass;
  • there are no identical pots and fences;
  • Beds with vegetables and rustic flower beds-flower beds are not delimited and amicably neighbors.

And the site still looks picturesque. After all, deliberate disorder in the placement of plants and natural rounded borders of garden zones fit perfectly into the free countryside landscape. So, the main feature of the style is naturalness. Therefore, let all objects look like works of nature, not human hands: for example, a fence, a gate, a bench from an old sawn wood.

Naturalness determines the choice of plants: exotic flora is better to prefer the familiar trees surrounded by pansies, chamomiles and cornflowers. Although with this neighborhood on the flower bed and an unusual variety, the plant will be welcome. It is such a site, with carelessly placed decorative elements, creates a pleasant atmosphere for rest and enjoying the picturesque landscape. And the conditional messiness on the flowerbeds that precede the gate, let it resemble a beautiful forest glade, where the flowers were grown by nature itself.

The village color strikes with its spontaneity and simplicity.

The village color strikes with its spontaneity and simplicity.

Stall from the snags

A bench from snags is an ideal decoration of the landscape in a rustic style. An economical version of the decor for a simple, modest courtyard.

Tulips in the courtyard of the house

Tulips in the courtyard of a village house in one of the French provinces.

Registration of a country house

The exterior design of the house is most noticeable. It is associated with a solid log house, twined with greens, bright flowers and a wicker fence, hospitably opening its wide gates. By the way, today modern high-quality siding "under the tree" you can decorate any house under the frame, while also warming it. There are also a lot of stylish carved shutters, casings, doors. Now you can often see dachas with bright tiled roofs or a decorative straw layer on top of the roof.

Original garden furniture for giving more economically to make of old trees, using only an ax and a hacksaw. The wood of cherry, oak, birch, beech, linden is very durable, and teak is resistant to frost. The worktop can be attached to the frame technique, and benches - directly to the logs, and this set is stable even without nails. Lovers tinkered happy that stylish headsets are characterized by rough processing of wood, than they are given a true village color. A moisture repellent coating will prolong their operation. From the uneducated stumps you will get a comfortable table surrounded by original chairs, it is only necessary to screw up the painted plywood table top and the seats for the summer.

Unbreakable grass in the yard

High unstratified grass, flowers curling on the fence - all that is needed to design the landscape in a rustic style.

Carved arbor in the yard

The carved wooden arbor is skillfully decorated with curly flowers. The rural landscape is attractive for its naturalness.

Arrangement of a garden in a rustic style

It is not so much the planning that is important, as the zoning of the dacha.

That is, do not change the terrain, but it is better to adapt it advantageously: the ravines - under the pond, the hump - under the flower garden.

Impresses such a successful arrangement of the courtyard: the recreation area is separated from the garden and the garden by a wicker fence with climbing plants - this is a blossoming decor.

In the village a fence is a fence or wattle fence, greased with greenery (hop, wild grapes). Suitable for its foundation are logs, logs, and for weaving - branches. From wood it is easy to make pergolas, benches. Interesting and cozy arbor from the rough boards and under the thatched roof. Forged details adorn and strengthen the gate. And it is better to cover the support of the metal pergola with curly beans, peas, morning glory, or perennials.

A rocking chair made of wood for a country yard was created by a master at home.

A rocking chair made of wood for a country yard was created by a master at home.

Rural landscape

An exquisite landscape in the courtyard of a village house in the south of Italy.

An excellent center of the garden composition will be a well, a real one, acting - in this case such a decoration will also give the garden life-giving water. Decoration of the well let it be consonant with the decor of the house, and the elevator - if without the traditional gate, then with the "crane".

A stylish rustic garden combines beauty and practicality, because it is expected of a plentiful harvest, so here neglect should be only apparent. In the garden they practice mixed cultivation of flowers, vegetables and greens. Forged or wooden gates are necessarily marked with the most colorful flower beds in the yard and on the street. The riot of their colors raises the mood for everyone entering the fantastic "village." Next to all welcome field flowers and simple garden varieties, decorative sunflowers. A low fence, a stockade or a log lining gracefully frame this rustic color.

House in chalet style

The chalet-style chalet, complete with properly selected yard decoration, looks like a village simple, but attractive.

A small courtyard of a country house

The option of the correct design of a small courtyard in a rustic style.

Let's sum up the results

Rustic style in the interior involves the design of only natural materials: stone, wood or their imitation. Traditional furniture - from a vine or a tree. A special color creates freedom of lines and harmony of flower beds, paths, buildings with relief.

Here are the principles of landscape design:

  • charm - in deliberate neglect;
  • abundance of flower beds and wild plants;
  • objects "antique": furniture, hedge, especially the gate.

The countryside countryside is created on the principle of free planting and is distinctly decorated with country décor. Such a garden will thank the caring owners with large fruits and an abundance of berries. The advantage of rural aesthetics is in the free and very functional division of the plot: a house, a garage, a garden, a front garden, a resting place. And in the farmyard there is a place for a kitchen, baths, workshops - everything for a good rest. Modern country style in landscape design as close as possible to nature. He gives harmony and an irresistible desire to create with his own hands, and self-made objects for the landscape reflect the creative energy of the master. And all the material at hand: snags, branches, stones, sand. The savings are unquestionable.

Village yard

A braided fence, a decorative well, an artificial pond - harmonious decorations of the village courtyard.

Contemporary village courtyard

The modern village courtyard is unique in its splendor. A luxurious landscape with a paved path creates an atmosphere of coziness and family warmth.

Garden path of tiles

A large garden in the suburbs is decorated in a rustic style. Simplicity and elegance harmoniously united in a single landscape.

Wooden swing for the yard with their own hands. Video

Country style in the design of landscape design