Children's room in the attic +50 photo of the interior and

Children's room in the attic

Attic - mysterious and unusually attractive place in the house, a real children's area. And, maybe, to convert a not very convenient and irrationally used room into a cozy gaming. Children's room in the attic will be very useful: the kids will feel independent, and from the windows a charming landscape opens. The peculiarity of the attic room is that it is located under the roof of the house, and the elements of the roof serve as walls. The room, decorated correctly and rationally, evokes a sense of spaciousness and coziness. Real housing Carlson!

Only after all the security measures have been taken, you can proceed to design a stylish, functional and cozy room, choose the design of the nursery in the attic. First of all, solve the problem of zoning the room. Children are multifunctional, so it is desirable to allocate 3 zones: for sleep, games and for classes.

  • Game Zone. The main requirement is the absence of sharp corners and maximum free space. Select a zone for games in the attic can be using a carpet or carpet on the floor, as well as bright wallpaper.
  • Sleeping area. It includes a bed, a wardrobe, bedside table or bedside table. If there are two children, a bunk bed will be an excellent option. An interesting solution is a bed of original design in the form of a boat, car or castle of the princess, which in the daytime serves as a playing field. It is best to arrange the bed near the vertical end wall.
  • It is desirable to place the zone for training classes and creativity at the window in such a way that the light falls directly or on the left side. Necessarily need a table lamp for additional lighting workplace.

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Do not place the playing area and the bed close to the stairs.


The optimal option is to use the maximum of natural light. Especially advantageous is the room with large windows. If the room is well lit, then the mood will be appropriate. But, if there are no such windows, it does not matter. Thoughtful lighting will give the room a cheerful and elegant look. When choosing a lamp it is necessary to take into account the style in which the room is sustained. There are also basic rules for the location of lighting devices:

  • Fixtures should be as much as possible (of course, with a correction for the size of the room);
  • It is convenient to use spots. They help to illuminate the nursery as it is needed at the moment;
  • Place light sources so that the room is lit evenly.

Modern интерьер детской Playing area in the attic  A room for a boy  Furniture для детской  Large windows in the nursery in the attic  A room for a teenager in the attic

The choice of lamps is made depending on the design and size of the room. For example, lamps with incandescent lamps give warm light, and halogen lamps or sources of "daylight" - cold. Lamps differ not only in color, but also in power, brightness. It is possible to use LED ribbons, as well as spotlights.

Color spectrum

The color solution depends, first of all, on the taste preferences, the nature of the child, and also on the illumination of the attic. If the baby is active, you should avoid saturated tones. Pastel, calm shades affect the mind calmingly. For a balanced, phlegmatic child, juicy colors are more appropriate. If the room is well lit by the sun, do not use warm shades. The over-saturation with light and heat also has an exciting effect on the psyche. In a darkened room try not to use dark tones, as the child will turn out to be somewhat sad. Ideal - the use of several colors to divide the room into zones. For example, the zone for lessons is sustained in cold, somewhat strict tones, and the playing zone - in sunny and elegant.

Style hi-tech in the nursery Baby for girls  Classic children's room  Modern room for a child  Spacious children's room on the second floor  White walls in the nursery


Typically, the attic room is small, and you need to proceed from how many "square. m "at your disposal. An additional difficulty is created by sloping walls. Place large items of furniture here is not easy. Therefore, for the attic room is more preferable compact cabinet furniture (its top can be mowed). The concrete solution of space depends on the configuration and area of ​​the room. For example, if the attic is small but high, it would be appropriate to have a two-level bed with a sleeping place at the top and a work table on the lower floor. Sometimes such a multifunctional design includes a children's wardrobe.

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Mansard ceiling and walls finishing

Most of the attic rooms have low ceilings, and the bevel of the roof makes the space visually smaller. Therefore it is logical to use materials with the effect of "stretching". For example, actual wallpaper with vertically oriented drawings and prints. Popular for wall decoration and zoning of bamboo room. It is environmentally friendly material, it looks great and easy to care for. If the roof is high, then the attic is elongated in height. Finishing materials with horizontal prints are appropriate here. Beautifully looks the print on the wall, gradually flowing over the sloping ceiling. When choosing materials, it is necessary to purchase environmentally friendly materials that are not too complicated to take care of. As a rule, it is a variety of wallpaper, wood or water-based paint. For the finishing of the shelves use gypsum board, wooden blocks or tension structures. The base color option is white. It can be diversified with brighter colored walls.

