Decor in the style of provence +75 photo decorating ideas

Decor in the style of Provence with your own hands

Light flowing fabrics, delicate floral patterns, refined vintage patina - Provencal motifs in the interior will not leave indifferent any guest at home. To make an original decor in the style of Provence with their own hands can each needlewoman who likes simple but subtle echoes of the country. Products decorated in the technique of decoupage, artificially aged furniture, hand-painted utensils for the kitchen and soft toys-tildes will help create a unique atmosphere of French comfort in the room.

The abundance of sun rays contributed to the rapid burning out of bright colors, which is why the Provence style is so popular with soft and discreet pastel shades. The development of pottery also contributed to the general canons of decorating. Flower patterns, among which a special place was occupied by a rose, gradually became an adornment not only of ceramics, but also of other objects of everyday life.

Roughly plastered walls of houses of Provencal villages have a special charm and serve as an excellent backdrop for authentic decor elements. The provincial simplicity and the absence of a pompous gloss made the French variety of country ubiquitous not only in holiday homes, but also in urban apartments of modern megacities.

Dining room in Provence style Checkered textiles in the bedroom  Forged furniture in the bedroom  Furniture in the bathroom in the style of Provence  Large living room in vintage style  Retro Furniture

Features of the design of the premises in the style of Provence

Interior based on French country is recognizable due to its distinctive features:

  1. Wooden or forged furniture is devoid of an abundance of details. The vintage appearance of the headset can be emphasized with your own hands, additionally processing the surface;
  2. Pastel colors and dominance of light colors visually make the room even more spacious. Large and not cluttered rooms are also a "visiting card" of the country style;
  3. Visible brick or masonry carry a special aura, dipping owners and guests of the dwelling into the light and relaxed atmosphere of the picturesque village on the Cote d'Azur;
  4. When decorating a house, the accent should be made on old products: porcelain dishes, landscape paintings, vintage furniture. Linen covers for furniture, homespun carpets, light curtains with floral print and other textiles are also the main elements of the authentic French current.

Provence in the interior of the bedroom Bright bedroom decor  Bathroom in Provence style  Cozy bedroom decor  Outdoor furniture in the style of Provence  Shebbi-chic in the interior of the bedroom

Decor in the Provencal style

Most decorative elements for the Provencal house interior can be made by hand. Master classes of experienced needlewomen allow you to learn to step-by-step to make unusual decorations that will fit organically both into the decoration of a small kitchenette and a spacious living room.

Textiles play a special role in the Provence style. Light translucent curtains made of cambric, satin and cotton, lace napkins, decorative cushions decorated with embroidery, fabric accessories for the kitchen help to recreate the authentic style of ordinary residents of the sunny French village.

Kitchen in the style of a cheby-chic The modern decor of the bedroom in the style of Provence  Textiles in the style of Provence  Living room in vintage style  Veranda in the style of Provence  Bathroom in country style

Products made of porcelain and faience, painted in the spirit of classic Provencal patterns, also serve as an excellent way to diversify and decorate a simple laconic design. Stop your choice on elegant figurines, sets with floral ornaments and ceramic flower pots. In addition to the abundance of roses, images of cute males that are considered patrons of the French province will also be relevant.

Window decoration in country style

Windows and their appearance play a special role in the rooms, the decoration of which is created in the style of Provence. The room, stylized in the spirit of French country, needs an abundance of light, so it is worth choosing a light tulle and semi-transparent curtains. To decorate the curtains should unobtrusive flower patterns. Particularly advantageous will be the interior option, in which the print of textile products is repeated with a pattern on the wallpaper.

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Vintage Kitchen Interiors Bedroom in the attic  Decorating a living room in a vintage style  Cozy bedroom in the attic  Textiles in vintage style  Vintage Bedroom

You can decorate the curtains yourself with the help of elegant lace and ribbons. A lace frill can decorate the bottom of the curtains.

Organically diversify the decoration of the room will help the flowers placed in authentic ceramic pots. About the closeness to nature will remind not only the habitual houseplants. On the kitchen sills elegantly look emerald bush basil, tender lavender or fragrant rosemary, which are so popular in Provence.

Furniture in the living room in the style of Provence Cozy decor of the room  Modern Provencal Room  Rustic style kitchen  Vintage furniture in the bedroom  Living room in country style

Textiles in French

The abundance of textile products is one of the features of the Provencal theme in the interior. Many colorful accessories can be made independently, making an element of decor as from scratch, and decorating ready-made items.

For the kitchen are irreplaceable sets of potholders and towels. Decorate these household items with ribbons, laces and embroidery. The latter finds a legitimate place on any woven garment:

  • decorative pillows;
  • napkins;
  • tablecloths;
  • bedspreads.

The main theme of images for embroiderers - flowers, fruits and household items. When choosing a scheme for embroidery, pay attention to the drawings depicting roses, twigs of lavender, bouquets of spring flowers and cute wreaths from the inflorescences. Decorate with an elegant pattern can be made with their own hands a pillow, clothes for a soft doll-tilde.

