Liquid wallpapers in the interior + 45 photo examples

Multicolored squares on the wall

Recently, the market of finishing materials offers an innovation that combines the properties of the elegant tradition of the usual paper wallpaper, the ease of using decorative plaster and the practicality of paintwork. All these qualities make an excellent choice of liquid wallpaper for finishing the walls in the interior of the premises. To date, this finish coating in the interior of the premises has become a mass solution for design experiments, able to satisfy even the most demanding taste.

Zerkallo over comodom

In the finished mixture you just need to add water. It already contains pigmentation pigment, mica, mother of pearl, sequins, flock fibers, which will provide a pre-known result.

Professionals prefer to buy liquid wallpaper without additives and color pigment, in order to add colorants and decorative components in the subsequent process for the ideal embodiment of the author's design.

Furniture in Arabic style


Depending on the type of foundation, several types of this decorative finish can be distinguished. For all types of liquid wallpaper, there are common advantages and disadvantages, but for clarity, let's imagine their differences in the overview table.

Type of the baseSilk fibersPaper (cellulosic)


Silk и бумажные (комбинированные)


AdvantagesResistance to ultraviolet-

Excellent choice for interior design on the sunny side;

"Silk" surface texture;

high wear resistance.

Budgetary price category.

Resistance to burning out is higher than that of cellulose fibers;

affordable price category.

disadvantagesNot cheapBurnout of color on the sunny side,

Low wear resistance in comparison with silk liquid wallpaper.

Original candlesticks at the mirror

"For" and against "

When deciding on their use in the interior of the premises, it is necessary to weigh in advance all the pros and cons of using this material.

The advantages of using this coating include:

  • a variety of design solutions;
  • durability;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • fire safety;
  • simplicity of restoration, absence of seams and necessity to dock drawing;
  • Antistatic effect promotes repulsion of dust from the surface;
  • high opacity (application to an uneven surface with an ideal result);
  • high sound-proof and heat-insulating properties;
  • non-waste.

The list of advantages of liquid wallpaper is longer than the list of disadvantages, but it should be noted that high hygroscopicity does not allow the use of this material where moisture is increased. This fact limits their use in shower rooms, bathrooms and similar premises.

The pattern in the form of plants on the wall

How to make a liquid wallpaper in the home

Recipes for the manufacture of branded mixtures for liquid wallpaper manufacturers are not advertised. However, inquiring minds recreate the possibility of making a mixture at home.

The essence of the mixture itself is the production of a plastic and homogeneous mixture of cellulose. Since the main source of pulp is paper, any recycled paper, except for glossy paper, is suitable for this purpose.

Blue sofa in combination with a gray interior

To impart volume to the mixture of "home" liquid wallpaper, add a fibrous filler, for example cotton wool or sintepon, while maintaining the ratio of cellulose and fibers 4 to 1.

Prepared in this way, the mass is soaked in water for at least 12 hours. For decor, you need to add mica, dyes, colored wool, in an amount not more than 200 grams per 1 kg of paper, for glue add powder glue CMC.

All this is ground with a construction blender to the consistency of soft cottage cheese. After all the manipulations, the resulting billet "ripens" for about 6 to 12 hours.

African landscape on the wall

Features of application

The market of building materials offers liquid wallpaper in the form of a dry mix, packaged in packages. The product becomes a mixture for the application of liquid wallpaper after adding water according to the proportions specified by the manufacturer on the package.

The gradual overlapping of wet wallpaper looks as follows:

  • The surface is prepared for the application of liquid wallpaper - preliminary cleaning from old wallpaper, paint, antiseptic treatment, removal of dirt, dust, primer.
  • In the container mix the mixture and water in the ratio according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Thorough mixing of the obtained formulation.
  • Soak the finished mixture from 30 minutes to 12 hours (according to the manufacturer's instructions).
  • Application of a mixture for liquid wallpaper on the walls.
  • Thorough drying for 1-3 days.