Children's decor on the second floor Round window in the nursery  Large children's room  Children's room  Stylish decor of a nursery in the attic  Wooden children's décor in the attic

Baby for girls

The main thing in decorating a room is an abundance of light and coziness. As a rule, the color scheme is unobtrusive, pastel, using 1-2 accents. A feature of design is a lot of small accessories, textiles and decorative elements. Although, of all the rules there are exceptions. If you are growing up a girl - a little robber, who likes boys' games, then the interior should be appropriate. Such ideas are possible:

Fairy Palace (Princess)Here, the central place in the room is a four-poster bed or an imitation of an old carriage. The interior is complemented by an elaborate armchair and a table on curved legs. The toy rack is stylized as a royal castle.
Country of fairy talesBright wallpapers and thematic stickers make it possible to turn a room into a magical world populated with unprecedented plants, animals and good wizards.

Children's loft for a girl

Baby for the boy

The attic room for the boy is a real world populated with favorite heroes. The best way for boys is to design children's styles, like loft, sea, country or Scandinavian. Thematic design will be as possible to the place. Depending on the child's hobbies, this can be a spaceship's cabin, a ship deck or a room for a superhero. If the place allows, it is advisable to draw up a small sports corner.

Children's loft for a boy

For two children

Here we start with the hobbies and preferences of children. In addition, we must take into account possible changes in advance. Children grow up, tastes change, so you will have to repaint and re-equip the space for adolescent taste. Consider the possible variations.

A room for two girls

The attic for the two sisters will become a real kingdom for little princesses. A spacious workplace is placed near the window, the beds are facing to the wall. Decorate the room with bright pillows and / or blankets. If space allows, it is possible to place the beds perpendicular to each other.

Baby for two girls in the attic

A room for two boys

The preferences of the boys are somewhat different from those of girls. They are more active and restless, so the furniture should be placed so that the "robber brothers" had more space for games. If the girls' room is dominated by pink and beige tones, then in the boy's attic - the dominance of shades of green, blue and blue. These same colors, only saturated, are used to create accents. If the brothers have different passions, you can zonate the room in color and using your favorite accessories. Baby for two boys in the attic

Baby for the boy и девочки

Designing a room for children of opposite sex is perhaps the most difficult task. The girl is unlikely to be comfortable in the "frigate cabin", as well as the boy - in the "fairy-tale house". The optimal solution is a neutral interior, using light colors. Separation of the room into zones is carried out with the help of favorite toys and color solutions.

Style Selection

When developing the design of the attic, the following should be considered:

  • Age and sex of the child. For example, a five-year-old will hardly like a room in an industrial style, and a teenager will like it;
  • Hobbies and interests of the young master;
  • The size of the room. For a spacious attic, an abundance of accessories will not be superfluous, and for a small child's room a cozy minimalism is appropriate;
  • It is most difficult to choose a design for two children, because their interests may not coincide. In this case, it is best to give preference to neutral classics.

Space in the interior of the nursery

Consider several design solutions for children, in the context of styles.


Для прованского стиля характерно преобладание пастельных тонов в отделке стен и обстановки. Обивка мягкой мебели обычно имеет принт в виде неярких цветов. Приветствуется использование искусственно состаренных поверхностей. Provence идеально подходит при оформлении детской для девочки. Здесь много внимания уделяется аксессуарам: вазам из белой и (или) пастельной керамики, абажурам из натурального текстиля.

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It is desirable to make the floor with a board painted in light colors. Looks good parquet. The walls are even, painted white, as the canons of style require. Using such "air" tones visually fill the attic with light, make it visually more spacious, which is necessary for children.