Cozy living room Bathroom in the style of a chic chic  Furniture in the bedroom  Provence style in a modern apartment  Luxury Bedroom Furniture  Decoupage of bedroom furniture

In addition to the usual embroidery with a smooth or cross, the technique of embroidering with ribbons is gaining increasing popularity. This kind of creativity allows you to create spectacular three-dimensional paintings, with which you can decorate the walls.

Quilting is another way to decorate a room. Blankets and bedspreads, stitches for kitchen, panels and even carpets - in this technique you can make a real masterpiece of needlework, which will serve as the center of the composition of the entire room.

Design of a room in a vintage style Country bedroom  Children's room in vintage style  Flower wallpaper in the bedroom  Living room in retro style  Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Decorative details in the spirit of Provence

The leading role in the Provencal interior is played by objects with a history and "soul". Family values ​​are especially important for the French. This feature is also reflected in the unique country style: it can safely use touching photos of the household, framed in wooden frames. The spiral bedroom in the style of vintage

Figurines and other porcelain products are also an integral part of the Provencal decor. When choosing dishes, it is worth paying attention not only to the ornament, but also to the state of the glaze. Many manufacturers of modern services specifically produce collections with peculiar cracks, imitating the venerable age of household items.

Provence welcomes the abundance of natural materials. Original boxes and utensils made of wood, simple and laconic shelves, forged candlesticks and chandeliers, a monolithic fireplace will give the apartment a light flair of the rural atmosphere.

Dining room in vintage style

Wall decoration in Provencal style

The decoration of the room in the style of French country begins at the repair stage. The surface of the walls - the main background for other decor, so the decoration of the room should be carefully worked out.

To recreate the interior of a house from a remote picturesque village, you should not hide the brickwork under numerous layers of finishing materials. Stone and brick fit organically into the Provencal design and complement its refined simplicity.

Room in vintage style Living room in the style of a cheby-chic  Cozy living room в частном доме  Textiles in vintage style  Design of a country house in the style of Provence  Wooden walls in the bedroom

If you plan to wallpaper wallpaper on the walls, choose the natural options for this finish. Paper wallpaper in pastel colors with floral patterns will decorate the authentic interior and will not look obtrusive and flashy. Tissue wallpaper on the basis of jute will also softly complement the interior in the style of Provence. But from tissue variations based on silk is better to refuse: this finish will give the room extra gloss and inappropriate pomposity.

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Decor furniture

Furniture in the style of Provencal country is simple and devoid of cumbersome elements. Decorate the wooden furniture can forged details, organically complementing the noble natural material.

Provence style furniture

But the main feature of furniture in the spirit of Provence is her age. Old or imitation of long years of operation remain the main requirement for the headset.

How to grow old furniture

Artificial aging of wooden furniture can be done with the help of paints, stain and the technique of brashing. The last method is to remove soft wood fibers with special metal brushes. After this treatment, the surface is covered with colorful wormholes. Such furniture can be additionally covered with paint or varnish.

Sustenance furniture

Brushing is suitable only for products made from oak, ash and larch.

To age furniture with paint you will need:

  • at least two shades of water-based paint;
  • tools for wood stripping;
  • sandpaper and brush;
  • varnish.

The processing of the tree passes in several stages.

  1. Disassemble the product and unscrew all accessories from it;
  2. Remove the old paint and varnish;
  3. On a clean, dry surface, apply a shade of paint that will not be dominant;
  4. After the first layer has dried, paint the tree with a basic shade;
  5. After drying the second layer of the coating, treat the furniture with sandpaper, carefully sanding those places that should look vintage;
  6. After that, remove dust and paint residues and cover the surface with a layer of varnish.

Decor furniture в стиле прованс

For artificial aging is suitable and upholstered furniture. It is simple enough to decide, choosing for upholstery unevenly colored skin and any other materials that simulate a long life of the headset.

Painting and painting of furniture

Acrylic paints are suitable for painting and painting furniture. To breathe new life into the old interior, you do not need to have the artist's talent, because you can also apply a stencil to apply an elegant floral pattern in the Provencal style.

  1. If necessary, treat large wood chips with wood putty. To preserve the vintage appearance, this stage of preparation can be skipped;
  2. With a fine sandpaper, cover the entire surface of the headset. This is necessary to create a rough layer that will fully absorb the primer;
  3. Degrease the surface of the furniture and apply a layer of acrylic primer;
  4. After it dries with a roller, apply acrylic paint, the shade of which will serve as the main background of the product. For an interesting texture, apply the paint with a narrow brush, making strokes at different angles;
  5. After the base color dries, apply the desired pattern to the furniture and cover the product with two layers of yacht lacquer.