As practice shows, 48 ​​hours are enough for drying. The last point is especially important, at this stage the hardening of the finish coat takes place.

Interior of the room with elements of natural wood

Nuances of application

The liquid wallpaper is applied by a spatula, trowel (trowel), special spray, brush for grinding, a special surface roller is used to create the surface relief. The essence of successive actions during the application of the mixture is as follows:

  • dial the prepared plastic mixture on the tool;
  • put the collected portion on a spatula, move it from the spatula to the wall, then spread it over the surface with rubbing movements;
  • level the surface with a grater;
  • form relief with an invoice or simply with palms.

Girl holding a spatula in her hand

The stronger the grinding of the mixture along the surface of the wall, the more a thin layer of the mixture will be laid. The fineness of the application ensures a more economical use of the decorative coating.

Accordingly, increasing the thickness of the layer of liquid wallpaper increases the consumption of raw materials, but this approach improves the soundproofing properties of the room.

You can not use gloves and boldly work with your hands - the mixture for applying liquid wallpaper is made of natural environmentally friendly components.

The guy is painting the wallpaper

Features of application рисунков и узоров

Decorative coating of this type is not sold with ready-made drawings or textures. The relief on the surface is applied with simple tool tools directly in the process of applying liquid wallpaper, a textured roller or simply formed by the palms of hands.

The peculiarity of this decoration is that the mixtures of different colors can decorate the walls with drawings.

Images on the walls are applied by stencil or arbitrary methods of application. In both cases, preliminary preparation of the walls is required, after which a pattern is applied to the previously dried main layer of liquid wallpaper.

The man draws Winnie the Pooh on the wall in the nursery

With the stencil method, the stencil is carefully attached to the wall with a paint tape. Then, on the silhouette of the stencil, the liquid wallpaper of the required color is carefully applied.

By arbitrary means, author's drawings are created on the walls. With a pencil on the main cover, a sketch is drawn. After drawing the sketch, each separate area is neatly covered with liquid wallpaper of different colors, just like coloring children's coloring, color after color.

The plot of the cartoon on the wall


Undoubted advantages of this finish coating is the presence of antistatic properties, it is not prone to the accumulation of dust and small weeds. This property makes it easier to care for walls covered with liquid wallpaper. However, walls with such a coating also need care.

Manufacturers categorically prohibit the washing of walls covered with liquid wallpaper due to the high hygroscopicity of this material. To clean such a finish, only dry cleaning is recommended. Specialists in cleaning services recommend using a vacuum cleaner and a soft rag, and for cleaning hard-to-reach places, an ordinary dust brush perfectly fits.

White vases against a blue wall

Sometimes the walls covered with liquid wallpaper are additionally covered with a special acrylic lacquer. On the decorative surface a film is formed, which protects against moisture and other adverse effects. Such processing is guaranteed to extend the life of liquid wallpaper to 10-15 years. Such a surface can be periodically subjected to wet cleaning without risk.

Bedroom with a bright interior

Where to apply this finish

The use of liquid wallpaper when decorating walls in the interior is possible in homes, offices, institutions. In residential areas, the use of liquid wallpaper helps to create a cozy house that meets the aesthetic needs of people living in it. In institutions for the public education of children (schools, kindergartens) and medical institutions (hospitals, sanatoriums), walls decorated with such finishes are optimal for use due to such properties as fire safety, environmental friendliness, ease of restoration. Liquid wallpaper in office interiors create an optimal atmosphere for work thanks to its soundproofing properties and the possibility of elegantly finishing office space in a business style.

Lamp on the table next to the paintings

Living room and bedroom

Liquid wallpaper is an excellent material for creating a unique interior of the living room and bedroom. A variety of colors and different textures give an easy opportunity to implement a variety of style solutions in such important rooms of the dwelling as a living room and a bedroom.