Provence style in the nursery

As for the decoration of the room, the decor elements are not only accessories, but also furniture, and walls, painted with plant and animal motifs. The painting can be performed on its own without reference to a professional artist, since some "homegrownness" and unsightliness is only welcomed. It is best to use safe and easy-to-use acrylic paints.


The design of a child in this style is not much different from an adult bedroom. The main requirement is only natural and environmentally friendly materials. Synthetic textiles, inexpensive plastic furniture or acid-colored toy containers are inappropriate here. Natural finishing materials, solid wood flooring, upholstery and curtains made of cotton and linen will all be a better concern for the health of the child. Want a more budget option? Then we will have to step back a little from the style canons and be satisfied with a realistic imitation of the tree. Here are a few characteristic features of the design:

  • Продуманная система отопления. Chalet – это физическое ощущение тепла. Поэтому вполне уместен электрокамин или система «теплый пол»;
  • Natural textiles. A quilt, plaid or hand-made mat on the floor looks good;
  • Lighting лучше всего выбрать «теплое»: светодиоды или лампы накаливания. Галогеновые светильники или холодноватый «дневной свет» здесь неуместны.

Style chalet in the nursery in the attic

As a decor you can use products made of wood or dried flowers, wicker baskets. It is hardly necessary to apply the canonical style of "chalet" for decoration of a nursery. But it is quite possible to decorate the interior with a bed made of natural wood, wicker furniture and (or) a blanket made of multi-colored scraps.


Сам по себе стиль «лофт» (чердак) – это воплощение чего-то нестандартного, необычного и оригинального. В особенности, если речь идет о таком помещении, как мансарда. Здесь роль стен выполняют скаты крыши. Loft – любимое стилевое направление для творческих людей – писателей, художников или музыкантов. Так что подросток будет в восторге. Несмотря на то, что данный стиль считается роскошным, буржуазным и невероятно дорогим, для отделки и декорирования помещения можно использовать и бюджетные материалы.

Loft style in the nursery

Цветовая палитра несложная: это сочетание оттенков коричневого, серого и белого. Например, натуральное дерево гармонирует с белыми предметами текстиля. Допустимы и цветовые акценты, но не слишком яркие, а, наоборот, несколько приглушенные. Loft (в том числе и для детской) – это сочетание практичности и почти футуристических вещей. Диван с обивкой из натурального текстиля, винтажные (или, наоборот, суперсовременные) светильники, полы из массивной, нарочито грубоватой доски и имитация кирпича в настенном покрытии – все это лофт. Традиционную имитацию кирпича можно заменить искусственно состаренной штукатуркой. Альтернатива обычным светильникам – светодиодная лента.


Современные стили – хай-тек, индустриальный и техно отличает максимальная, до аскетизма, простота. Картины, статуэтки, вычурный текстиль здесь явно неуместны. Как правило, в загородных частных домах этот стиль используют мало. В основном, он распространен в городских мансардных квартирах. Для маленького ребенка современный стиль в чистом виде вряд ли подойдет, а тинейджеру наверняка понравится. Color spectrum помещения нейтральная, однако, для акцентирования можно использовать яркие оттенки, вплоть до кислотных. Это может быть диван с яркой кожаной обивкой, ковер на полу, настенные постеры или яркие занавески на окнах. Важно, чтобы таких предметов было не более 2. Что касается материалов для оформления мансарды, то здесь преобладает пластик, хромированный металл, стекло и эко-кожа.

Modern children's room


Classical стиль, в том числен и для детской, — самый беспроигрышный. Опуститься до дурновкусия здесь попросту невозможно. Основные «канонические» черты классики следующие:

