Selecting a parquet for the interior

Parquet in the interior

The floor of natural wood is love at first sight. Tender, tremulous, real. Only for life. Having made a trial parquet covering of one room, thoughts about reorganization of other premises of the house will firmly occupy the head. Because the parquet in the interior is:

Parquet floor in the hall Dark wood for floor decor  Wooden floor  Modern interior of the apartment  Light wood for the floor  Vintage style

No, the neighbors can not be heard thanks to the soundproofing effect.

Yes, complicated installation. But a professional parquet maker will quickly solve this problem for reward. Retreat nowhere. You have already spent on expensive building materials, do not stint on a specialist.

Yes, slightly capricious. Reacts to dryness, humidity, heels. Do not drop the knife, do not thread the claws. It happens that a little moves, sometimes badly grinded to each other individual planks "run" under the plinth. The furniture legs need to be wrapped with soft stickers to avoid scratches.


Basic views

  1. Parquet board. Mass demand for it gave rise to an affordable price. Sold ready for installation. Qualitatively it fits the hands of the owner of the apartment. Variants of the pattern are few, but this is compensated by the speed of work.
  2. Piece. Separate rectangular plates (up to 60 cm long), equipped with means of connection between each other - grooves and spikes - along the entire perimeter, including the butt. Recommended for use in rooms with low permeability, far from humidity, since from the protection of a piece specimen one coat of varnish. And sometimes it is not.
  3. Shield. Most often has the form of squares or close to it. Must be varnished in industrial conditions. Three-layer construction, with a base of coniferous species and a face part made of solid wood. Difficulty of use in accurate fit. For an impeccable view of the floor from any point, it is necessary that the right angles of the boards ideally coincide with each other.
  4. Recruitment. It is also called "Mosaic", because in fact it is several invoices of different colors, collected in a repeating composition. The floor is patterned, with its character. A great field for design ideas. Clays on concrete foundation.
  5. Pronto parquet. Protected from external influences, strong, completely natural. Suitable for hallway, corridor, improvised dance floor. The production technology guarantees perfect grip with maximum fit. The reference smoothness is 100%.
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Gray floor in the house Dark wood  Designer interior  Parquet floor in a private house  Light wood for apartment design  Design of the veranda

Types of wood







Presentable, textured. Insects, fungi and temperature drops Asian gift is too tough.

suitable for balconies and terraces



Standard for rooms of wide use. A distinctive texture of the tree.




Rapid growth does not allow to absorb dangerous compounds, therefore ecological safety is high. Ready to serve in the bathroom. But he has only one life, you can not cycle bamboo.

strong odor that not everyone is prepared to put up with



Poorly yieldable due to the characteristics of the structure of the fibers. After polishing appears gloss with a pearl fleece.

the effect of "glow from within"



It withstands the maximum load, does not rot, but it does not take sharp changes in temperature. Do not stack near the front door.

pronounced pattern



Compliant for processing: perfectly polished, cuts without problems. Stresses the stylishness of black furniture.

darkens at 3-4 tone in a few years



Luxurious texture of a generous African style. The varnish makes it a dark noble color.

antibacterial properties



Beckовый, значит, мягкий, спокойный, уютный. Не терпит агрессии воды и жара, сразу сдавая позиции.

low price

* The parameter shows the degree of deformation at humidity drops from 1 - strong to 5 - absent.

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The testimony of good old friends of length, width and thickness will help to formulate exact requirements. The first two are needed to calculate the area, the third to determine the wear resistance, respectively, the quality of the future floor. And the opinion that the thicker, the better, wrong.

Look at the thickness of the face layer, not the total thickness. It is she who is responsible for the amount of grinding.

Elite interior

Standard for conventional housing: the general - 13-16 mm, the top layer - 4 mm. 2-3 periods between cycling, such a surface is fully capable of withstanding. If the whole thickness is less than 10 mm, then there is no opportunity for processing. This is a one-off option. The maximum values ​​are 6-8 mm of the upper layer for very high loads. On such floors, dancing and marching is necessary, in the home use an unjustified waste of the budget.

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Color and design

5 main colors of natural cover:

  • from red to brown;
  • yellow;
  • from pink to red;
  • dark;
  • light coloured.

The good news is that all shades are natural. So any combination of them is natural. The canonical brown / beige pair is good in conservative styles. For glamorous decoration is enough black. Fashion Provence will support linen and white color.

