Table window: 30 photos in the kitchen, in the nursery and

The role of the window sill in the house is often underestimated. But it can bring you much more benefits than being just a stand for indoor plants! When you need to make the most of space in a small kitchen or in any other room, the window sill will be of great help to you. It can be used as a writing desk in the nursery, a bar counter on the balcony, a worktop or a dining table in the kitchen, a dressing table in the bedroom etc. Wherever you set it up, it will help save space, make it convenient to use daylight and make the interior more interesting.

Need examples? Appreciate how the window sill that looks like a desk looks like, or a window-sill in a 30-photo room.

Table window in the bathroom

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Sill countertop in the kitchen - 7 photos

Typically, the sill top in the kitchen serves as an additional work surface or a place under the sink. Agree that washing dishes will be a little more pleasant when you can be distracted from the window. If you use a window sill as a worktop, you can do without artificial lighting, without harming your eyes. The following photos show you how a countertop can be made instead of a window sill in the kitchen.

Sill countertop in the room - photo with a view Wooden window-sill countertop in the kitchen - photo in the interior Table window in the kitchen with sink Also read: Choose the quality material for the countertop in the kitchenA worktop instead of a window sill in the kitchen - photos of apartmentsBeautiful table top in the window sill in the kitchenTable tops and window sills made of artificial stone - photo kitchen Kitchen design with sill top

Bar counter from the window-sill (10 photos of rooms)

If you have a large window in the kitchen, you can install a bar counter in place of the window sill. This stylish and functional solution is perfect for small apartments, where every centimeter of space is valuable. We offer 7 variants of design of a bar rack from a window sill on a photo of kitchens!

White bar counter from the window sill in the interior Wooden bar counter from the windowsill Sill countertop in the kitchen in the form of a bar rack Bar counter on the windowsill - photo in the interior of the kitchen Also read: Small bar racks - the best ideas with a photoBar counter and dining table instead of window sill Window sill turning into a bar rack Narrow bar counter in place of the windowsill in the interior of the kitchen

The kitchen is not the only room in the house where you can enjoy breakfast or refreshments while admiring the view from the window. Perhaps this option will appeal to you even more - a bar counter on the balcony from the windowsill.

Narrow bar counter on the balcony of the window sill - photo Comfortable bar on the balcony from the windowsill - photo ideas Design of a balcony with a bar counter instead of a window sill

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Inspiring desk sill

Dressing, working or writing desk sill will also give you the advantage of using natural light. In the following photos you can evaluate different options: when the sill goes to the desk and the desk built into the windowsill.

The desk of the windowsill in the design of the room - photo Wooden desk built into the windowsill White table sill in the room - interior photo Also read: 60 great ideas for home office designHow can I make a table sill in a room Desktop window sill - photo options

Table window in the nursery (7 photos)

The window sill in the nursery is an excellent solution for saving space, especially if you do not have one child. In conclusion of this article, we suggest you to be inspired to create such a comfortable workplace for your kids with 7 photos.

Large table sill in the nursery for two children Desk sill in the nursery Computer desk window sill in the nursery - a photo of a teenager's room The table top, turning into a window sill, in the design of a nursery Window sill countertop in baby girl A beautiful table built into the windowsill Desk sill in the nursery для двоих - фото