Furniture Painting

Decoupage in the Provencal style

Decoupage remains one of the most popular techniques for decorating interior items among fans of vintage motifs. With its help you can decorate both a miniature wooden box in the style of Provence, as well as large furniture that will become a harmonious component of the interior in the spirit of the country of medieval France.

For the artificial aging of furniture, there are several techniques of decoupage techniques.

  1. Covering the furniture with a special lacquer lacquer imitates the exquisite patina effect on the surface;
  2. A variety of powder for decoupage allows you to create soft shadows. This technique will help those who plan to immortalize on the wooden surface various images or even photos;
  3. Special pastes and gels, tools and stencils enable you to play with textures, giving the areas a special relief and a patterned texture;
  4. Gilding with acrylic or aerosol paint allows you to give the subject an easy refinement that does not deprive the interior of simplicity and unobtrusiveness.

Decoupage Kitchen in vintage style  Flower textiles in the bedroom  A spacious vintage bedroom  Living room in a country house  Flower furniture in the living room

Decoupage technique on large surfaces with a polyethylene film

The transfer of napkin elements for decoupage on large surfaces often causes difficulties even for experienced masters. A large piece of paper can not aesthetically wrinkle, which significantly reduces the decorative effect of the product.

But to overcome these difficulties there is a small trick that allows you to easily move the napkin with a film. For these purposes, even a clerical file or a large package is suitable:

  1. After all the preparatory work cut a piece of polyethylene, corresponding to the size of the carried element;
  2. Peel off the top layer of the napkin and place it on the polyethylene face down;
  3. Dampen the napkin with water, if necessary, spread it with a brush.
  4. Taking a piece of polyethylene from the corners, place a damp cloth on the surface to be decorated.
  5. Gently smooth the paper through the film.
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Decoupage комода

Due to polyethylene, the napkin is easy to straighten with no risk of deformation, and the film itself easily lags behind the paper. After the transfer of the element in this technique, you can apply glue for decoupage and follow the usual stages of decoration.

Master class: decoupage of the chest with your own hands

For decoupage Chest in the style of Provence is not suitable polished or painted with oil paint furniture. A similar interior will require additional processing. The old layer of paint or varnish must be removed using a grinder and covered with soil.

  1. Remove the accessories, treat the dresser with sandpaper and cover it with acrylic paint of white or pastel shade in two layers with a brush or roller;
  2. Cut the necessary elements from special napkins while the paint dries. Separate the topmost layer of the napkin;
  3. After drying the acrylic layer, place the image on the surface of the chest and apply decoupling glue on the drawing, working the brush from the center to the edge of the element;
  4. The boundaries of the pasted image can be further processed with a special powder to create a smoother transition;
  5. After the glue dries, cover the dresser with two layers of varnish;
  6. Install the hardware.

Beautiful decoupage of furniture

Decorating the frame of a mirror or picture

A wooden frame in the style of Provence for the picture will become an integral part of the interior, riveting the eye no less than the work of art itself. The original frame can be supplemented with family photos and a mirror for the hallway.

To make a non-trivial decoration you will need:

  • the frame itself, completely free of paint and varnish;
  • acrylic colors of several colors, among which there will be a base white or gray;
  • paraffin candle;
  • varnish;
  • Brushes, hand protection gloves and a hair dryer to accelerate the drying of paint layers.

After preparing the necessary materials, you can start working.

  1. Apply the base paint to the entire surface of the frame.
  2. After drying the main layer of paint, wax the areas that should look vintage. Wax will help to easily separate unnecessary layers of paint, without damaging the base.
  3. Apply a few more layers of paint of other shades, each time waiting for complete drying.
  4. With a large sandpaper, remove excess paint layers, then clean the frame of the dust and cover with two layers of varnish.

Sustenance furniture в стиле прованс

A similar frame for the picture will fit organically into the interior, because in the process of its creation you can use only suitable shades for the existing design.

New life of kitchen utensils

Old dishes can play with new colors and perfectly fit into the interior. Even items from different services can be combined into one Provencal collection, using common elements of decoupage decoration: flowers, fruits, letters of the same font.

Decoupage of dishes is carried out on the same principles as decoupage of furniture. But when decorating ceramic and glass products, it is worth paying more attention to degreasing the surface. This is necessary for the paper decor to hold tight and not to deform. You can decorate the dishes with the help of the remains of paper wallpapers.

Decoupage кухонной мебели Kitchen furniture in vintage style  Kitchen in country style  Stylish kitchen decor in a private house  Provence in the interior of the kitchen  Country in the interior of the kitchen

Instead of napkins, use flowers and patterns of wallpaper, neatly painting the borders of the paper and the product with acrylic paint. Decorated in a similar manner, the service will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen, because it will completely echo the pattern of the walls.

A simple and fresh interior, complemented by a decor in the style of Provence, remains one of the most popular types of decoration for touching and romantic natures. The fascination of the current lies in the details, the most spectacular of which can be created by oneself.