  • Light color scheme with a predominance of noble shades: white, cream, beige, brown, olive. The exception to the rule is the floor of a dark shade;
  • The flooring is parquet. In addition to the parquet, a light carpet on the floor is welcomed, especially if the child is small;
  • Decor in the form of stucco elements, gilded ornaments on furniture are welcome, but without rolling into kitsch;
  • Furniture из дерева, желательно благородных пород, текстиль – натуральный и самого высокого качества.
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Classical стиль детской на мансардеНа этом черты, позаимствованные из прошлого, заканчиваются. Телевизор, ноутбук, ПК и приставка для игр лишними не будут. Как видите, в классической детской многое скопировано из взрослой спальни, зато получается очень красиво и нарядно. И еще один момент. Classical интерьер – это не статья для экономии. Использовать дешевые материалы ни в коем случае нельзя.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style в интерьере – это простота, удобство, функциональность и очень много света. Такое оформление понравится и родителям, и маленьким хозяевам комнаты. Даже беспорядок, характерный для детской, смотрится здесь совершенно органично. Итак, главные отличия стиля – засилье натуральных материалов и белого цвета. Скандинавский климат достаточно суровый, и местные жители умеют ценить солнечный свет. Для окрашивания стен выбирают белый, голубой или светло-серые оттенки. Бежевый встречается реже, так как в концепцию «замка Снежной Королевы» он не совсем вписывается. Холодные цвета гораздо органичнее. В качестве настенного покрытия используют водоэмульсионные краски. Такие стены легко вымыть или попросту закрасить свежим слоем. Оригинально смотрится отделка стен белыми панелями со вставками из необработанного дерева.

Scandinavian style в детской на мансарде

Bright, shining with pristine purity of the wall - a great temptation for the young artist. To direct his creative energy into a safe channel, it is advisable to supplement the interior with a slate or chalkboard. It turns out something in the style of Andersen's tales about Ole Lukoye. True, this is not Scandinavia, but Denmark, but still geographically close.

The floor is a tree or its realistic imitation. It can be a massive or parquet board, as well as a laminate. A more budget option is linoleum, imitating the surface of wood.

The color can be white, natural or, in contrast to the walls, dark. Carpet and Scandinavian style are incompatible, so that the child does not freeze, you need to solve the problem in advance with the arrangement of warm floors. Alternative to them - bright colored mats, which at the same time will play the role of color accents.

Interior of a nursery

Furniture с простой геометрией, выполнена из массивного дерева. Возможно лаковое покрытие с сохранением естественной древесной фактуры или использование светлых красок. Обивка кожаная или из натурального текстиля (лен или хлопок). Хорошо смотрятся в скандинавском интерьере и кровати с металлическими спинками. Скандинавы – народ практичный, поэтому приветствуются модели-трансформеры, которые «растут» вместе с детьми. Еще один элемент стиля – открытые полки и стеллажи для хранения игрушек, аксессуаров и книг. Если мансарда достаточно просторная, можно предусмотреть место под «вигвам» для игр. На окнах хорошо смотрятся рулонные, гофрированные шторы или жалюзи. Для хранения игрушек можно приспособить корзины из натуральной лозы, текстильные и картонные коробки, стилизованные «под старину» деревянные сундуки.

Maritime theme in the attic

Marine style is an excellent design solution for children. There are 2 main colors: blue and white. Welcome to the "marine" interior and natural wood, painted so that the natural texture of wood was preserved. The main advantage of this design is its versatility. It is suitable for children of different ages, for boys and girls. At the same time, to create a design, you do not need big expenses.

Marine interior of the nursery

The following options are possible:

  • Theme of navigation. Such an interior is suitable for a boy of school age. Sea symbols are appropriate here: window-porthole, helm, anchor, signal flags. The bed in the shape of a boat will not only become a place for sleep, but also an excellent playing field;
  • Seaside cottage. This option is more suitable for girls. A light color gamut will visually increase even a small attic room. Natural textiles, bright as if sunburned furniture decorate the nursery;
  • Оформление детской в виде пляжа уместно для детей дошкольного возраста и младших школьников. Color spectrum – оттенки бежевого и голубого. Занавески светлые, предметы мебели окрашены белым. В качестве элементов декора можно использовать картины с экзотическими животными и видами тропических островов, африканские маски, доски для серфинга. На стене будет красиво смотреться наклейка в виде пальмы.

Marine style in the interior


The most fascinating fantasies are reflected in the nursery. Here, the heroes of your favorite games, books and cartoons can live. What will turn into an attic - in a modern high-tech room, a village house, a castle of a good sorceress or a deck of a high-speed sailboat - all depends on you and the design fantasy.