Design of a bedroom in the style of high-tech +75 photo

Bedroom design in high-tech style

The design of the bedroom in the style of high-tech is a modern, elegant decoration design. The name of the direction was formed as a reduction from the merger of English "higt stile" (high style) and "technology" (technology). The hi-tech is characterized by pragmatism, manufacturability and monumentalism. In detail, it is much like industrial, which arose earlier in the United States. According to the classification of the venerable architect Charles Jenks, high tech is referred to a group of elite styles. Its main thesis can be called "complex simplicity", which is embodied in details, forms and lines. All these features of the style are reflected in the decoration of the room or the entire apartment as a whole. There was a direction in the 70s of last century. It was a separate offshoot of the late modern, which was influenced by pop art and futurism, which were at the peak of popularity that period. The main inspirations were a galaxy of outstanding British architects and designers: Grimshaw, Rogers, Foster. Their ideas were later picked up by Italian masters. Hi tech does not deny the traditions of European architecture, they find their continuation in the direction, but sometimes in the most unexpected variants. The peak of style development occurred in the 80s, when a lot of contrasting, non-ordinary directions arose in parallel with it. Most of them after a dozen years have exhausted themselves, and the high-tech in architecture and interior design remained. Although it was he who was expected to finish fast.

  Design in black and white colors  Stairs with a horizontal bar in the bedroom  Headboard with illumination  Chandelier in the form of a flower above the bed

About the traditional tree will have to forget. An exception can only be painted in black, gray or white wood, reliably hides its texture. These options are used in teenage bedrooms, where the abundance of artificial can play a cruel joke on the health of the child. A similar taboo is imposed on the wallpaper. Even imitating plaster or artificial materials are not used in high tech.

Columns with illumination in the interior Armchairs and a sofa in the bedroom  Pictures above the bed  Closet in the bedroom  Skin on the floor  Black accents in white interior

Color palette

The base color for the interior of any bedroom: black, white, gray. These shades in the room will create a "cold coziness", which some may seem unnecessarily strict. In the bedrooms for teenagers and young girls go on compromises, since youth and female nature usually require bright accents. On the floor spread a carpet of sand and beige hue, add curtains and bedspread on the bed to him in tone. Will revive the situation of indoor plants. Green spots are placed, as a rule, on the floor by the window. But even plants must choose "strict": dracenes, palms, callas. The wall at the head of the bed can be decorated with a bright red triptych, the images of which are a continuation of each other. Hi tech allows the use of absolutely any shades in addition to the overall picture, but alone and in small quantities. You will have to choose one color and pick up the accents made only in it. The fifth shade component in the composition will be superfluous.

Bright colors in the interior of the bedroom in the style of high-tech Sofa and table opposite the TV  White lamps by the bed  Panels on the walls  Brown door in light interior  Bed with a soft headboard

Materials for finishing in high-tech style

The materials focus on the artificial. Plastic and metal are the main "nails" of the design program. In addition to them, imitation, concrete, and brick are used. The latest materials do not mask, but leave in their original form. In this nuance, the influence of the industrial style on the development of high tech can be traced. But such accents are placed only on one particular area of ​​the surface, the rest of the walls are made with the most primitive materials.

Silk wallpaper in the interior in the style of high-tech Light wood furniture in the bedroom  Interior in lilac color  White chest of drawers near the gray wall  Armchairs and table by the window  Suspended chandeliers in the bedroom

Decoration of floor, ceiling and walls

The ceiling design is chosen from three options:

  • Plasterboard, multi-level construction. Allow to add to the situation of "unreality" due to the smooth lines of steps. The material is easy to assemble and is able to embody the designer's wildest fantasies;
  • Stretch ceiling. Choose the option in white. Its main advantage: a glossy surface and the absence of seams;
  • Simple plaster. Cheap and fast, but not suitable for those bedrooms, where the ceiling is derived communication systems, which must be hidden.
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Black walls in the interior in the style of high-tech

The floor covering is finished with a laminate or a parquet board of admissible shades (gray, black and more rarely white). The floor is a modern material with increased strength. It has a pleasant "lacquered" luster and can reproduce the complex texture of natural stones. For example, effectively looks black floor with a rare gray "veins", imitating an expensive view of granite (gabbro). The wall does not glue the walls at all. In high tech, they are either simply plastered or paneled with plasterboard or PVC panels. In this case, the "tiles" need to choose larger sizes to reduce the number of seams at the joints between them. Whole, like "cast" surfaces - that's what high-tech is striving for.

Zebra mat on the floor  Floor vase in the bedroom  Pendant lamps near the bed  Interior in soft colors  Decorative fireplace opposite the bed

Selection of furniture

Furniture should be practical, primitive forms and lines. In an environment adhere to a functional minimum. In the bedroom there is enough bed, curbstone, closet and a couple of chairs or armchairs. Traditional twin bedside tables in this style are not used. They were replaced by glass tables that looked like magazine tables. The closet or the dressing room is carefully hidden behind the panels, which merge with the decoration of the walls. In high tech, it is not customary to expose the storage space and their contents.

Furniture in a bedroom in high-tech style  White bed in the interior  Striped wall in the bedroom  Floor lamp near the bed  Red chair in the bedroom

In style, the latest "trends" of the interior fashion have organically merged: beds built into a wall without legs and hanging structures. They supplement the situation with a touch of zero-gravity, which fits into the high-tech concept of high tech. The empty place where the "base" used to be located is emphasized by neon illumination.

