Design of a square hallway - interior photo

design of a square hallway

We will solve the problem of repairing the hallway. Its configuration and dimensions greatly affect the very idea of ​​the reincarnation of a standard apartment. Registration must be made inimitably beautiful and individual. Transform the small space of the hallway, create a bright, visually spacious separate room. Typical layouts can be rectangular, and also almost perfectly square. The design and design of the square hallway is reduced to a complete change of all surfaces. There are a lot of design options. Based on the existing finishing materials, it is possible to change the entrance hall to unrecognizability, of course, only for the better. They will help to transform the faceless expressionless space of the hallway, creating a beautifully finished room. The most important thing is to use the design, choose its style.

Given the huge selection of different building materials, the design possibilities are very diverse. Consider the design of the hallway of 6 sq.m., despite the conditions of a limited small area, you can make and realize the ideas here in full. Everything is subject to change. Floors are made "warm" water, electric. The composition of the coating itself includes:

  • Ceramic tile;
  • Laminate;
  • Parquet;
  • Linoleum.

Small hallway of 6 sq. Meters

On the walls, given that the area is small, it is applied:

  • Various textured plaster;
  • Combination of panels;
  • All kinds of wallpaper, innovation "liquid".

Square entrance hall 6 sq m

The ceiling can be represented by:

  • Single-level gipsokartonnym;
  • Multilevel, with elements of tension;
  • Stretched glossy, or matte;
  • Plastic, with imitation of a wooden covering;
  • Lighting is created using built-in different models of spotlights.

A spacious closet in a square hallway of 6 sq. M.

The design of the wall in the hallway mirror

Basic moments

Virtually all residential buildings have a small square of a hallway. Of course, the design will greatly change it, but it will not be possible to add square units. This applies to the hallway in any apartment, all settlements. Be it Moscow, another city. The design gives only the uniqueness and visual visual expansion of the hallway. Therefore, it is necessary to make the design of the hallway in such a way that an illusion of increasing the limited space would be created.

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Shelves from gypsum cardboard in the hallway

A very important moment for achieving this goal is the choice of colors, the composition of colors for the design of a square area.

A picture in a square hallway of 10 sq. M.

Then the apartment, and hence the hallway will be unusually comfortable and cozy. The harmony of changing the space is achieved due to competent work during design, choosing the right style, and also using design.

Modular picture in the hallway

The main thing in the idea of ​​transformation

Create a worthy of your attention interior design square entrance hall in the apartment will help some good and proven ideas. When painting it is necessary to take into account the moment that the design is done on a very small area. Therefore it is necessary to adhere to the following:

  • Since the hallway in the apartment is very small, choose the light colors of all surfaces. For painting walls with textured plaster, it is better to use acrylic as well as latex paint. Having completely covered the surface several times with a nearly white hue, it is possible to distinguish relief protrusions with a special rubber roller with a different color of color. Excellent will look the background of a darker color. The advice on choosing a color scheme refers to any type of decoration. Only because of this creates the effect of increasing the hallway. A "soft" light pouring from above, will further expand the space in the apartment.
  • Painted with acrylic or latex paint, a white one-level ceiling from the plasterboard of the hallway, looks great with fragments imitating wooden beams.
  • If the choice fell on stretch ceilings, you need to use glossy. Only it gives a lot of glare on the entire surface of the hallway. This is another plus of visually increasing a small room.
  • About the flooring. They can be tiles, laminate, linoleum. It all depends on what is spread over the rooms in the apartment. The color of the converted hallway should be in harmony with the rest of the rooms. This is helped by the correct design of the square room.

Closet in a square hallway

Entrance hall 10 sq m

The apartment, where the square of the hallway is much larger, the opportunity to express itself in design, immediately increases. There is a huge chance to realize in the hallway any ideas, on which the overall design depends very much. Creating a design of the hallway area of ​​10 square meters. There are several basic rules to consider. With their help the apartment will be greatly transformed. The walls are decorated differently, using both variants with different finishes. It will be nice to look at a panel of decorative plaster. Here you need a pattern of a pattern, a pattern that will be on the wall. Then, choosing a place, using a sponge, a brush, it is applied to the wall of the hallway. After the final drying, simply painted in the right colors. It turns out a very beautiful ornate relief volume.

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Entrance hall 10 sq m с большим шкафом

The remaining walls are transformed by wallpaper, Venetian, textured plaster. The hallway with "liquid wallpaper" looks very dignified. The configuration of the small quadrature of the hallway is almost standard. Therefore, the design will be incomplete without good lighting. It is created by installing in a ceiling coating of spotlights. Thanks to the correct design of the light, a unique way of life and comfort in the apartment is created. The basis for all this is the correctly chosen design.

Combination of materials in the decoration of walls in the hallway

The basic styles of an interior

A small area of ​​the hallway allows you to experiment with different directions of design. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the total amount of square meters of housing. Create the best design and selection of different styles in the apartment will allow the following directions:

  1. High tech. Very modern, clear, without any frills style. The walls of the hallway are perfectly faceless, there are no patterns, no drawings. The structure and painting are very different. An excellent material is any textured plaster. The ceiling is multilevel with an additional lower illumination along the perimeter. On the floor, ceramic tiles of large sizes are ideal.
  2. Neoclassicism. Calm light tones throughout the hallway. You can add polyurethane imitation of small columns to the corners. Ceiling baseboards will be wide with ornate compositions.
  3. Kitsch. Everything is very bright, in different colors. On the walls are wallpaper for painting, which are painted unthinkably catchy with different colors. Each surface is different. This design is a matter of taste.
  4. Minimalism. Ideal for hallways with small squares. This style gives the maximum visual expansion of the space due to sharp angles and straight lines. The ceiling is perfectly flat, white.
  5. Pop Art. Restrained bright colors of the walls, illumination of the entire hallway. Ceiling glossy stretch. Looks good in the small dimensions of the hallways.
  6. Art Deco. Strict, expensive finish, in which the hallway looks just great.

Bamboo wallpaper in the hallway

National trends

In addition to general directions, there are especially colorful national design ideas. In the hallway, the following ethnic concepts can be realized:

  1. African style. It is expressed by various elements reminiscent of this. Here all kinds of wall bas-reliefs are used. The hallway should be decorated in sunny colors.
  2. Japanese subjects. Its main condition will be the use of bamboo components in certain areas of the area, like curtains, wallpaper.
  3. Mediterranean trends. Expressed in very light, almost white tones with individual fragments of imitation wood, especially on the ceiling. Doorways - arch type.
  4. Provence. This case involves a design reminiscent of France, its outback. Natural materials of finishing are widely used. You can decorate with flowers.
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Anteroom in the style of Art Nouveau


When designing in an apartment, the main thing is the right choice of the right composition and style of not only the hallway, but all the rooms. It is necessary to adhere to a common idea and design ideas. As you can see, there are a lot of directions and possibilities for beautiful individual finishing of the hallway. It is very difficult to make a choice, the manner of renovation, and also to pick up quality building materials for good repair. Therefore, observance of these conditions is necessary for determining the right direction, then the hallway will acquire its own unique appearance.

Spotlights in the hallway

It is very important for the design of housing, in particular the hallway, not to dwell on the standard type of renovation in the apartment. Down with gray monotonous wallpaper, boring painted ceilings. Understand, because there is a huge mass of opportunities for selecting and implementing an individually chosen solution to the issue. Dare, choose your design regardless of the small, or large hallway.