The living room is a room where the family spends time together and meets the guests. In this room zoning is recommended to solve the problem of multifunctionality of this room as much as possible.

White furniture in the living room

When decorating the walls of a bedroom, traditionally quiet pastel colors are practiced. This color scheme has a calming effect, adjusts to rest and relaxation. A separate advantage of using this material in the interior of the bedroom are the high soundproofing properties of this decoration. The thicker the layer of liquid wallpaper applied to the walls and ceiling, the more effective the sound absorption.

The combination of orange walls and white furniture

Children's room

The most important factor in the use of liquid wallpaper for the children's room is the environmental friendliness of the material. Their use for the decoration of the walls of the children's room will completely protect the children's room from possible toxins such as toluene, chlorovinyl and other dangerous substances.

Mobility of children in the process of active games can cause micro-traumas, which children, carried away by mobile games, can inflict themselves and each other. Elasticity of the structure of this coating protects against such consequences and is an occasion to decorate the walls of the nursery with liquid wallpaper.

Heroes of cartoons on the wall

Also, the consequence of childhood hyperactivity may be the periodic need for a small restoration of the wall. But if the walls of the children's room are decorated with liquid wallpaper, then it is sufficient to apply a small freshly diluted portion of the mixture to the damaged areas. And for some parents and children an interesting task will be the opportunity to make your own drawing on the wall of the children's room with the help of liquid wallpaper. For this, you do not even need to be able to draw - just fill in the stenciled silhouettes.

The view of space on the walls of the nursery

Design solutions

This unique finish coat allows you to realize the boldest flights of designer fantasy.

Unlimited number of color solutions and textures makes it easy to zonerirovat rooms with liquid wallpaper. To achieve the effect of dividing the room into zones by contrast of the combined finish coatings, the designers use the alternation and selection of these zones by suitable colors and textures. This increases the functionality of the interior, dividing a single room into the necessary functional areas. Zoning efficiency is perfectly complemented by various light solutions for each selected zone with the help of lighting and basic lighting.

Paintings in white frames on the wall

For the effect of visual expansion of space, coloring techniques are used, when applying several shades of the same color allows achieving amazing results. The plasticity of this finish makes it easy and neat to cover niches, arches and ledges, complex surfaces and curved walls.

Bright interior design

Designer styles in interiors

Fashionable style solutions can be implemented with this finish coat. To achieve a stylish result, it is enough to adhere to the following recommendations of designers:

  • For the embodiment of the style of "avant-garde", the decoration of walls in black and white-red, demanding zoning and the application of strict geometric lines is in demand.
  • The classical style of "modern" is the opposite of a strict contrast "avant-garde". Its embodiment requires walls of pastel colors. Such decoration shades with its whole monolithic appearance mottled, quaint, with rich patterns of interior items, furniture and accessories.

Chic interior of the room

  • The style of "eclecticism", which harmoniously coexists elements of different eras and styles, especially "retro", is very in demand. The finish coating of warm colors with a silk texture combine this variety in a single style solution.
  • The style of "art deco" dictates the need to apply a natural-natural palette when decorating walls. Liquid wallpapers of green shades perfectly shade heavy expensive furniture, finished with gold-plated finish, which will create an elegant vintage atmosphere.

Fireplace next to the sofa  Style of techno in the interior  Indoor plants on the background of a wall with a decor of cracked plaster  The combination of white and blue tones in the living room  Lions on the wall Bedroom with chic furniture  Fragment of the ancient city on the wall  Children's room with a hammock and a tree on the wall  Luxurious living room with fireplace  White skins on the floor and sofa Suspended chandeliers in the form of balls in the interior  A picture above the fireplace in the room  Interior with blue wallpaper and red bezels  A corner of nature on the wall  Sea with palm trees on wallpaper Sprawling tree on the wall of the room  Golden fireplace on a dark background  Mirrors on the wall and ceiling in the bedroom  Interior of the bedroom in a simple style  Dining room with light green interior