Slippers on the wall The combination of brown walls and white ceiling  Shelves on the wall  Brick wall in the interior  Bed by the window  Mirror tiles on the wall


In addition to standard top lighting (a primitive chandelier) and a local one, a large number of additional devices are used. Among them are:

  • Built-in spotlights. Select appliances with metal and glass surfaces. "Ranks" of such additional light sources are placed on the ceiling and on the floor along decorative steps in places where levels change;
  • Soffits. Spread a bright light, placed mainly on the ceiling;
  • Halogen and LED lamps. Unlike the usual, they give a strong, bright light, which sometimes even has to be muffled, and they change the situation;
  • String fixtures. There are two types: rotary and pendant. In high tech they use the latter. They are static, suspended on two "strings".

Lighting точечными светильниками в спальне в стиле хай-тек Red accents in the gray interior  White and gray bedroom interior  Wardrobe in the closet  Round chair in the bedroom  Original ceiling fixtures

Decor used in high-tech style

Decor only use the necessary minimum to dilute the situation. Accents are placed carefully in the prepared areas. It can be a three-dimensional chandelier of complex design, as if woven from the finest "cobweb". Several vases of strict shapes and neutral colors. The front doors of the cabinet are decorated with a glass with an etched image etched on it. It is allowed to use one picture or a triptych in contrasting colors that hang over the head of the bed. If there is a niche in this part of the wall, then it is filled with a pair of simple figurines. On the floor near the bed or at the window put a high phase with artificial "twigs", which in the dark will glow. As the main decorative elements use household appliances with chrome surfaces. Digital alarm clock on the curbstone, a tablet instead of a shelf with books, a flat TV in front of the bed - that's the minimum set of interior accents.

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Decor in the bedroom in the style of high-tech

Spectacularly look black and white panoramas of night cities, which decorate the wall above the head of the bed.

Telescope at the window  Vases on the nightstand  Black table by the bed  Decorative palm in the bedroom  Work desk by the window


From textiles choose natural, one-color materials. Flax, cotton, satin, silk and leather are organically poured into the style of the bedroom. Cheap synthetics is not suitable for elegant high-tech gloss. The floor is covered with carpets with a short nap, and the windows are hung with long curtains without drawings and ornaments. The bed is covered with a thick blanket of black, gray or white. It allows the use of an abstract pattern, which is an elegant intertwining of lines or repeating inscriptions, waves, geometric shapes.

Textile в спальне в стиле хай-тек Bordeaux carpet in the interior  Lockers against the wall  Bookshelves in the headboard  Glass partition in the interior  Round windows in the wall

Using mirrors in the bedroom

The presence of mirrors in the bedroom is a must, and in hi-tech the reflecting surfaces occupy a special position. The composition of the "cracked" pieces, which in mosaic technique is attached to the wall, is very popular recently. About old superstitions (seven years of misfortunes) will have to be forgotten. The theme of "puzzles" is in demand in high tech: from mirror pieces of different sizes collect compositions in the form of a square, circle and rectangle. Look at your reflection on a similar surface will be quite unusual. Also non-trivial are the three-dimensional mirrors, which are a piece of material of a complex, geometric shape with many faces. Frames are usually not applied. A stylish addition will be the "smart mirror" - the last word of technology. It is built in clock and backlight.

Mirror in the bedroom in high-tech style Lamp next to the closet  Mirror for the whole wall in the interior  Backlit bed  Black carpet on the white floor  Wardrobe with mirror opposite the bed

Children's bedroom in high-tech style

Children's room, perhaps, the only room where there are some deviations from the principles of style. A child needs to be surrounded by bright colors for full development, so they are used in textiles and wall decoration. The latter can be covered with a geometric 3d pattern. The effect of the volumetric surface will become a highlight of the interior. In the bedroom for the girl use striped curtains, where the white alternates with pink, blue, purple. As a compromise in a wide rack for books and toys alternate open and closed shelves. The ceiling can be supplemented with a panorama of the night sky, where the spotlights will act as asterisks. The floor is covered with a carpet of juicy green color, imitating lawn grass. In general, the outlines of the furnishings are also subject to the general rules of style: straight lines, simple shapes. It is important to know. Accents do on "acid", juicy shades: light green, bright yellow, pink, emerald, blue.

Children's bedroom in high-tech style A figurine of a bulldog at the bedside  Partition with shelves in the interior  Photo wallpapers in the interior  Drawings on the wall  Armchair-pillow on the floor


Hi-tech is a style using the most advanced technologies. They are in fact its central "core", which is surrounded by a shell from the situation. In the past twenty years, more recent developments are actively developing: eco-and biotech. They took as a basis the principles of the maternal style and rejected them, giving preference to everything natural, natural. Although high technology in them still remained, but they are successfully combined in contrasts. In our time, this style has become widespread, as a design solution that meets all the requirements of modern man. High technologies are continuously evolving, and behind them, in a constant movement, like a living organism, high-tech is constantly following.

Bedroom with interior in high-tech style  Book of semi  Mirror in carved rim on the wall  Armchair made of rubber in the bedroom  Lamps on tables near the bed