Living room in a private house Wooden floor в гостиной  Interior of a modern apartment  Country in the Kitchen Decor  The dark floor  Loft style

Mixing the texture of a single canvas, it is worth considering the technical properties of different wood: the ability to shrink, hardness, etc. Close to these parameters, materials extend the service life of the flooring, the polar ones - are short-lived.

The shade of the tree is changed by stain, lacquer, tinted oil. In addition, toning will remove stains, dirt, and stains. But using a secret weapon must be very carefully. Before painting the entire space, you need to practice on individual plates.

Original parquet laying

Light shades

It has long been known that light colors visually expand space. Air is given to the room atmosphere, visual transparency. Small rooms cease to press psychologically with close walls, and large ones become like studios. Golden oak parquet, polished in a smooth one-dimensional surface, covered with several layers of varnish, looks like a frozen water surface, reflecting the glare of the glowing sun. Is it possible such a poetics when looking at the floor of a linoleum, albeit very practical?

White maple, birch, hornbeam, pear, olive are born in a cold color temperature. They are best placed on the sunny side of the house. Larch, beech, alder, on the contrary, will increase the degree of perception where there is little natural light. By the way, cold shades of wood are universally suitable for furniture of any color.

Wooden Floor Design Spacious living room  Design Hall  Room with parquet floor and fireplace  Parquetдля дизайна квартиры  Wooden Floor Design

Dark shades

It would seem that the black color of the stained oak, like the night, hides all the sins. Nothing like this. Scratches, chips, spots on the dark are more visible than on light. Beating is meaningless, but it can be prevented by replacing gloss with actual matte finish. True, this measure will not affect the dust. Garbage is treacherously visible on any darkened background.

If the light expands the frames, the dark narrows. For this reason, it is not recommended to make black floors in small spaces. If you can not do it in another way, you need to try to choose a less noticeable styling structure. Eyes are comfortable to perceive a small volume without rippling elements.

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Brown turquoise varnish floors have excellent reflective ability, having beaten this quality with the help of lamps and additional accessories, you will get a personal looking through the glass.

Care and maintenance

The fragility of the parquet floor is exaggerated. This reliable design will last for dozens of years. Observance of only 5 rules will allow to prove it to your great-grandchildren on the home example.

  1. Great enemies of wooden building materials are dry and wet. It is necessary to keep the humidity in the house at 50%. It will be difficult in winter, the heating season reduces the moisture by half. Humidifiers or usual wiping 2 times a week are moistened with a damp rag.
  2. The air temperature should not exceed +24 ° С, falling below +18 ° С. Airing, air conditioning, heat gun, everything that a person uses for comfort is suitable for parquet.
  3. Hand polish is a good tool, following the manufacturer's instructions for dosage. Polishing (once a month) or oil-wax (twice a year). Lacquering in 5-7-10 years.
  4. Wash the home parquet no more often than twice a month by special clinics.
  5. To extinguish the Italian passions, not to throw heavy and stinging objects on the floor.

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Ideas for styling in the interior

  • The rush. It looks like a brickwork with a fuzzy schedule of displacement dies. Classic sexual minimalism.
  • Checker. A chessboard that looms from the square of squares with a perpendicular direction of the pattern in strict order.
  • Herringbone. An ingrained method of laying parquet boards with an oblique cut at an angle of 90 °.
  • Plait (basket). Complex ornament with 3D effect. The three-color model best displays the convexity of the lines around the rhombus of contrasting tone.
  • Swede. Three bars are pushed one in the other direction, the composition is laid out in staggered order.
  • Square. Additional edging of the basic geometric figure.
  • Frieze. Beautiful ornament, located on the edges of the floor, next to the walls. Expressive decoration of the whole parquet.

Parquetцвета ольха Floor design in the apartment  Big room  Style fusion in the interior  Bathroom design with parquet  Glossy wood floor


In the store, start learning the assortment from the parquet from the trees of your native land. They are already adapted to the climate. Check with the seller of the dies on hollow holes, the humidity level (the norm is up to 10%). Knock, smell the modular boards. Vibrant cotton and naturalness of woody fragrance are signs of a good product. Think about how the pink cherry in the bedroom will organically fit in, and the gray bamboo in the corridor. Now you are ready to step onto the parquet!